What to do in Toronto, CA?
Posted 5/7/10
So, my 2nd year of college has come to an end after these 3 lousy finals. My friends and I are deciding to drive to Canada to have some fun ( Partying, Sightseeing, Gambling.. etc ) Anyone know any good spots to hit up besides Pacific Mall? Much appreciated
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I'm going to have to lock this thread since it's a personal thread.
But lucky for you, your pooh bear is from Toronto.

Vaughan mills
Eaton Centre is a must. It's in downtown toronto.

Movie theatres:
Colossus <--a must. It's a big giant space ship O_o
There's AMC beside it but that place stinks.
Silvercity is also amazing and even inside yorkdale mall which I mentioned above

You have to go to Downtown Toronto see the C.N tower.
There's hard rock cafe down there.
You can go see a play or even watch a game at the rogers center.
We have an amazing museum, art gallery sucks. But museum is great.

For bars..um I live just above toronto, so the bars I go to aren't exactly in toronto. But if you go downtown you can find 3 bars in every street.
The irish pub is a must.
As for clubs, search clubnights toronto in google. Have fun and get wasted since you're legal here.



If you want to gamble, don't ever go to the one in niagra falls. You never effing win anything!
The one in woodbine is good. Good luck!
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