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Season 15.....-from episode 266
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Posted 5/11/10
Okay i absolutely hated the filler arcs, but what can i say they've really made the episodes from 266 - the start of season 15 Great!!! I just skipped the fillers. i checked out bleach episodes yesterday and woo-hoo....well you no.

The opening song shows so many great upcoming battles and the closing song is kinda cool with the characters dressed all differently. Actually what i like wasnt the music but the vids with it.

Just watched bleach 270 like 5min ago and its brilliant. i forgot about the second release form Ulqiourra can do, tho i thought it looked different when he first released cause i remembered him having more black stuff around him.
Anyway how cool does the episode look with ulqiourra power when the screens lit up green!!!

Anyway guess you can tell im pretty happy, especially cause im a massive Inoue Orihime fan. How good was that army roll she did when they jumped off ishida's riastu glider thingy. And her face at the end was epic.

Plus 270 had 3 manga chapters combined in it. Overall its just great when episodes youve waited for exceed your expectations!!!!!!

Have fun Posting what you feel!!!![crimg]jessica-Lee:49918791
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Posted 5/11/10
agreed! just watched the episode 3 min ago

exceeds expectations.

I could have just wished the BGM when ulqiuorra released must be more epic.. but it's ok
Posted 5/15/10
I love the new opening song. You should all watch ep. 270 it's really awesome. Cero Oscuras = bad ass
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