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Racism, White Supremacy, Stereotypes & Hollywood
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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 6/20/11
Is this radio host saying that Blacks should be killed?

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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 6/22/11
Study: Light-Skinned Black Women Receive Lighter Prison Sentences

Most discussions on race focus on conflicts between whites and generalized communities of color. A new study expands our awareness of the impact of racial prejudices to include differences in how African-Americans of different skin tones are treated. In their study, “The Impact of Light Skin on Prison Time for Black Female Offenders,” the authors uncover a startling reality: courts systematically reward black women with light skin with significantly shorter jail sentences compared with their darker counterparts. Clutch Magazine reports:

A recent study of women prisoners in North Carolina found that lighter complexioned Black inmates served less time than darker ones.

“The Impact of Light Skin on Prison Time for Black Female Offenders,” by Jill Viglione, Lance Hannon, and Robert DeFina of Villanova University, used a sample of 12, 158 women who were imprisoned between 1995 and 2009. Those who were perceived to be light skinned received sentences that were, on average, 12% shorter than their darker counterparts. The amount of actual time served was approximately 11% less. According to The Minority Brief, the study authors controlled factors including prior record, conviction date and weight; they also considered if the woman in question was serving time for robbery or homicide, which tend to carry long sentences."

This is not the first study to examine how having lighter skin can help a person of color make an easier way in the world. A 2006 University of Georgia study found that light-skinned black men are preferred by employers over dark men, regardless of qualifications. These new results regarding lighter black female prisoners fit in perfectly with previous findings.

In 2009, CNN health reported on a related study. Research evidence demonstrated that most participants held racist beliefs they were unaware of, which negatively impacted their choices in social situations. It’s not a stretch to predict the results of these combined phenomena: people in power will give preferential treatment to those perceived as closer to the white ideal our society promotes as an expression of unconscious racism.

African-Americans often discuss how colorism affects us within our ranks, but rarely consider how skin tone relates to our treatment by greater society. Recognizing this, we may want to reconsider how we judge our peers. It is possible that lighter and darker blacks have vastly different experiences that each group cannot perceive. If we talk about these differences, we might reach greater understanding.

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Posted 6/23/11
Police Probe Racist Incidents In Canadian Town

Police in Shelburne say they’re focusing on two suspects who have allegedly been spouting white supremacist or neo-Nazi doctrines.

The complicated police probe involves alleged Facebook messages and notices of Klan type meetings, said Cpl. Mike O’Callaghan.

“We are dealing with young people,” he said Wednesday evening during a public meeting called to deal with a recent surge in racist incidents.

A Confederate flag was said to have been displayed and Nazi salutes performed by some in the presence of black students.

Graffiti was discovered inside and out at Shelburne Regional High School in February. It was removed said local Black community member Tom Jacklyn, after he and others brought it to the attention of school staff. But it returned shortly thereafter.

Black Man Booted For Sagging Pants, But White Man in Panties Allowed to Fly…

U.S. Airways has landed in hot water for allowing a scantily-clad drag queen to fly without hassle just a week before crews booted a college football player off a plane for wearing saggy pants.

The gray-haired cross dresser boarded a June 9 flight from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix wearing a little more than stiletto heels, thigh-high black stocking and tiny, electric blue panties, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Witnesses said passengers complained about the flamboyant flyer, but U.S. Air let him board because the company doesn't have any rules against showing skin.

"We don't have a dress code policy," spokeswoman Valerie Wunder told the Chronicle. "Obviously, if their private parts are exposed, that's not appropriate…So if they're not exposing their private parts, they're allowed to fly."

But six days later, University of New Mexico football player DeShon Marman was yanked off a flight and arrested in San Francisco after he allegedly refused a U.S. Air crewmember's request to hike up his pants.

Read more:

Racist Graffiti Written On Ajax Family's Car

AJAX -- An Ajax family woke Tuesday morning to find racist graffiti scrawled on their car.

"I thought the citizens of this town should know there are still real jerks walking their streets," said Brian Sheppard.

The graffiti, done with a black marker on his white Dodge Magnum, is particularly upsetting because he and his wife have black grandchildren. Also, a mixed race couple lives across the street from their Seabreeze Road home.

On the gas cap was scrawled the "n" word, with the word "blow". On the back of the car was "KKK" next to a depiction of a burning cross.

"I couldn't go and visit (my grandchildren) with that nonsense on the car. One woman saw what was on the car and started crying," he said.

"I can't drive the car around town with this crap on it," Mr. Sheppard noted.

There was also other graffiti on the passenger side, including a stylized "JR", which Mr. Sheppard suspects are the person's initials.

His wife, Lyn-Joy, said they've had their car broken into before "but not this."

Mr. Sheppard was told by a police officer "it's got to be a guy. Women aren't dumb enough to do this."

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Posted 6/26/11

From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Contrary to the rosy picture of race embodied in Barack Obama's political success and Oprah Winfrey's financial success, legal scholar Alexander argues vigorously and persuasively that [w]e have not ended racial caste in America; we have merely redesigned it. Jim Crow and legal racial segregation has been replaced by mass incarceration as a system of social control (More African Americans are under correctional control today... than were enslaved in 1850). Alexander reviews American racial history from the colonies to the Clinton administration, delineating its transformation into the war on drugs. She offers an acute analysis of the effect of this mass incarceration upon former inmates who will be discriminated against, legally, for the rest of their lives, denied employment, housing, education, and public benefits. Most provocatively, she reveals how both the move toward colorblindness and affirmative action may blur our vision of injustice: most Americans know and don't know the truth about mass incarceration—but her carefully researched, deeply engaging, and thoroughly readable book should change that. (Feb.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 6/30/11 , edited 6/30/11
Muslim Woman Sues Abercrombie & Fitch After Alleged Firing Over Hijab

Does this mean a khaki hijab won't appear in catalogs anytime soon?

Hani Khan, a former stockroom employee for Abercrombie & Fitch Co. who says she was illegally fired for refusing to remove her Muslim headscarf, sued the clothing retailer in federal court on Monday, The Associated Press reports.

When Khan was hired to work in the San Mateo, Calif., branch of Hollister Co.—a brand owned by Abercrombie that caters to teens—she was wearing her hijab. The manager of the store reportedly said she could wear the headscarf while on the clock, so long as it was in company colors. (Which raises the question: What are those colors exactly? Distressed denim?) But Khan alleges that in subsequent months, managers constantly asked her to remove her hijab while working, and that she was later suspended, then fired for refusing.

Abercrombie & Fitch is known for its preppy, American collegiate imprint. It's also known for allegedly alienating its employees and getting in trouble for it. In 2004, the company settled race and gender discrimination lawsuits and agreed to include racial minorities in its all-American but largely white marketing platform. Abercrombie admitted no wrongdoing, but paid $40 million to several thousand minority and female plaintiffs and agreed to boost its diversity efforts surrounding hiring and promoting.

More recently, the company has faced a string of lawsuits that echo Kahn's experience. In 2009, Samantha Elauf filed a federal lawsuit in Oklahoma that charged the company of denying her a sales position because she was wearing a hijab. Another lawsuit was filed in 2008 that claimed the company didn't hire a woman at an Abercrombie Kids store in California for the same reason.

Read more:

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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 7/1/11
The Myth of the Model Minority is, Yes, a Myth

by Kristina C

In flat contradiction to the “myth of the model minority” — according to which Asian American students achieve academic and professional success despite being marginalized racially and ethnically — a new report from the National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education has found that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders don’t all get accepted into highly selective four-year colleges and universities; don’t all major in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; and don’t all achieve exceptional academic success, with accompanying financial benefits.

Fancy that.

The report will be published in its final form at the end of the summer, but preliminary findings were released on Monday. As the Chronicle of Higher Education says, the report found that

… nearly half of all Asian-American and Pacific Islander students, known as AAPI students, attend community colleges, and many of their ethnic groups have some of the lowest high-school-graduation and college-degree-attainment rates in the United States…

Among Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders, 55 to 66 percent of adults have not attended any form of postsecondary education. While more than four in five East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and South Asians (Asian Indian and Pakistani) who enter college earn at least a bachelor’s degree, larger proportions of Southeast Asians (43 percent) and Pacific Islanders (51 percent) report having attended college but not earning a degree.

The AAPI population grew much faster than any major racial group from 2000 – 2010, according to the report, and is projected to reach nearly 40 million people by 2050. But, as the above figures reveal, “college-going and degree attainment” varies widely among Asian Americans, with East Asians — some of whom, including Chinese and Japanese Americans, have been in the US for longer periods of time — and South Asians more likely (so far) to have graduated from college.

As an Asian American — a third-generation Chinese American, who is quite assimilated in American society — I’ve found the notion of being a model minority not only just wrong, but potentially harmful. The myth can cause students to think that, unless they getting into Harvard, UC Berkeley and Stanford and are pre-med or “at least” pre-law — if not pursuing an MD-PhD — they’re failures. College and the academic life are not for everyone and “success” is not all about making it into the Ivies, getting straight A’s, yada yada yada. My own son Charlie is half-Asian and has been in special education programs and schools for all of his education. Reading is a huge struggle, math means learning to count money, science class is non-existent in Charlie’s curriculum. Going to college — the defining experience of being a “model minority” — is not going to happen for Charlie, though many more autistic students are starting to attend college.

The perniciousness of the model minority myth is sadly displayed by a book that aroused a great deal of controversy at the start of this year, Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. In her memoir, the author, a self-described over-achiever (she’s a professor at Yale Law School) recounted how she sought to raise her two daughters as “ultra-model minorities” who excelled at school and played classical music on the violin and piano. Chua’s account of herself as a draconian, driven parent who threatened to trash one daughter’s stuffed animals if they didn’t practice their instruments was received with horror and fascination, as if her book contained (finally!) the inside story on how to be a model minority and make your kids one, too. Chua gets her comeuppance when her younger daughter rebels at a Moscow teahouse, after which the Tiger Mother realizes the folly of her ways and (so to speak) retracts her claws. Her younger daughter then puts down the violin and takes up tennis (and, as the media made sure we knew, her eldest daughter got into Harvard + Yale).

While Chua was trying to show the dangers of buying into the model minority myth, her book rather reveals how ingrained, to the point of unconscious, the myth can be. As the new study shows, there are many ways of being Asian American, of being successful and of, yes, struggling. It’s these students stories of adversity that is sometimes only met with more adversity that are crying to be told and heard.

Read more:
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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 7/4/11
The racist telesales firm that made Rahul call himself Rob

A telesales firm has been found guilty of race discrimination for forcing an Indian employee to anglicise his name.

An employment tribunal ruled that Rahul Jain, 28, had been unfairly made to change his name to Rob Matthews.

Mr Jain’s employers, Teachers 2 Parents Ltd, which is owned by Indians, claimed English names were easier for customers to spell in emails. They said customers had struggled with Indian names.

Other Indian employees allegedly had their names changed too, including a woman called Sarbjit who became known as Sally and a man called Prakhash who was called Terry.

The tribunal ruled that the school software company’s policy was not a ‘proportionate’ way to stop emails going astray and that it was enforced on Indian employees while white colleagues were allowed to keep their names.

After the hearing Mr Jain, of Leicester, said: ‘I was the only person in the company to challenge what was happening. They had a policy for all Asians to change their names. There were at least 30 other people of Indian origin who did this and are still working there. What the company did is outrageous and totally racist.’

Read more:
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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 7/6/11 , edited 7/6/11


Ben Affleck casts himself as Tony Mendez in “Argo”
July 5, 2011

On June 27th, Variety reported that Ben Affleck will be directing a movie starring Ben Affleck. The film is Argo, a screenplay based on a 2007 article from Wired Magazine: “How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans From Tehran.”

When this casting was announced, Hollywood dailies poked a bit of fun at Affleck for casting himself as the star of his own film. They also noted that Bryan Cranston and John Goodman will be co-starring. What the trades didn’t mention was that the lead character of Argo, real-life American CIA agent Tony Mendez, is Latino. Affleck is not.

n 1979, CIA agent Tony Mendez cooked up an ingenious plan to rescue six American embassy workers from Iran. He would take on the fake identity of Kevin Costa Harkins, a film producer from Ireland location scouting for a movie to be filmed in Iran, Argo. To build his cover, Mendez brought in Hollywood talent including Academy Award winning make up artist John Chambers (to be played by John Goodman in the film) to create a fake Hollywood production company and fake Canadian identities for the stranded Americans.

The stakes were high: failure would drag Canada into the international conflict between the United States and Iran, and Mendez and the diplomats would undoubtedly be tortured and executed. This is the story about how Hollywood film-making literally saved lives. But it’s also the story of how Mendez, a young man with a multiethnic background from small-town Nevada, whose creative CIA leadership facilitated one of the most daring “exfiltration” rescues in known history.

A 2006 UCLA study from the Chicano Studies Research Center found that only 1.2% of lead roles go to Latino actors (contrasted against 82% of lead roles going to white actors.) Under the guidance of director Ben Affleck, the role of Tony Mendez would have been a great opportunity for a Latino actor to star in a stereotype-defying, heroic lead role.
The Missing Man in “Howl” and other stories

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Hollywood has cast a white actor to tell history made by a minority in real life.

Howl (2010) told the story of San Francisco’s Six Gallery and the 1957 obscenity trial against Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl. In 1957, Shigeyoshi Murao, the Japanese American manager of the City Lights Bookstore, was dragged off to jail for selling Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and Other Poems.

“Imagine being arrested for selling poetry!” Murao, a lifelong friend of Ginsberg, would later reflect. Murao was bailed out by the ACLU and removed as a defendant in the obscenity trial after the prosecution could not prove he knew what was in the book he was selling.

According to the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, although much of the publicity surrounding the Howl trial was focused on storeowner Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Murao committed the actual controversial act of selling the so-called “obscene book”. As a result, Murao, whose family had been interned during World War II, was the one who served the jail time. “To me, he was the real hero of this tale of sound and fury, signifying everything,” Ferlinghetti wrote in later years.

Given Murao’s important role in the history and story of Howl, he is conspicuously absent in the 2010 film. Patricia Wakida of the Japanese American National Museum unsuccessfully tried to contact the producers to ensure Shig Murao would be included in the film. As depicted on its official website,Howl (2010) had an all-white lead cast and the only defendant depicted in the film is Ferlinghetti.

We also previously blogged about the 2010 film Extraordinary Measures where executive producer Harrison Ford cast himself as “Dr. Robert Stonehill,” developer of the cure to Pompe disease. In real life, the Pompe cure was developed by Taiwanese doctor Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen. The 2008 film 21, inspired by the real-life Asian American MIT Blackjack Team, also took artistic license with history, portraying the majority of the team, including the film’s main characters, with white actors.

People of color made history in the CIA, participated in the Beat Generation, cured deadly diseases and played Vegas, but the average person familiar with these stories wouldn’t know it from watching the movies. The cumulative impact of this kind of casting: In Hollywood, white actors depict minorities credited with reaching monumental, historic achievements. Actors of color cannot even expect to be cast in roles inspired by people from their own communities, and minorities remain invisible in their own stories.

picture of Tony Mendez

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Posted 7/11/11
Boycott the SyFy Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy screening of the racist "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

"On Thursday August 11th, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy with the sponsorship of the SYFY Channel plans to screen "Breakfast at Tiffany's" free for the public. This 1961 film features a blatantly-racist, minstrel-show, buck-toothed portrayal of a Japanese American, played by Mickey Rooney which has for decades offended the Asian-American community and its allies. Please boycott this film, the SyFy Movies with a View series, and let people know that despite direct communication from the NY Asian American community, the BBPC is committed to showing this horribly offensive film, which it calls a "beloved" "American classic". The film series is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

In 2008, a similar public outdoor screening was successfully aborted by the city of Sacramento in response to protests over the yellowface Mr. Yunioshi caricature. The controversy over Mickey Rooney's bumbling portrayal is not new, and the BBPC and SyFy should be aware of the impact of putting this offensive portrait on the big screen.

Why any publicly funded organization in a city where 1-in-8 residents are Asian-American or any channel with a huge Asian-American viewership would choose to show a film with a racist caricature like this is beyond me. It's not funny; It's not classic; It's not beloved to us. By screening this film, the organizers are sanctioning the racism it contains, and subjecting new audiences (including children and Asian-Americans) to a minstrel show of racist ideology. It's 2011. It's New York. Do we still have to fight the hostile, hurtful world of 1961 Hollywood?"

i set up a blog

to document cases of Hollywood racism and thier continuing prmotion of white supremacy and colourism
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Posted 7/18/11 , edited 7/18/11
racist tv show seinfeld

Hollywood racism: Hancock vs Superman

Hollywood Racism: X-men 1st Class

in the clip the white mutant leader talks about the choice between ruling and being enslaved. when the he said enslaved the camera zoomed in towards the black mutant(white mutant also looked at the black mutant) and later this white mutant killed the black mutant.

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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 8/1/11
Racist Jewish Stereotypes

Jews have been stereotyped as greedy, nit-picky, misers and they have often been depicted counting money or collecting gold and jewels. Anti-Semitism flourished for centuries and reached a climax in Nazi Germany during World War II with the Holocaust, when Hitler tried to exterminate all of the Jews in Europe. Though anti-Semitism is less overt now in polite society than it has been in the past, the underlying stereotypes and attitudes about what it means to be Jewish are still quite prevalent. The following are some common stereotypes:

Jewish Mother

The Jewish mother stereotype generally involves a nagging, overprotective, manipulative, controlling, smothering, and overbearing mother or wife, one who persists in interfering in her children's lives long after they have become adults. This opinionated, pushy matriarch keeps a meticulously tidy home and insists that anyone who enters her home is undernourished and needs to consume more food than is humanly possible. The life of a Jewish mother consists of endless caretaking and boundless self-sacrifice by a mother who demonstrates her love by constant overfeeding and unremitting solicitude about every aspect of her children's and her husband's welfare.

The Moneylender/Moneychanger

During the Middle Ages, Christians were not allowed to lend money because the Church believed that collecting interest from loaned money was a sin. At the same time Jews were not allowed to do many of the jobs that Christians did. Since the Jews were able to collect interest from the Christians, many became money lenders and tax collectors. The money-changer stereotype originated in the days when Jews converted the coins of the Roman Empire into the currency accepted by the Jerusalem Temple. Because of their involvement with money and banking, Jews got the reputation of being greedy and it was said that Jews would do anything for money, which led to the idea that Jews have no loyalty to any group other than their own.

Jewish Princess

The Jewish-American Princess stereotype is materialistic and selfish, and comes from a pampered or wealthy background. JAPs enjoy lives of privilege and are often neurotic. The Jewish Princess is bossy, spoiled, whiny, inconsiderate, self-centered, and only minimally interested in sex. In recent years the label has been adopted by some Jewish females who take pride in being a living personification of the stereotype.

Self-hating Jew

Self-hating Jew is a term used to describe a Jewish person who holds anti-Semitic beliefs or engages in anti-Semitic actions. The term is a bit of a misnomer because the self-hating Jew doesn't hate himself as much as he hates other Jews who are not like him. The concept originated during the mid-nineteenth century feuding between Orthodox Jews and Reform Jews where each side accused the other of betraying Jewish identity. It is most often used today in attempts to silence Jews from criticizing the actions of Israel.

Nice Jewish Boy

A "nice Jewish boy" is a mensch, roughly defined as a good person or nice guy. He is intellectual, nerdy, socially awkward, physically weak and slightly neurotic. He is very attached to his stereotypical Jewish mother and never outgrows the need for her support and approval. Nice Jewish boys are usually high-earning professionals like dentists, doctors, veterinarians, psychologists, lawyers, or stockbrokers.

Nice Jewish Girl

The "nice Jewish girl" embodies an old-fashioned sense of domesticity and traditionalism. She is a kind, curvy family girl who loves Judaism, her family, and homemaking. She has frizzy hair, a prominent nose, and a nasal way of talking. Well-educated but not intellectually superior, she smiles sweetly and dishes out the kugel to her beaming grandparents while she awaits fulfillment of the American Dream of marrying a nice Jewish boy and moving to a house in the suburbs.
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28 / M / Scotland, Aberdeen
Posted 8/1/11
Indians are not a race, Jews are not a race and women wearing the hijab sure as hell aren't a race either.
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Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11
Racist Hollywood strikes again!

trailer for "the help"

Is Viola Davis Character In The Help Just The Stereotypical Black Mammy?

by the blogger "GayblackCanadianman"

I cannot contain my anger and disappointment that Viola Davis decided to star in the new film The Help. Hollywood produces very myopic representations of black women. Black women are either whores like Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball or maids like Viola Davis in The Help. The social construction of the binary of black female sexuality is very limited.

I noticed a couple of things while watching the trailer for The Help. First, the white women are presented as the stereotypical pristine, upper class, and feminine. However, the black women in The Help speak in a Southern dialect, and constructed as inferior to the white women.

Of course, the white woman saves the day since the purpose of The Help is to promote the narrative that black people we cannot save ourselves.

The Help is just another form of the classic white saviour movies.

I am so tired of the racist white saviour narrative that black people need to be saved by whites.

Another problem, I have with The Help is the film promotes the racist narrative that black women have no agency. The only purpose black people have is to serve white folks. Black womanhood is constructed as just to be loving and nurturing. Hollywood consistently promotes the discourse that a black woman’s purpose in life is to exist in an anterior time. I cringed when I heard the line in the trailer “we love them and they love us.”

Yes, black women love working in the domestic sphere and serve rich white women. Of course, The Help ignores the fact in America, black women were blocked from higher educational opportunities for decades. Black women worked in the domestic sphere because this was the only work to make a living in America prior to the civil rights movement. Of course, there were black women such as Zora Neale Hurston that became a writer. However, the majority of black women had to work in domestic work because that’s the only form of work they were offered!

Two years ago, Sandra Bullock racist film The Blind Side also promoted this abhorrent narrative disavowing black agency.

I understand Viola is a black actress, and she needs to work. However, time really has not changed for black women in Hollywood.

I wish Viola Davis had more pride and decided NOT to take the role in The Help!

In the year 1940, Hattie McDaniel won an Academy Award for her role as mammy in the film Gone With The Wind. The black mammy stereotype of black womanhood is so pervasive in racist Hollywood!

McDaniel did not have a choice because in the year 1940 there were a paucity of good roles for black women in Hollywood.

I understand Viola Davis needs a pay cheque but taking on the role of a maid is demeaning.

The trailer for The Help is so racist and sexist against black women. I just feel so sick watching this racist garbage!

It is so sad that the best role Viola Davis can get since her Academy Award nomination for Doubt is just being the black mammy! It is so so deleterious and abhorrent that Viola would take this disgusting role as a maid to a white woman!

The Help engenders the discourse that a black woman purpose is to be subservient to white folks. I also find the racist narrative of the white saviour in The Help problematic. In the 1960s, civil rights movement my black elders helped themselves they did not sit and wait for white folks to gain freedom!

Update! another opinion

Is 'The Help' Movie a Retro Form of Racism?
Why Some People Are Boycotting 'The Help'

Nancy Tracy, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Jul 18, 2011

Despite having a black president in the White House with an Ivy League education, the biggest movie about African Americans this summer involves black maids and their deadbeat men. The rekindling of demeaning stereotypes and depiction of white people as their saviors are two of the problems some African Americans had with the 2009 book version of "The Help," the novel upon which the upcoming movie is based. Critics of Kathryn Stockett's take on blacks of the 1960s are saying "thanks, but no thanks" to the author's patronizing portrayal of the black experience.

"The Help" quickly became a New York Times best-seller and book club favorite, and the movie version -- which is being marketed as an island of sophisticated drama in a sea of summertime shoot 'em ups and sci fi -- is likely to sell a lot of popcorn. Yet beneath the glossy veneer of this hyped Hollywood movie are some tired funhouse cliches that distort the reality of being black in the 1960s.

Some of the movie's detractors are urging a boycott of the film, creating a Facebook page to publicize the protest. Critics of the movie also dished on its defects July 16, using the Twitter hashtag #100voicesrespondtothehelp.One blogger even called the book "a whitewashed, declawed version of history."

Here are some of the biggest beefs that boycotters have with "The Help":

Reinforces Negative Stereotypes

The Help" dredges up stale stereotypes of African Americans being less intelligent and attractive than white people.The maids in "The Help" are adorably illiterate, like children who unknowingly say funny things. Minny, for instance, mixes up her body parts and cars: "Cat got on the porch this morning, bout gave me a cadillac arrest thinking it was Mister Johnny," she says. Another maid, Aibileen, is an Uncle Tom who admires her friend's straight hair. "Yule May, Miss Hilly's maid setting in front in me. Yule May easy to recognize from the back cause she got such good hair, smooth, no nap in in," she gushes. In "The Help," good hair is code for white women's hair

Black Men are Worthless

Minny is married to an abusive man who refrains from beating her only when she is pregnant, but otherwise lacks paternal instincts. After bearing six children, Minny complains, "Plenty of black men leave their families behind like trash in a dump, but it's not something the colored woman do. We've got kids to think about."

But why should black men be good to their women? The maids in "The Help" seem to like their men mean. Even the devout Aibileen laments, "Much as I love the Lord, church going man never do all that much for me. Kind a man I like ain't the kind that stays around when he done spending all you money. I made that mistake twenty years ago. When my husband Clyde left me for that no-count hussy up on Farish street."

Overdone Dialects

Remember Prissy in "Gone With the Wind," the silly young black woman who said, "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies"? Echoes of her illiterate speech and that of Mammy, Aunt Jemima and every other comically drawn black female character from historic pop culture can be heard throughout "The Help."

A writer for the Christian Science Monitor wondered why Stockett used a thick dialect only for the black characters, "with nary a dropped 'g' among her generally less sympathetic Southern white characters." Even Viola Davis, the actress who plays the maid Aibileen in the movie, had qualms with duplicating her character's exaggerated speech patterns. "I didn't want [Aibileen's] dialect to be as strong as it was in the book," she confided in an interview with Cinema Blend.

White Women Are Saviors

As with "The Blind Side," a 2009 movie in which a white middle class housewife played by Sandra Bullock saves a poor black teenager, in "The Help," an unmarried white journalist named Skeeter comes to the black maids' rescue. The subtext in both movies is that African Americans cannot improve their lot in life without a white lady to help them.

Desperate for Reality

Ironically, the movie trailer for "The Help" looks like a 1960s version of "Desperate Housewives" -- only instead of wine and housework, these southern-fried white women have maids and mint juleps. It is likely that Stockett's flawed film will not only prove as popular as the Sunday night soap, but also bear as little resemblance to reality.
Posted 8/7/11

DerfelCadarn wrote:

Indians are not a race, Jews are not a race and women wearing the hijab sure as hell aren't a race either.

Not since there are a variety of those dubbed Indians (Hindus and Native Americans), and how Jews are a Semitic people much like the Arabs, and how obviously a garment doesn't indicate a particular ethnicity for any person.
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Posted 8/15/11 , edited 8/15/11
Hollywood Racism in Crash

this movie blames racism on people of colour, promotes stereotypes of non-whites and ignoring the problems of white supremacy

Hollywood racism: Panic room

black man save the robbery victims from getting killed and he goes to jail

the movie did not show the mother and daughter telling the police and the courts about him saving them

Hollywood racism in Scream 2,3 and 4

racism in this scream series where blacks getting killed off.

Hollywood Racism: The Shining

If the Shining gave him the power to mentally communicate over long distances and see into the future, how come it didn't help Scatman Crothers see Jack Nicholson standing behind the column with a fucking axe?

He traveled from the safety of his home in Florida and spent an assload of money to go to Colorodo just to save a family of white people. WTF?
Fuck Hollywood.

And thanks to Jewels Logan for the narration...Priceless.
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