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Characters of the Uzkul War

the Dwarf and Gnome's Side

Langus – a Dwarven General that has served tarrog for many years

Ganlin – A Gnomish General, the First Gnomish General to sit on the Royal Advisory Council in times of War

Mallin – an Older Dwarven General that Serve and fought along side Tarrog's Father in many wars past

Valertin – a Newer Dwarven General, a young tactician prodigy that prides himself in his ideas

Galafar – a Red Dragon, a Consort to the Queen and a good friend of Aventh's

Shafar – The Red Dragon Queen and an acquaintance of Aventh's

The Uzkul Army

There Past and Present

Long Ago after the creation of Aphellion, the land was prosperous, the Human Kingdoms where united under one flag, and the Dwarves and Gnomes had Open Trade route and Settlements among the Humans. The Dwarves and Gnomes also Boasted a large underground circuit throughout Umoba that they named the “Deep Roads” these massive hallways deep under the Umoba Mountains connected the different Kingdoms of the Dwarves and Gnomes and allowed for easy trade among other things.

This Peace that Aphellion experienced did not last for long, soon dark clouds would fill the sky's and the very battle for there place on Aphellion would start.
Somewhere within the first few thousand years of existence, most of the ancient records have been lost. A great war took place, this war though was not waged between Humans, or Dwarves, or Gnomes, but waged against a new being.

These Monsters called themselves the “Fallen Gods” and they had decided that if they could not live in heaven, they would make Aphellion there personal plane. These new beings brought with them an army of evil, the Uzkul, and what followed with the “Fallen Gods” Decent would be a war for Aphellion its self. The war continued for many years until all but one Dwarven Kingdom stood, Karaz Kazad, the Deep Roads had all but been lost, and the Humans of Aphellion where on the very verge of extinction, all hope was lost until a young warrior by the name of Hereos rose up, He united the Races of Aphellion under one banner, one army. With the last of the Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Whoever else joined together, they assaulted the very layer of the “Fallen Gods” ending the war.

The “Fallen Gods” never truly died, the body's where all but erased, only there bones and souls remaining, there souls locked in an eternal slumber.

The Deep Roads never regained there former glory, for even after the war, the Remnants of the Uzkul still wandered the deeper parts of the Deep Roads. And though they where not large in number, the Dwarves and Gnomes could still not ever regain another kingdom of there's and to this day the only kingdom still standing is the Kingdom of Karaz Kazad, though they have regained some of the Deep Roads back.

Nothing has happened for Hundreds of Thousands of years, but now, for unknown reasons, the Uzkul have begun to become more active, and the Dwarves have started to lose ground in the Deep Roads.

Amount of Deep Roads in Dwarf Gnome Possession: 10%
Amount of Deep Roads in Uzkul Possession: 90%

The Commanders of the Uzkul


Hakkar, Serpent of the Forbidden Tree

Information: Hakkar was one of the many “Fallen Gods” who came to Aphellion during the war, at the end of the war his bones where placed in one of the Dwarves greatest kingdoms, Dawi'Ankor, this city was lost in the war, and the Dwarves have never been able to reclaim it. The bones rest in the deepest chamber of Dawi'Ankor, and so does the slumbering Spirit, both trapped Behind a massive stone door, Seals placed on it by Hereos himself. But something Unusual has happened, Harkkar's Spirit has started to stir from its rest, and he is slowly Regaining power. Along with his Slow awakening has come the Uzkul, they have started to grow in numbers and many of Hakkar's Generals have started to Awaken them selves, and his eyes are set on the last remaining Dwarven Kingdom, Karaz Kazad.

Affiliation: Uzkul Leader
Power Rank: N/A

Lothos, The Beast Master

Lothos is one of Hakkar's strongest Generals, he has served under Hakkar since the begging of the war, he is ancient and powerful, and is the General in charge of Hakkar's Personal Guards, and is also the leader of the many Beserkers.

Affiliation: Uzkul General
Power Rank: SSSS+

Apophis, Guardian of the Gate

Apopphis, the name given to him by his master, Lothos, guards the Giant Gates of Dwai'Ankor

Affilitation: Uzkul, Lothos's Loyal Pet
Power Rank: SSS

Hellios, Queen of the Dead

Helios, a large Lich Dragon, was once alive during the war, she commanded legions of cursed Humans that had betrayed there fellow men. During the War Helios was killed during the final battle, but now thanks to Hakkar starting to stir, and the force helping Hakkar awaken, Helios has been granted life once again... but this time she commands the dead instead of the living.

Affiliation: Uzkul General, Leader of the Undead
Power Rank:SSSS+

Lakkar, Breeder of the Nazzurs

Lakkar does what his title points two, he is in charge and leading general of the Nazzurs, he is also in charge of breeding them. Ontop of his breeding duties he is also charged with the task to Protect the many passages leading to Dwai'Ankor.
Lakkar is a demon that Hakkar received from another “Fallen God” and ever since Lakkar has been a loyal servant to Hakkar.

Affiliation:Uzkul General
Power Rank:SSS+

Belkos, General of the Uzkul

Although Belkos holds a flashy and intimidating Title, his true job is the Commander of the Grunts of the Uzkul Army, those being the, Urks (Orcs) and Grobi (Goblins). He is in charge of the front lines of the Uzkul. Belkos is one of newer Generals of Hakkar, that Hakkar Created During the War.

Affiliation: Uzkul Front Line General
Power Rank: SSS+

The Grunts of the Uzkul


Beserker's are a large force in the Uzkul army, there skin is tougher than any metal known to the Dwarves, there Strengh is only rivaled by that of there Commanders, the spikes growing out of them are Long and as Sharp as the Swords crafted by the Dwarves, they are also Harder than its own Skin.
There sixes also differ from around 20feet to about 50feet. On top of its Skin being incredibly Tough towards Physical Attack, Magical attack make little to no difference also, its skin is also Extremly Magic Resistant.

The Beserker's are something of a Moving Siege Weapon, they are usually used during Siege Attacks to break the enemy's walls, allowing the foot soldiers entrance. Though they are also Used sometimes to break enemy lines. Though these are the two main task of Beserker's they are not the only task they are limited too.

A Beserker's way of fighting can differ along with the opponent or opponents it faces. The most popular way for a Beserker to Fight is to use its Fist to Crush anything while anybody that gets near the behemoth is either crushed by its fist or impaled/cut with its sharp spikes sticking out of its battle, of course the Beserkers are not only Limited to Close range, they have also been known to pick up anything they can grab and throw it as a projectile Weapon.

Affiliation: Uzkul (Living)
Direct Commander: Lothos
Power Ranking: S+, S, or A

Lich Dragon

The Lich Dragon is a rare sight among the Uzkuls Undead Legions, but when sighted the situation can become very troublesome extremly fast. Lich Dragons unlike there counter parts, the Undead Dragons, retain all of there magical power and knowledge.

The Lich Dragon, is also Something a moving Siege Weapon, though instead of Breaking Walls or Enemy Formations, its job is to Bring back the fallen warriors of the enemy's army as undead servants to the undying Lich Queen, those in turn kill there companions who are then brought back to life as undead servants soon spreading chaos and havoc throughout the ranks of the enemy army allowing the Uzkul to over take them easily.

The Lich Dragon's way of fighting is in no way Direct most of the time, for they usually hover above the battle ground bringing back the fallen warriors, they never really land on the battle field, and if they do land it is on ground high above the battle field. Lich Dragons do occasionally cast a few spells here and there or throw out a breath weapon, but they usually reserve there energy to bring the dead back to life.

Affiliation: Uzkul (undead)
Direct Commander: Helios
Power Ranking: SS, S+

Undead Dragon

The Undead Dragons Are much like Beserkers except for the fact that they can fly and use a breath weapon, they are not nearly as strong as a Beserker, but are still strong. These Dragons have lost all of there magical power and knowledge.

The Undead Dragons are used to Over Power enemy Forces and Take out Stationed Bows men, or in the Gnomes and Dwarves case, Rifle men and Artillery, that are placed on top of a wall or far behind enemy lines, though not the only task they are limited to, that is there usual way to do battle.

An Undead Dragon on the battle field will hover around and then land in the middle of the enemy troops, behind enemy lines on top of there range and thrash around easily breaking the enemy forces in two or crushing there rear defenses.

Affiliation: Uzkul (Undead)
Direct Commander: Helios
Power Ranking: S+, S, or A


Nazzurs are rarely ever seen above ground, and even in the Deep Roads they are not large in numbers until the deeper parts of the Deep Roads. Nazzurs have a large claw that is very strong and can easily crack armor, they are also surrounded by a hard exterior shell that helps protect them from magic and physical attacks. Although there claw is strong and there skin is tough it is no where near the strength of the Beserkers.

Nazzurs are usually posted as officers in the font lines. But as you go deeper into the Deep Roads You will start to encounter more and more of them, they are usually used as Royal Guards for Hakkar and are usually placed in groups of 10-20 at key strategic points in the Deep Roads.

Nazzurs fight in multiple ways, and not always using there claw, Some Nazzurs are born with the ability to use magic, these Nazzurs are seen dressed in tattered clothe and are usually pretty strong spell casters. Others who are not born with the ability to use magic are usually equip with a lance that they wield in there right arm. Although the Nazzur may fight with weapons or spells, if you do get to close you will be attacked by the claw. Nazzurs are about 7-8 feet tall.

Affiliation:Uzkul (living)
Direct Commander: Lakkar
Power Ranking: S, A, B, or C


The liches are the main spell casters for the Undead Army of the Uzkul, though smaller in numbers than there brethren, the Ghouls/Zombies/Wrath's/Wights, they are still quite large in number compared to the other undeads, and the Nazzur.

The Lich's are usually officers in the undead army, and have expansive dark magic knowledge, and will sometimes, if strong enough, bring some dead soldiers back to life to join the undead. Lich's prefer to surround themselves with undead warriors and cast spells from a distance. The Lich is Human Sized

Affiliation: Uzkul (Undead)
Direct Commander: Helios
Power Ranking: A, B, C, or D


Truly the Mass of the undead forces, they number in the thousands, possibly more. These foot soldiers of the undead army are just what they are, foot soldiers, they are not terribly strong but usually win in the numbers category. They usually use there bare hands to attack but have been known to carry all sorts of weapons and attacks, they are stronger than the average Human. These undeads are Human Sized

Affiliation: Uzkul Foot Soldier (Undead)
Direct Commander: Helios
Power Ranking: C, D, E, or F

Urks (Orcs)

The Main Force behind the Uzkul, the Urks make up a relatively large number of the Uzkul Forces, the Urks are a warrior race and garb there selves in light leather armor usually, and carry around shields and weapons of all sizes and kinds. The Urks also wear the skulls of the soldiers they have killed as trophy's ones with a large amount of “Trophy's are usually Officers and may wear heavier armor. The Urks are about 6 feet on average.

Affiliation: Uzkul foot Soldier (Living)
Direct Commander: Belkos
Power Ranking: A, B, C, D, or E

Grobi (Goblins)

The Grobi make up the largest part of the Uzkul forces, and are usually treated as servants or slaves to the Urks, Though they are large in number they usually only carry make shift weapons and go into battle armor-less, though small there strength to something to be careful about, they are also extremely resourceful. The Grobi's are about 3-4 feet in height

Affiliation: Uzkul (Living)
Direct Commander: Belkos (In some cases the Urks)
Power Ranking: D, E, or F

Grobi Shaman (Goblin Shaman)

The Grobi, treated as slaves by the Urks, Usually come up with there own small tribe in a way, and within that tribe is the Spiritual, the shaman, these Shamans lead the Grobi's into battle and and pretty strong spell casters. The Grobi Shaman will usually be dressed in extremely fancy robes with an extremely fancy staff, some also carry skulls of enemy's they have killed. Grobi Shaman are about 3-4feet in height.

Affiliation: Uzkul (Living)
Direct Commander: Belkos (In some cases the Urks)
Power Ranking: B, C, or D

Explanation of Power Ranking

Ok the Power ranking thing is to give you a good measurement of what these guys are capable of, and to give you something to base that off of, in my mind, ill put what I think our Characters Rank is in power, I will also put a chart down listing the Strongest rank to the lowest Rank.

Our characters Average Power Rank is about an S+ to about an A. S+ most likely being characters like Aventh (Stronger than Average) S most likely being characters like Tarrog (Normal Area) and A most likely being Characters like Arwyn (Still growing in terms of power)

Now I know a lot of you are probably going to say some thing like “Dont Underestimate my Characters” (NG) But lets say Sara looks at this and goes “Hmm I think my Characters Are Capable of being SS or SS+ that all fine and dandy, but like I said this is the power ranking in my MIND, so if Sara's Characters are now SS or SS+ all the creatures also go up ranks proportional to how many ranks Sara's Character went up. You get it?

Anyways as I promised a List of all the Power Ranks Starting From the Highest and going down tot he Lowest


Up-coming and/or added Uzkul

The pics below are some creatures that I may be added as Generals, High Leveled officers, or an entire new unit to the Uskul, there information will also be place below when I think of the name

The Other Fallen Gods
-Tiamat, Queen of Evil
-Hakkar, Serpent of the Forbidden Tree

Disciples of Hakkar

Adam and Eve, Children of the Tree

Adam and Eve, two of the Disciples of Hakkar, they are the two most closely linked to Hakkar, closer than anybody else, they are the only ones that are allowed inside Hakkar's Locked Chamber
Adam and Eve both have weapons, there powers are unkown

Adam- Book of Seraphim
Eve- Scythe of Seraphim

Ranyor, Deceiver of Magic

Ranyor, once a Human accepted Demons blood and became half Demon, he was also blessed with immortality by Hakkar
Ranyor has studied the art of Counter magic for as long as he has lived, any type of magic thrown at him is thrown to the sidelines as if it was never anything to be worried about

Weapons: Counter Magic, Elemental Magic and large Mace

Galast, The Shadow

Galast, a Being from the Shadow realm came to Hakkar to seek greater power, Hakkar gave him greater power and in place he became a Disciple of Hakkar
Galast can Summon Strong Shadow Beings to assist him in battle

Weapons: Shadow Magic and Shadow Summons

Neufures, The Arbiter

Neufures joined Hakkar in his belief that the Humans and other races must face Judgment.
Neufures Uses a large blade imbued with both Light and Dark.

Weapons: A Large Sword, Light Magic, Dark Magic
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