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101 / M / The world inside...
Posted 5/10/10 , edited 5/10/10

Dawi'Ankor is an ancient Dwarven kingdom that fell in the war against the "Fallen Gods" during the war the "Fallen God" Hakkar was slain and locked up in the deep reaches of the city, he still slumbers in the deepest reaches of the city till this day, but that will soon change.

The City was built within a massive Cavern, the only Entrance to the city being the one bridge that extends across a massive chasm. the City is protected by its massive iron gates.
On the opposite side of the chasm lies another massive Cavern, this Cavern is a popular place for the Uzkul to gather.
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101 / M / The world inside...
Posted 6/6/10
Adam and Eve stood in a dark chamber, there was little light seeping through the crack in the large stone door they were at.
"So" Adam said "Did you meet our friend?"
Eve giggled "Yes, he is a fun one"
"Fun? did he seem strong?" Adam asked
Eve nodded "Yes but nothing we cant handle... he pales in comparison to Hereo's"
A Large booming voice ruptured into the conversation "DO NOT! MENTION THAT NAME IN FRONT OF ME" the voice boomed angrily
Both Adam and Eve flinched as two large yellow eyes lit up in the darkness
"You take it easy master" Eve said
"Yes, you still do not have your physical form back and you are not fully awaken yet" Adam said
"Do not take me lightly" The voice said as the eyes slowly closed "Take care of this new threat you have found... and fast"
Adam and Eve looked on until the eyes had fully closed and all became silent once again
"Shall we go our selves?" Eve asked
"I think thats a bit over kill... send another one to play with him" Adam said
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101 / M / The world inside...
Posted 8/21/10
The Uzkul within Dawi'Ankor were abuzz with life, the Armies slowly marching out of the massive Iron Gates of Dwai'Ankor. Lakkar sat within the city watching the armies move, about 40 beserkers all hooked up with chains pulling a massive cage moved through the iron gates, within the cage sat a massive snake by the name of Apophis, it was truly a site to behold. Lakkar hopped off the perch he sat on and landed in front of two massive stone doors bigger than anything else within the city, he looked out at the moving armies once again to see his own "Nazzurs" moving out with the army, nasty creatures, there left arm turning into a massive claw while there right held weapons the size of a full grown human, and there bodies were hard, Lakkar watched the beast he had breed with his hands with pride as the marched by, entranced b there beauty when a voice broke through his thin mental barrier to everything happening around him.
"Lakkar" Belkos said "Stop your day dreaming, the lord would shall speak to us in a second"

Lakkar, realizing that what Belkos had said was true turned around, shooting a glare at the large twisted human looking figure in front of him, Belkos paid no mind to his actions and turned tot he door, just then a massive roar could be herd from outside of the gate and thn a flash of light came and went as quickly as it appeared within the light stood a women with a long flowing robe that was torn in a few places, half of her jaw had also rotted away.
"Hellios what a nice surprise" Said Lakkar "Arnt you suppose to be dealing with the worms of Bal'Azul" Lakkar said
"Lothar was kind enough to take the job off my hands" Hellios said in a eerie chilling voice that seemed to echo on its own.

"SILENCE ALL OF YOU!" Adam spoke as both him and eve appeared in front of them turned to the door
All of them knelt down there heads looking at the ground, that is when the voice came, one filled with darkness, the voice seemed to burn there ears when it spoke, chills running down there backs.
"Hello, My children" Hakkar spoke "We, have found... the location of Tiamat's tomb"
All of them knelt there silently waiting for Hakkar's next words to come
"It is within the land of Furen" Hakkar said slowly "A place infested with humans. As you can see the armies are already moving out, it is your jobs to deal with any... problems on our way to the grave site and to protect the dig site once we are there" Hakkar said as his voice faded away, Adam and Eve were the first to stand up and turned to the three generals.
"You herd your lord, now move out, we shall stay here and follow you once the lord is ready" Said Adam
the three generals stood up and nodded and turned around to join there armies.
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