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Racism, White Supremacy, Stereotypes & Hollywood
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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 1/27/13
White proverbs some of which can be found in this thread

the full list

Just for the record, here is the full list of white proverbs that I found on Tumblr:

rank: likes “proverb”

1: 3701 “I’m 32% Irish, 12% German, 17% Swedish, 25% French, 10% Polish and 1/17 Cherokee princess”
2: 3549 “Where are you from? …No, I mean where’s your family from?”
3: 1628 “The police are here to protect you.”
4: 1410 “I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, yellow, green or purple…”
5: 1268 “Its not like YOU were ever a slave. I don’t understand why race is even an issue for you.”
6: 850 “You’re not like those other Black people. In fact, I don’t see you as Black at all.”
7: 819 “Wow, you are very attractive for a [insert ethnicity/race].”
8: 652 “You’re so pretty. You don’t even look [non-white ethnicity]!”
9: 649 “I took a class on this”
10: 634 “You’re racist for saying I’m racist”
11: 629 “I don’t know how to pronounce that, do you have an English name?”
12: 619 “But the movement is about women’s issues, not racial issues!”
13: 610 “You should be more like Martin Luther King and less like Malcolm X.”
14: 498 “Oh, your hair is just so interesting! Can I touch it?”
15: 468 “White people experience racism too. A Black person was mean to me once.”
16: 464 “It’s not racist. It was a joke…”
17: 459 “you just don’t understand how oppressed you are by your own culture” (white feminist)
18: 458 “Calling me cracker is just as bad as me calling you the n-word.”
19: 453 “I’m not racist, I hate everyone equally.”
20: 452 “But my black friend wasn’t offended”
21: 437 “I love Latinas. CALIENTE.”
22: 428 “Do you mean forehead dot Indian or teepee Indian?”
23: 415 “I’m not white; I’m human.”
24: 407 “Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you react in violent self defense when someone’s violently attacking you, you’re just as bad.”
25: 403 “You’re so lucky, you don’t have to tan!”
26: 394 “Exotic”
27: 346 “Slavery was 400 years ago. Get over it.”
28: 346 “I’m not white, I’m Italian.”
29: 342 “I’m not white. I’m Irish.”
30: 340 “I only like real hip-hop. Atmosphere. Aesop Rock. Eminem.”
31: 324 “I’m going to be the Devil’s advocate here…”
32: 316 “Everything was so much better in the 1950s”
33: 295 “Affirmative action? What happened to being equal?”
34: 291 “You don’t wash your hair everyday?”
35: 286 “Words only have power if you give them power”
36: 283 “How come there’s a BET but not a White Entertainment Television? How is that fair?”
37: 276 “The Civil War was about STATES’ RIGHTS!!”
38: 275 “‘Nigger’ doesn’t mean ‘black person.’ It means someone who’s ignorant.”
39: 234 “White people were slaves too.”
40: 233 “why do you always have to talk about race?”
41: 231 “Obviously if you look for racism, you’re gonna find it.”
42: 225 “Not all of us are like that!”
43: 223 “I wish I was half as dark as you.”
44: 216 “You’re so articulate!”
45: 211 “omg i have such a BIG GHETTO booty!”
46: 211 “He who says ‘I’m not racist, but’ before a statement cannot possibly be racist.”
47: 209 “You called him “brotha”, I didn’t know you had siblings.”
48: 207 “YOU’RE the reason racism still exists.”
49: 205 “Is it like…safe for me to come to your house?”
50: 199 “Egyptians ARE NOT Black”
51: 187 “I’m not white, how dare you call me white! I’m not a fucking color or race! I’m an individual”
52: 180 “When did you move to America? You don’t even have an accent.”
53: 180 “There are black people and there are niggers.”
54: 177 “The Black Panthers were just as bad as the Ku Klux Klan!”
55: 177 “Just because it’s not politically correct doesn’t make it racist.”
56: 176 “[to any Asian person] omg, nihao!”
57: 172 “you’re not like OTHER black people”
58: 171 “Capitalism provides equal opportunity for all”
59: 170 “Stop talking about racism and it’ll go away!”
60: 153 “Is that weave?”
61: 149 “I don’t even see you as Black”
62: 147 “I’m not racist but…”
63: 147 “Aishwarya Rai is my favorite bollywood actress, she doesn’t even look indian!”
64: 146 “Wow, uh… it’s one thing to be proud of your heritage. It’s another thing entirely to be blatantly racist. I have admired most of your posts and how you’re so in touch with your culture, but white-people bashing makes you just as bad as every other racist out there. Consider yourself unfollowed.”
65: 146 “Well if it wasn’t for slavery you’d still be in Africa…”
66: 142 “Well, I’M not offended!”
67: 133 “I’m not racist! In fact, calling me racist is racist!”
68: 133 “Don’t make me unleash my inner Black woman.”
69: 127 “Let me tell you all about your culture and how it’s responsible for all the homophobia and sexism in the world…”
70: 125 “My parents grounded me.”
71: 125 “But we gave lands to the Indians. It’s called the Reserves and they can do whatever they like over there.”
72: 124 “Why do you have to play the race card?”
73: 124 “Heritage not Hate.”
74: 120 “the only one racist here is you”
75: 117 “Speak English.”
76: 113 “If white people did the same thing, it would be wrong!”
77: 107 “It’s not a stereotype if it’s true!”
78: 104 “We all come from Africa”
79: 104 “Get over it.”
80: 102 “My family didn’t own slaves”
81: 102 “Mixed babies are soooooooo adorable”
82: 101 “Oh so I’m ‘privileged’ because I’m white? Just because I’m white doesn’t mean I’m rich”
83: 101 “Hey! Don’t talk about race! That’s divisive!” (white leftist/feminist)
84: 100 “But… but this is America! How can that happen here?”
85: 97 “It’s so sad that you’re going to get an arranged marriage”
86: 96 “Omg my hair is so nappy. I have an afro just like you!”
87: 93 “I hate rap! It’s all about violence and disrespecting women!”
88: 92 “I miss the good ol’ days.” (white male)
89: 91 “Wow you’re really pretty. Are you mixed? You don’t look all Black.”
90: 91 “How can the Huxtables have lightskinned AND darkskinned children?”
91: 89 “You didn’t sound black on the phone”
92: 89 “My Bla – African-American friend…”
93: 87 “you’re from the caribbean? are you jamaican? do you like rihanna? whats that gibberish that you speak? why don’t you wear dreadlocks? my sister has dreadlocks but she’s 1/144536643 cherokee. do you like bob marley? eh bob marley mon!! bufffalllooo shoulder!!!”
94: 83 “Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn’t have done that…”
95: 81 “I’m a person of color too! White is a color!”
96: 81 “I dated a black guy once”
97: 80 “You’re cold? This weather’s perfect!”
98: 77 “I read Joy Luck Club. I understand how oppressive your men are.”
99: 76 “What about my feelings?”
100: 73 “You look like Beyonce!”
101: 71 “I majored in Anthropology”
102: 70 “Black people don’t know how to make black films.” (Quentin Tarantino)
103: 68 “‘White people?” I thought stereotypes were bad. Racism is racism.”
104: 67 “But how do you know it was actually about race?”
105: 66 “Your ancestors were slaves? Your parents lived under Jim Crow? You were barred from getting loans and living in white neighborhoods? Research shows that you still face discrimination today? God, stop making excuses! You’re never going to go anywhere with that attitude.”
106: 63 “Stop being so angry all the time.”
107: 62 “Look, I got a tan! We’re like sisters now!”
108: 62 “I know racism is horrible and it makes you angry, but let me tell you this really racist thing my mom said.”
109: 61 “The attack was allegedly racist ”
110: 59 “that person isn’t successful because they’re lazy. there is no “system” working against them”
111: 58 “Racist? But I voted for Barack Obama!”
112: 58 “Omg hea so cute I don’t care if he killed all those people hes just misunderstood”
113: 55 “My dream is to help everyone in third world countries.”
114: 53 “It’s just the internet…”
115: 52 “Just because I said [something that completely builds off of racial stereotypes] and [behaved in a racist way] doesn’t mean I’m racist”
116: 51 “Gay is the new Black.”
117: 47 “If you call me bitch again, you’re going to time out!”
118: 43 “My [race] friend/family member/colleague wasn’t offended.”
119: 42 “So your family wasn’t even enslaved here”
120: 42 “My cousin is half black, I’m not racist”
121: 42 “I have a black friend (doesn’t know their name).”
122: 40 “I know all about American Indians, I was in Boyscouts!”
123: 39 “That is so ghetto.”
124: 39 “If I can’t have dreadlocks then you can’t wear weave. You’re appropriating white culture.”
125: 38 “I’m not even white. I’m peach, technically.”
126: 37 “There’s only race: the human race”
127: 35 “Is it because I’m Black?”
129: 32 “LOL white people!” (white liberal)
130: 32 “Asia is what I say it is.”
131: 31 “I understand you’re angry and you have every to be, but you shouldn’t take your anger out on the people trying to help. It could alienate them.”
132: 28 “Oh so now if you do ____ it’s automatically racist?”
133: 27 “It’s art.”
134: 26 “You and (insert random black classmate’s name here) should date. Are you dating (insert random black classmate’s name here)? You’re lying, I know you like (insert random black classmate’s name here)!” (white private school girl)
135: 25 “Everyone’s a little bit racist.”
136: 23 “you see this tattoo here. it says peace and harmony in chinese. what…wait huh? that says i’m a lazy pig in japanese? that’s kanji? what?”
137: 23 “You shouldn’t be homophobic, you know what its like to be oppressed.”
138: 22 “I love dating Black men. I’m what they call a “whooty”. I might as well be a Black girl.”
139: 9 “If you want equality then let me disrespect your culture. We all have to share.”
140: 9 “I don’t see color!”
141: 4 “Let me tell you what racism means.”
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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 2/5/13 , edited 2/5/13
today's racist cowardly cunt Joanna Angel:

Johanna Angel is making a parody of Walking Dead. to portray Glenn the Korean American actor she hires a white male named Danny dressing him up in yelllowface and taped back his eyes to make him look East Asian( yes because racist cunts think all asians look the same)

after this generated public anger the racist cunt make this excuse and off course like racist pieces of shit whine about being P.C or politically correct a popular reactionary term!

Alright, I know some of you lame asses were offended by me turning someone non-Asian into someone Asian, but Danny is an important member of the BurningAngel family and I really wanted him in this movie –- and he actually has a lot of similar features as Glenn and made the most sense to play him. Around election time, I aged Danny about 60 years and turned him into Joe Biden. In Evil Head, we gave him an 80's looking wig. I was not doing this to make fun of anyone of any race -– I did this because it was a parody. So all you over-sensitive PC people: calm down.

simialr features? this cunt like many sheltered privilege Bourgeoisie white racist idiots. she probably never met any Asians and think they all look the same based on the racist tv shows and movies she watched growing up in a sheltered all white racist neighborhood

in portraying the black woman character in "Walking dead" she choose a black actress. i called her a coward because she will never do blackface why? black people will make noise and condemn that shit. the racist coward is actually afraid of the reactions and consequences from the black community. there is common stereotype of Asians being docile and don't fight back when face bullyin and harassment . racists like Johanna don't fear any consequences for doing anti-Asian racist acts.
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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 2/7/13
Dishing it out but cannot take it! Hypocritical white fans of Ann of Green Gables is upset that a publisher decided to pic a sexy blonde model to portray the redhead Ann who lives on a farn in the story. These hypocrites are either silent or support the current whitewashing of Asian and other non-white characters in movie adaptations of cartoons, novels, and comics where non-whites are the protagonists. when I and other POCs make noise. these same hypocrites told us that it's a business, race of the character does not matter, stop being so sensitive, etc examples of this are in this same thread. now these hypocrites are now bitching over the blonding of a popular redhead character in a story and these same racists that tell me to stop complaining expect me and other POCs to give a shit? I don't give a shit about the blonding of Ann when these same racist whiners celebrate the killing of black kids in the hunger games. I don't give a shit about the blonding of Ann when these same racists openly advocate the killing and murdering of East Asians on Twitter after they watch the remake of Red Dawn, I don't give a shit when these same racist scum whining about the blonding of Ann when they have racist theme parties on college campuses and committing racist acts and hate crimes while the racist authorities on these same campuses look the other way. these same racist whiners of the blonding of Ann are not crying over the increasing anti-Asian sentiment inspired by the latest anti-Asian racist movies.

and they expect me and other POCs to give a shit


and P.S

redheads are targets of bullying and harrasment in national kick a ginger days a red head family (husband, wife and children all redheads in Britain had to move to another neighbourhood) after repeated harrasment. this issue NEVER come up in this latest whining of the blonding of Ann of Green Gables. why is that?

redheads if you are reading these don't join these anti-redhead and racist hypocrites crying crocodile tears over the blonding of Ann of green. these same people will commit hate crimes against you for being a redhead and commit hate crimes acting out what they see in racist movies like the Red Dawn

Now read this news story and laugh at these hypocrites

Publisher's sexy makeover of Anne of Green Gables ignites online outrage

No, Canada’s most loveable freckled redhead has not dyed her hair, got a boob job and moved to the Jersey Shore. It just looks that way on, where an enterprising but misguided new publisher has enraged readers with a $13.49 set of L.M. Montgomery’s beloved Anne of Green Gables novels adorned with a cover image of a bleached-blond farm girl signalling “come hither” on a haystack

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