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Racism, White Supremacy, Stereotypes & Hollywood
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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 5/5/11 , edited 5/5/11
Anglo-American society is built on racism and every time i read the news there are acts of racism in the media, in Hollywood casting decisions, racism from politicians, celebrities, and from closet white racists doing racist actions

I am black with Chinese ancestor(i have a chinese last name) some people say they can see a slight Chinese feature in my eyes
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26 / M / Omnipresent
Posted 5/8/11

All I'm gonna say here is that The Last Airbender is a bad example.

But I do agree with the OP.
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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 5/9/11

John Stossel's racist attack on tribes as 'freeloaders': A farrago of ignorance and lies

By David Neiwert

I grew up a few miles north of the Shoshone-Bannock reservation in southern Idaho, and was exposed as a child to the very visceral bigotry against Native Americans that has been part of the landscape in the West for the past 150 years or more. I remember the bar downtown that had a sign in the window: "No Dogs or Drunk Indians Allowed." I heard them cursed and laughed at, watched them being abused, and watched them destroy themselves with alcohol too.

What was really entrenched, though, was the stereotype: Indians were crazy, unpredictable drunks who were lazy and always looking for a handout.

But over the course of my career as a newspaper reporter in the West, I was assigned coverage of tribal affairs on two different reservations (the Sho-Ban in Idaho and the Flatheads in Montana) and spent large sums of time on other reservations near where I worked and lived, including the Blackfeet res in Montana, the Nez Perce and Coeur d'Alenes in Idaho, and more recently, the Makah res in western Washington.

I learned a lot of things doing that work: I learned that treaty rights are irrevocable and supreme law, and whites can only mess with them at their own peril. I learned that no two tribes are alike: some are wealthy, some are not. I also learned that they all deal with powerful social issues arising from their status as the remnants of people who were the victims of a genocidal campaign of extermination, outrageous deceptions, and a ceaseless treatment by their conquerors as subhuman.

Most of all, I learned that the stereotype was a lie: The people who lived on reservations were often deeply impoverished and there was a high alcoholism rate, but they were very hard workers (though I will say they had their own unique work ethic), highly intelligent, with a great deal of pride. Many of them were capable of climbing out of the morass into which they had been thrown -- but not all. Given the conditions into which they have been born -- deep poverty, a forced inability to make a living as tribes did traditionally (through sustenance hunting and gathering), and the ongoing failure of the federal government to make good on its treaty promises to the tribes -- that shouldn't surprise anyone.

Yet this weekend, on John Stossel's Fox News show, there was Stossel, rehabilitating that lie and giving it fresh clothing: The show, titled "Freeloaders," was all about how those chiseling Indians are constantly on the lookout for bigger handouts, and it clearly implied they were lazy bums whose federal dole should be axed.

It was an expansive version of the remarks he made last weekend along these lines, once again claiming that "no group in America has been more helped by the government than the American Indians ... But 200 years later, no group does worse."

As Nicole noted at the time, it was really a profound display of ignorance, and it intensified this week: Stossel -- like his libertarian idol, Rand Paul -- seems to advocate simply tearing up and abrogating those treaties -- as though that were a legal option. (I also enjoyed how he called the people who are demanding the government live up to those treaties "socialists" -- as if "socialism" existed in the period, 1824-1870, that the vast majority of the these treaties, which promised to provide sustenance help from the federal government in perpetuity, were made.)

Stossel, moreover, seems utterly ignorant of the historical reality that European diseases, fueled by white Americans' malign neglect of Native Americans, in the centuries prior to 1800 wiped out over three-quarters of the indigenous population and thus cleared the way for white settlement of the continent. There were, of course, surviving tribes who resisted futilely -- but they were largely rubbed out and forced onto these reservations. They finally agreed to cease hostilities when the government promised to provide for them.

But those promises, especially in the early years after the treaties were signed, were mostly deceptions intended to "control" the Indians, and for decades the government failed to meet the terms of their treaties, often resulting in mass starvation on the reservations -- followed by uprisings that were always violently suppressed. One such incident resulted in the Wounded Knee Massacre at the very Pine Ridge reservation that Stossel holds up for ridicule:

How much "help from the federal government" can one tribe take?

Stossel's account was also riddled with falsehoods in the particulars of the case he held up as an example -- the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, who Stossel claims have actually prospered by virtue of the fact that they do not have full federal recognition.

Of course, Stossel doesn't explain that, in fact, the Lumbees became a federally recognized tribe in 1956 -- but the bill doing so contained language restricting them from having reservation land and other benefits of full federal recognition. Lumbee tribal members are in fact fully eligible for a number of federal assistance programs, and the majority of the tribe participates in these special benefits: federal housing assistance, school grants, health services, and the like. Indeed, since they are one of the largest tribes east of the Mississippi, with 50,000 members, the Lumbees rank among the largest recipients of federal tribal-aid dollars in the East.

The biggest lie, though, was the larger picture that Stossel was trying to present: His depiction of the Lumbee community as extraordinarily wealthy and well off focused on a few wildly successful individuals, while ignoring the harsh reality that is life in Lumbee country. For example, Robeson County, the center of Stossel's story, is in fact the poorest county in North Carolina, having a majority nonwhite populace.

You know the town of Pembroke, the community where Stossel shot much of this segment? There, the percentage of families who live below the poverty line is 40.7 percent.

As Rob at Newspaper Rock observes:

Let's break it down for Stossel the conservative idiot. The Lumbee tribe has been seeking federal recognition for decades. This means that dozens of elected Lumbee tribal councils have sought federal recognition, which means the majority of Lumbee Indians must support recognition. Compared to that, who cares what somebody named Ben Chavis says?

Most of the nation's 565 recognized tribes could list businesses similar to the three Lumbee successes Stossel lists. Yet not one of them is demanding to be terminated and "set free." Not one of them wants to disband the BIA, sell its reservation, or eliminate its sovereignty. Not one of them is ready to abandon its treaty rights, which is the source of the government programs Stossel mislabels "freeloading."

Once in a while you do hear reactionary Indians who want to sell out their heritage, assimilate into the mainstream, and become just like the white man. I may have heard such calls a few times. Let's say five or so Indians want to do this...and five million or so don't. Stossel may be too stupid to realize it, but he's losing the debate 1,000,000 to one. For every Indian who agrees with him, roughly a million don't.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. What conservatives like Stossel, Bryan Fischer, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Pat Buchanan, Rand Paul, et al. are doing is obvious--to me, at least. These Tea Party Republicans are launching hateful, racist attacks on Indians and other minorities to see what they can get away with. It's like launching a trial balloon for white supremacy.

Posted 5/9/11
you know how minorities always get killed off first in white films. if you think jews are white, think again. they die almost as quick as anyone else. hollywood was founded by a kkk member practically. he also ran with his aryan brotherhood homies. together they make white films for white people. no n-ggers allowed for main roles. ever.

you want black films for black people watch spike lee's shit. he will lead the revolution.
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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 5/14/11
Bad Girls Club Star Spews N-Word 12 Times In Racist Rant

Bad Girls Club star Christina Hopkins was caught in a racist rant saying the N-Word twelve times when speaking about a Black woman while she was eating at a restaurant.

The Oxygen Network has banned her following the vile rant.

Hopkins was at a diner in Staten Island last month when she spouted off about someone saying: “If you’re a black girl … you should shut up because you’re black … you’re a n**ger … nobody likes you.”

Hopkins later apologized saying the rant “wasn’t meant in a derogatory way.”

Posted 5/14/11

shinto-male wrote:

Bad Girls Club Star Spews N-Word 12 Times In Racist Rant

Bad Girls Club star Christina Hopkins was caught in a racist rant saying the N-Word twelve times when speaking about a Black woman while she was eating at a restaurant.

The Oxygen Network has banned her following the vile rant.

Hopkins was at a diner in Staten Island last month when she spouted off about someone saying: “If you’re a black girl … you should shut up because you’re black … you’re a n**ger … nobody likes you.”

Hopkins later apologized saying the rant “wasn’t meant in a derogatory way.”


.... and women inherit the Earth.
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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 5/18/11 , edited 5/18/11
Sweden Slave Auction Outrage

This coming from the "most tolerant country" in Europe.

Two student associations at Lund University in southern Sweden have been reported for hate speech after a party featuring the sale of "slaves" complete with blackened faces and ropes around their necks.

The National Afro-Swedish Association (Afrosvenskarnas riksförbund) has reported Halland and Helsingkrona student associations, known at Lund University as Nations, after the so-called "jungle" parties.

"Slavery is one of the worst crimes against humanity and students at Lund University are trying to make a joke about it. They are laughing at the fact that several million of my ancestors were kidnapped, raped and killed," Jallow Momodou at the Afro-Swedish Association told The Local on Tuesday.

The "slave auction" took place on Saturday at a party organised at Halland Nation, which was attended by around 90 people. Three people with blackened faces and ropes around their necks were lead into the hall by a "slave trader".

The "slaves" were then sold during the course of the evening and the party moved on to Helsingkrona union.

Jallow said that he doubts the incident is based on a lack of knowledge about the slave trade and Sweden's role in the sale of human beings from Africa.

"This is not a bunch of skinheads. This is the elite. Lund's students - some of the best educated in Sweden," he said.

Jallow argued that the parties are symptomatic of the challenges faced by African immigrants in southern Sweden.

"This racism is becoming all too common. Of course it is irritating. They (the nations) claim it was a joke but this is based on widespread attitudes that people from Africa or have dark skin are of lower value."

The National Afro-Swedish Association has now reported the unions to the police alleging hate speech and Momodou Jallow confirmed that there are plans to pursue the matter with the Equality Ombudsman (DO).

Elinor Lavesson at Halland Nation has meanwhile expressed regret over the incident.

"Our party had a theme along the lines of the Lion King, the interpretation by the group of students was really stupid. They regret their actions and we plan to look over our equality policies to work to ensure that it doesn't happen again."

"It was not something we supported in any way and the focus of the evening was not on these four guests," she said.


EU network: Sweden passive on 'slave auction'

Published: 17 May 11 15:07 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation
Online: http://www.thelocal.se/33828/20110517/

The pan-European network of NGOs and research institutes has called on the Swedish government to use the opportunity of a "slave auction" held in Lund in April to "address the specific needs of victims of racism and racial hatred".

The RED Network, representing NGOs and research institutes from 17 EU member states, has expressed its deep concern over "the racist incidents depicting black people as 'slaves' at Lund University and Malmö University in Sweden".

In an open letter to education minister Jan Björklund and integration minister Erik Ullenhag, the institute challenges the government to take a clear stand.

"While Swedish politicians are passive and quiet we have received support from the US, such as (the European Network Against Racism) ENAR, and now from the RED Network," said Mariam Osman Sheifay, a Social Democrat MP and chair of the Center against Racism, a Sweden-based member of the RED Network.

The letter refers to a so-called “jungle party” held at a Lund student organisation, where three people with blackened faces and lynching ropes around their necks were sold in a mock auction.

The incident, first reported in a local Lund student newspaper, has since gripped the attention of civil rights heavyweights around the globe.

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR), based in Brussels, wrote an open letter to Sweden's democracy minister Birgitta Ohlsson condemning the incident, urging the government to take action.

The tale took another turn when prominent US civil rights activist Jesse Jackson penned a complaint to Jan Björklund urging Sweden to take measures to ensure that Swedes are reminded of the brutal transatlantic slave trade and the part Sweden played in it.

While Lund University, one of Sweden's most prestigious seats of learning, has since responded to the criticism by announcing a new programme to educate students and staff about the university’s core values, anti-racism campaigners have been left frustrated by the government's reticence to speak out on the issue.

"It is time for the Swedish government and Swedish politicians to openly condemn and take a stand against racism and the racial hatred. Silence and half-hearted condemnation is the same as support for racist actions," Mariam Osman Sheifay said in a comment on the letter.

Victoria Kaweza, a researcher at the Center Against Racism, told The Local that there is a gulf between Sweden's image overseas and the reality faced by the afro-Swedish community.

"People we speak to are shocked that this occurred in Sweden. Sweden has a humane reputation but at home nobody takes a stand," she said.

In a opinion article published in the Svenska Dagbladet daily at the weekend, Erik Ullenhag called for a united front against Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Victoria Kaweza would like this call to include the afro-Swedish community.

"Erik Ullenhag has... written about hate in Sweden without naming the racist attacks against blacks, Afrophobia as a problem in Sweden," she said.

"Black people are also Swedish citizens and have a right to be protected and to receive support against racist slights and attacks."

Kaweza furthermore echoed Jesse Jackson's calls for an education campaign to inform Swedes that the slave trade is part of the country's history and something of deep concern for the Swedish population, in part and as a whole.

"We need to draw attention to the fact that Sweden was involved, this is an experience which we all share. The incident in Lund is an opportunity to address this," she said.

The "slave auction" has been the subject of ridicule from some quarters, with one controversial Swedish artist, Dan Park, posting images of Jallow Momodou, who reported the incident, all over Malmö and Lund depicting him as a naked man in chains.

Park maintained that his art was "great humour" and the incident has furthermore been described by some as a "tasteless joke" and called for those alleging racism to toughen up.

"Racism has become a word that can be used, but the situations exist. There are people who say that we are easily offended, but that is easy to say when you are not the ones being insulted," Victoria Kaweza told The Local.

Posted 5/18/11

You remind me of a gladiator, surrounded by the blood filled maws of beasts and madmen..

You continue the fight in this pitiful coliseum of fools..

But brave man, the world will not change,

Nay, nay.....

there will always be hatred, and the prejudging of people because of their color, skin, eyes, country, religion,
heritage, birth, judged on their beauty.......

consider the lilies of the field....

look up at the sun and bless it for it warms you..

the rain comes, cooling and soft..

harken to yourself and be true only to yourself!

life goes on.
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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 5/22/11 , edited 5/22/11
White Washed Asian "Evolutionary Psychologist" Says Black Women are Scientifically Ugly, Advocates Muslim Holocaust


On Monday, Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, published an article on his Psychology Today blog that sent shockwaves across Twitter and the blogosphere and reminded many of us of just how dangerous this kind of "science" can be.

In his incendiary piece, which has since been taken down, Kanazawa discussed the scientific basis for "why black women are less attractive than any other women". Note that Kanazawa did not claim to have discovered why black women are perceived to be less attractive, or why he believed that black women are less attractive.

After bombarding the reader with colourful bar graphs and a set of numbers, he asserts that he has found the answer as to why black women are "objectively" less attractive than women of any other race, and it has something to do with testosterone and genetic mutations.

Following the backlash that ensued, the headline, "Why are black women less physically attractive than other women?", was first edited, before the article was taken down in its entirety. This is interesting, because it implies that the editors didn't initially accept that there was anything wrong with the article itself – only a headline that needed tweaking. However, even the poorest-performing psychology undergrad at a university at the bottom of any league table will tell you that the article oozes bad science.

From the article, the entire study appears to be based on the perspectives and opinions of adult respondents, Kanazawa reports his findings as "objective facts": that "black women are significantly less attractive than women of other races". He fails to provide information on the sample size for his research, or the social or economic factors (including race) that would have impacted on his findings so that readers can deduce for themselves as to what extent these findings can be generalised across time and space. As some tweeters have noted, it's a classic trick in which pseudoscientists blind you with multicoloured graphs and three decimal place figures to convince lay readers that their research was thorough and is conclusive. I mean, who can argue with three decimal places?

Pseudoscience and racism have a long history together. Many people who read Kanazawa's article were instantly reminded of Nazi claims to Aryan superiority. In his tome The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, Houston Stewart Chamberlain claimed to have discovered biological evidence for Aryan superiority based on his deeply flawed concepts of human speciation. This text and others of its ilk were the basis for the attempted extermination of Jewish people under the Nazi regime but were unfortunately not without precedent. Before Chamberlain there was the likes of Georges Cuvier and his contemporaries, whose treatment of Saartjie Baartman – also known as the Hottentot Venus – early in the 19th century was premised on the apparent biological inferiority of people of African descent, once again "proven" by bad science. Could colonialism or slavery ever have been justified without these and other pseudoscientific claims?

In 2011, we have peer review and editors. So it is of great concern that Psychology Today let Kanazawa's awfully premised, poorly presented and racist article even slip through the cracks. Of course, many social scientists were quick to spot the fallacies in his argument, but these standards don't exist to protect those who work in the ivory tower. They exist to protect the general public that may have nothing more than a passing interest in learning more about the world in which they live.

Kanazawa's article insulted and denigrated women of African descent all over the world, insinuating that some inevitable genetic development forces them to the lowest rung of his imaginary rigid scale of "attractiveness". As if a world in which the images of the most beautiful have oscillated between Michelangelo's Creation of Eve and Iman's statuesque frame could ever have a rigid, scientific standard for "attractiveness".

For his folly, Kanazawa has been duly chastised. But what about Psychology Today? Will they escape censure for letting this offensive tripe go out in the first place? Recalling that this is the same Kanazawa who asserted that he had also "discovered what's wrong with Muslims" in the same rag that published this "attractiveness" study, isn't it about time that someone got hauled over the coals for letting this nonsense go out? Psychology Today has said the article was not specifically commissioned and hasallowed some of its other writers to come out and criticise Kanazawa but has stopped short of issuing an apology for its carelessness.

“Here’s a little thought experiment. Imagine that, on September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers came down, the President of the United States was not George W. Bush, but Ann Coulter. What would have happened then? On September 12, President Coulter would have ordered the US military forces to drop 35 nuclear bombs throughout the Middle East, killing all of our actual and potential enemy combatants, and their wives and children. On September 13, the war would have been over and won, without a single American life lost.

Yes, we need a woman in the White House, but not the one who’s running.”

Suprising that such filth would come out of a person with probable JAPANESE ancestry -considering what Americans did to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I digress…
And will the LSE, still under the spotlight for the Gaddafi fiasco, send a clear signal that it will not tolerate its brand being associated with the kind of eugenic discussion that Kanazawa seems intent on engendering? After all, he has been here before. In November 2006, Kanazawa published a paper in the British Journal of Health Psychology alleging that African states were poor and suffered chronic ill-health because their populations were less intelligent than people in richer countries.

Or are we back to allowing science to be used to justify prejudice?

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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 5/23/11

Students Push to Get Satoshi Kanazawa Fired in London

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23 / M / Australia
Posted 5/25/11
I saw a machinima vid on youtube about 10 most discriminatory games of all times where the most controversial game was "Ethnic Cleansing"

In the game, the protagonist (the player can choose either a skinhead or a Klansman) runs through a ghetto killing black people and Latinos, before descending into a subway system to kill Jews. Finally he reaches the "Jewish Control Center", where Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel, is directing plans for world domination. The player must kill Sharon to win the game.

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F / Earth
Posted 5/29/11 , edited 5/29/11
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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 5/30/11

public enemy - shut'em down ( HQ )


public enemy - burn hollywood burn ( HQ )


public enemy anti-racist music videos

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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 6/2/11

Clearwater, FL — Police have charged a man with attempted murder after he hit a Florida city worker with his truck because he thought the worker looked like a terrorist.

Gerald Christopher Prebe, 35, is reportedly a father of two young children who lives in a neighborhood in Clearwater. Terry Butler, 53, also lives in the same neighborhood as Prebe but according to police, the two didn’t know each other.

Butler is an African-American who has worked for the city of Clearwater in the Street Department for 24 years. Butler’s duties include repairing street signs, painting road stripes and fixing stop lights.

According to the police affidavit, one weekday afternoon in April at about 1:45pm, Prebe was driving his blue Nissan pickup when he saw Butler standing in the road after having finished his lunch break. At that moment Prebe, who was approaching Butler, yelled racial slurs out his open window, accelerated his vehicle, swerved toward Butler and struck him – throwing Butler 20 feet in the air.

After Butler was hit, Prebe sped off. Police arrested Prebe about one block away near his truck, which he had run onto the lawn of a neighbor. The arrest affidavit said Prebe was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs but after being read his Miranda rights, he made incriminating statements that indicate the act could have been racially motivated. Prebe stated that he, in fact, “intended to kill the victim because he believed he was a terrorist.”

Butler had to have emergency surgery for a fractured neck and internal bleeding. His injuries were described at the time as “serious, but not life threatening.” His release was not reported, but we can assume that he is recovering. Prebe was arrested on a charge of attempted murder and aggravated battery. He was being held at the Pinellas County Jail on $100,000 bond. There has been no report of his release.

Al-Jazeerah, which I read mostly for the comics, has reported that the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) called on state and federal law enforcement authorities to add hate crime charges. As of this date, there has been no report that those charges have been added.

Police are still investigating the intent of the crime. Apparently, they were not content with the “counter-terrorism” explanation proffered by Mr. Prebe – as sensible as it might seem to some.



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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 6/6/11 , edited 6/6/11
latest news in hollywood continuing war against non-whites

The makers of Hangover 2 decide to follow in the footsteps of Quentin Tarantino allowing the repeated use of the anti-black n word in the movie

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