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Which of these 5 Anime Guys is Hotter?
Posted 5/14/11
Posted 5/17/11
I voted for the stupid lord :3
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F / Britannia
Posted 5/25/11
I'M SORRY!!! I'M SORRY TAMAKI!!!! -is crying rivers- I'm so sorry, Tamaki! (I take anime way too seriously. ) I'm sorry, Tamaki! You may not be as sexy as Ikuto, but you have the best PERSONALITY! If this was a personality poll between you two, I'd totally pick Tamaki! I bet you're angry now.
You see, since this is a sexy anime guys poll... here is my arrangement. ;3
5. Kaname Kuran
4. Kei Takishima
3. Tamaki Suou
2. Zero Kiryu
1. Ikuto Tsukiyomi
But, if this was a personality poll, it'd be like this!
5. Kaname Kuran
4. Zero Kiryu
3. Kei Takishima
2. Ikuto Tsukiyomi
1. Tamaki Suou
See? I still love you Tamaki! I should shut up, now.
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in front of my pc
Posted 5/25/11
All of them are gay... I KID! Don't flame me.
I voted for Tamaki because he's the funniest. \(^o^)/
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 7/27/11
Kei Takishima
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