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Posted 5/19/10 , edited 6/4/10

Welcomes~! I have just recently tried to create avii @ 16 May 2010, it worked well.
So far, i do done non-anime avii well for anime i will try my best ^^

Here are some rules you have to follow

-No removing the copyright label [c]HiinamoriAmu
-Be patient- i might be busy and i don't online for 24/7
-No rushing!
-NO STEALING! (if i found out, you will be ban,other groups will also be informed!!)
-You can request again once yours is done
-Customised Avii's picture must be BIG and in HQ so that the avii's size will be best

Please pay first before requesting or your request will be skipped and please provide the evidence. Thank you.
-1st time requester ~ Invite all your friends to SCSA :)
-2nd and 3rd time requester ~ Put any 3 picture PG- 13 to the group photo album "Payment for Amu-Chan's Shoppe"
-4th time and so on requester ~ Just send 3 non-anime/anime picture to my inbox ^^

These are my own ones,my creations. Changes will be made when you request :)
Avii #1

Avii #2

Avii #3

Avii #4

Avii #5



► Username/Nickname:
► Text/Written:
► Avii Number:
► Paid?:
► Rules read?:

Or your own customised avii~!

► Username/Nickname:
► Text/Written:
► Picture(spolier):
► Paid?:
► Rules read?:

*A little note~ The avii size might vary from the normal ones because some part might have some problems.
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