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Ip Man
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Posted 5/18/11 , edited 5/19/11
DUde i've been watching Donnie Yen since I was in Diapers and he doesnt look a day older than back then.... i suspect ALIEN!!!!! ALIEN!! or he discovered the FOUntain of Youth... (okay really random and weird thought!)

I enjoyed the movie! It was a great feel good movie that i watched with my family.. We all made fun of the bad guy's really bad beards and senses of style and it was so fun. We all hated on the bad guys and the dumb characters too! it was one of those films that you have to watch with your family... (Well my family's kinda weird.. i mean we all take martial arts so this was considered a GREAT MOVIE!)

I watched all three of the ip Man movies. There is the original, the sequel and the prequel. My favvorite has to be the prequil cause it has a lot more betrayal and emotional depth in my opinion.PLus i liked how it was pretty lighthearted thghout most of the movie and it wasnt super u know, in your face dramatic and tragic. I didnt like the sequel cause
and plus
But it was fun watching the sequel mainly cause my whole family got up started screaming at Donnie Yen to kill the BAD GUY! Yes, my family and i get really riled up about movies... We're an interesting bunch. LOLS. THe classic well, what can i say? CLASSICS NEVER DIE!!!!

so here is my list

1. watch the classic one first
2. The prequel second
3. and then the third one.


Ps: THis turned out really long.... Hope no one actually minds...
Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/29/11
Seen it both 1 and 2.
I kinda miss the old marshal arts movies with loud sound effects while punching and with those spit blood scene.
Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/29/11
Good movie. Now, I'm going to download Ip Man 2.
Posted 3/20/12 , edited 3/21/12
Great film. I was a bit disappointed that the bad guy's second in command didn't get beaten up. I had no love for that guy!
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Posted 3/22/12 , edited 3/22/12
hell yea loved it,an i like it even more since i starting learning wing chun haha,cant find part 2 anywhere tho,think its time for me to hit up ebay lol
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Posted 3/23/12 , edited 3/23/12
respect and always help other in needs thats is what important.
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Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
It was definitely bangin' but, Jackie Chan "The Legend of the Drunken Master" is my favorite martial arts movie, if i had to pick.
Posted 5/6/12 , edited 5/6/12

beeper000 wrote:

Ip Man

This movie is AWESOME :w00t:, the best martial art movie ever!!!!!!
What do u guys think?

Ip man 2 is also out!!!

After discovering Donny Yen in Ip Man, he is one of my favorite and influential martial artist idol besides the other Asian ones like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Maggie Q.
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Posted 8/13/12 , edited 8/14/12
loved it! chinese movies are best!
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Posted 8/14/12 , edited 8/14/12
Ip man 2 was pretty good also.

You guys need to watch Legend of the First.

Donnie is in, he was the one who played Ip Man
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Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/15/12
Loved it. got my gf into the movie as well.
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Posted 8/27/12 , edited 8/27/12
Probably one of the better recent propaganda films I've seen.
Rife with inaccuracies, and Chinese sentimentalism, the film nevertheless is entertaining as hell.
The fight choreography is also masterful. I fully enjoyed it.
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Posted 9/16/12 , edited 9/16/12
Haha this movie got my into martial arts.. it's a masterpiece and always makes me critisize the crappy fightingscenes in hollywood movies. Gotta love Donnie yen, such amazing actor. What really differs chinese to american martial arts movies is that the chinese know the art for real, and most americans are put in trainingcamps for a month or two in order to just barely get the moves right.
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Posted 1/15/13 , edited 1/16/13
That was a awesome movie! Donnie Yen was really great!^_^ I saw the second one too it was good but I did not like the ending.
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Posted 2/4/13 , edited 2/4/13
sooo beast!
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