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Posted 5/16/10
So I like space anime... so much so that I think I've ran out of space anime to watch!!!! So I'll go ahead and list some of my favorites and if I didn't list something let me know cause I might wanna watch it! By space anime I mean anything and everything to do with space including other planets.

Now everyones seen Trigun, Cowboy Beebop, Outlaw star, and Gundam Wing...

Then you got your old school stuff like: Captain harlock, Irresponsible Captain tylor, Space adventure Cobra, Space battleship Yamato, Legend of Galactic Heros, Robotech, Macross, and Gundam... all great stuff indeed....

However, I'm looking for stuff thats a bit more modern with great a scifi plot, story, and characters...something like:

1. Planetes

2. GunXsword

3. Tetsuwan Birdy Decode

4. Martian successor Nadesico

5. Towards the Terra

6. Uninhabited Planet Survive

7. Heroic Age

8. Tengen Toppa Gurren lagann

9. Vandread

10. Starship Operators

11. Banner of the Stars

12. Gunbuster 2

BTW if you haven't seen all/some of these and you like scifi anime I suggest you check them out.

Once again... if I've missed anything let me know I may not have seen it!
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Posted 5/16/10
Strain might be worth a look.
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Posted 5/16/10
Ever try Star Trek..?
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Posted 5/16/10 , edited 5/16/10
^ that made my day aha..... spock x]

Recommend me an anime [Read first post]

no personal thread.^ please refer to the link above.
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Posted 5/16/10
Go Shohee!
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