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Weekend House Show

- TNA's house show loop through Nebraska, Iowa and Sioux City this weekend will feature the following matches:

- RVD vs. AJ Styles for the TNA World Championship
- Rob Terry vs. Desond Wolfe for the TNA Global Championship
- Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love for the TNA Knockouts Championship
- Kevin Nash & Eric Young vs. Generation ME for the TNA Tag Team Championships

- Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett, Homicide, Kazarian, Brian Kendrick are also scheduled.

TNA Trademark filling

- Some wrestling-related trademark filings:

* Hulk Hogan trademarked "Team Hogan Entertainment" under the description "Entertainment services rendered by a professional wrestler in the nature of personal appearances and wrestling matches." This was done in February.

* Amazing Kong is trying to trademark "Awesome Kong" and registered it back in February. Oppositions to the filing can be made as of June 22.

* Both ODB and Daffney have registered to trademark their names.

* Tommy Dreamer registered "The Extreme Original" to use for personal appearances.

Steve Austin Speak out on TNA

- IGN has an interview up with Steve Austin to promote The Stranger on DVD. Highlights are below.

- On if he watches WWE today: "I watch every now and then when I can. I don't follow it as much as I used to. Technically I'm still with the company. I'm totally independent but technically I'm still with the company and have a great relationship with them but I'm just because I'm trying to focus on the things that I've got going I really don't get to watch that much TV at all. Which is interesting when I go to some meetings to discuss TV projects and they ask me "what do you like to watch on TV?" And I have to tell them that I don't really watch a whole lot of TV. I don't watch the WWE as much as I'd like to, but I don't really watch TV in general."

- On The WWE vs. TNA war: "Oh, that was brutal. Just brutal. I've always wished TNA all the luck in the world. I mean, they'll never be able to compete on a level platform with the WWE but I still just want the company to do well because I have a lot of friends over there. It's a good place for guys to work. It's a little bit different of a product. I think they need to differentiate the product even more from what the WWE is because they'll never be able to compete with that. But, that being said, they've got some interesting storylines and some interesting talent over there. It's an alternative."

- On if anyone will ever be able to take on WWE: "The WWE is like the NFL. It's a powerhouse. It's been around so long. Their history is so strong. Their intellectual property...everything about the WWE is strong. There'll never be anything that's able to top it. You never want to say "never" but there's never going to be a wrestling company that tops WWE. Never."


Ric Flair's interview

During his promoting the 2011 TNA tour of the UK. He discusses Bret Hart's WWE return, returning to the ring, calling Vince and Shawn to see if they were ok with it, puts over AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Beer Money, his son Reid signing with TNA and more.

On Shawn Giving His Blessing: "If Shawn hadn't given me his blessing, I probably wouldn't have come back — I have that much respect for him. But I knew he would say 'yes'."

On Kurt Angle: "Kurt Angle is in a class by himself. He's got that magic — charisma, a fabulous look, second-to-none credentials and he really loves the business."

On His Career: "I don't regret a minute of it, I really don't. I've had a good time. And I wouldn't have survived 38 years in this business if I didn't have a good time!"

Hogan's Surgery

- Hulk Hogan underwent successful back surgery on Wednesday, and is already out of the hospital. Hogan had 3-4 hours of surgery, where doctors removed bone spurs that had shaken loose in his back.

Waltman's health

Waltman was on the Cowhead show down here in Tampa (same show where Bubba and Kong had their infamous showdown) and he admitted to having Hepatitis C (reason he missed the TNA PPV he "no-showed") and also talked about a suicide attempt in Mexico that Ryan Shamrock saved him after.


Mr. Anderson's premature face turn

- Eric Bischoff made the hasty decision to turn Mr. Anderson babyface as he was impressed with his crowd reactions in recent weeks.

- Long-term plans called for Anderson to remain heel, but the crowd reaction was too much to ignore.

Tommy Dreamer to TNA

- Regarding speculation of Tommy Dreamer joining TNA, he says he has yet to be asked to join the promotion.

- For the time being, wrestling in Japan is his top priority.

Lacey Von Erich in Major trouble

- Lacey Von Erich announced on her Facebook account over the weekend that she is involved in a custody dispute over her four-year-old son, Daniel, and that her hectic wrestling schedule may be damaging to her case. She is hopeful everything will be resolved without her having to leave the industry.

- In an update on the situation, TNA officials are permitting Von Erich to work less dates while she works things out. The father of her son, who is her ex-boyfriend, is claiming she is an unfit mother.

Shelton Benjamin attended the TNA house show

- TNA's Jeremy Borash appeared on the Right After Wrestling radio show and said he met former WWE superstar Shelton Benjamin after the TNA live event in Houston, Texas on Saturday night. This is the same event that Booker T returned to TNA for one night only and wrestled in the main event, replacing AJ Styles, who had travel issues.

- Borash said Shelton is someone he could "definitely" see in TNA down the line. Shelton was released from his WWE contract on April 22nd, so he is likely contractually prohibited from jumping to TNA yet.


Is Booker T Back Full-Time With TNA Wrestling?

- As noted last night here on the website, Multi-time world champion Booker T made a surprise appearance wrestling in the main event against Rob Van Dam at Friday night's TNA house show in Lake Charles, Texas.

- It was announced to the audience that AJ Styles was unable to make the show in time and thus Booker would be replacing him in the main event. Before the bout, Booker said he was there to win the TNA World Title. He then added that he "doesn't give a damn about TNA or the fans." Booker ultimately fell short as he succumbed to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion following a Five-Star Frog Splash.

- Booker lives in Houston, which is approximately two hours away from Lake Charles. He parted ways with the organization last fall.

- According to sources in TNA, Booker's appearance was said to be a one time deal for the time being.

Shannon Moore on Carlito's released

- Shannon Moore added his Twitter voice ( to Carlito's WWE firing:

For the people saying bad things about Carlito GFY. I think he is a great talent that was not put in the position that he should have been in. And one of the few talents that's humble and down to earth. I would love to see him in a main event spot in TNA.


Booker T to return

- Booker T has made a surprise return at the TNA houseshow.

Carlito has been released from WWE

- WWE Superstar Carlito has been released due to his violation of WWE Wellness Program and his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility.

- Carlito, 31, reportedly asked WWE for his release in 2007 due to frustration over the direction of his character, but was talked into staying. There was speculation around that time that he was bound for TNA.

- It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he ended up in TNA after his 90 day no complete clause expired. he is now a free agent, although there is talk that TNA will be reducing its talent payroll imminently. Whether he's going to jump ship or not, we'll see

Scott Hall was arrested

- According to a report by The Orlando Sentinel, TNA Tag Team Champion Scott Hall was arrested back on May 14th on charges of disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer following an incident at a Seminole County bar. Police were called, and when they arrived, a deputy found a bartender standing in the door telling Hall to leave, but Hall was yelling and cursing at the bartender and other patrons there. From the report…

"Scott refused this directive, and instead, thrust out his chest, walking closer to me, stating, 'I ain't going down for this [expletive deleted],' " the report states. "This is [expletive deleted]. You know it's [expletive deleted]."

- While Hall refused arrest, the deputy eventually got Hall handcuffed, using two pairs of cuffs. According to the bartender, Hall had been "drinking heavily" and "became aggressive inside the bar." Hall reportedly pushed a customer, and argued with the female bartender and called her names. Hall was then told that he was being provided a ride for him to get home, he then shoved two females outside the bar and punched the window of the car. On the police report, Hall listed himself as an "unemployed" professional wrestler.


TNA’s Dixie Carter watches Mickie James perform

- TNA President Dixie Carter posted a comment on her twitter saying

"Just left my first music showcase in a while. Wanna guess the artist? Mickie James. Thanks for the invite girl."

Should be note that Mickie James can choose to focus all her attention to music or she can make her return to TNA wrestling. The door hasn't been closed on her.

Awesome Kong's comment on the new TNA Monster Knockout

In an interview with Diva Dish, Awesome Kong commented on TNA Wrestling signing independent women's wrestler Betsy Ruth to be the new monster of the Knockouts division.

On Betsy Ruth and comparisons between them, she says: "She [Betsy] is a lovely person, lovely girl. She has great skill. Just because we are of the same build and do some of the same moves... You could have that comparison with a lot of the girls who are thinner, smaller and blonde or brunette who are on TNA's roster or any roster in wrestling. There aren't that many of us full figured [female] wrestlers around so I guess that's why people are quick to compare. I think she's going to do a phenomenal job and I hope that the writers give her great support."

Speaking on comparisons between Betsy and Kong perhaps setting Betsy up for failure, she says: "I hope she doesn't. When people make comparisons, it does set people up for failure. Judge her for what she does. Hopefully they have her character, not as an imitation of Kong, but as what she's been doing and what she's been cultivating. And if I were ever to come back, then maybe we could have an awesome feud or a tag. We are two different entities and I'm pretty sure they'll showcase her strengths and they'll be different from mine."

Other News

- For people who are around my time GMT +7. Kurt Angle will return around noon which would be the same time as TNA is being aired.

- Abyss needed 17 stitches in his arm as a result of the assault by Desmond Wolfe that will air on tonight's Impact.
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Jeff Hardy's Trial

After being pushed back several times Jeff Hardy's trial was scheduled to begin today at 9:30 AM in The Superior Court of Moore County in Carthage, NC before Judge James M. Webb.
Hardy is facing charges of felony possession of cocaine, felony drug trafficking of opium, two counts of felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III controlled substance, maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, stemming from a September 2009 arrest at his home.

At 4:20 PM, a representative of the Moore County Courthouse noted no updates were yet available on the case as Superior Court is still in session.

TNA DVD Announce

Three new releases coming…

- The following TNA DVD releases are set for later this year…

* TNA Best Of The Asylum Years Vol. 1 – 9.21.10
* TNA Wrestling's Greatest Moments – 10.19.10
* TNA Triple Threat Vol. 4 (It includes Victory Road 2010, Hard Justice 2010, and No Surrender 2010 PPV) – 11.16.10

TNA Slammiversary card updated

Here is the updated TNA Slammiversary card:

* Kurt Angle vs. Kaz
* AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal
* Jesse Neal vs. Brother Ray
* Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson vs. Beer Money
* TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Band � vs. Matt Morgan and ???
* TNA X-Division Title Match: Douglas Williams � vs. Brian Kendrick
* TNA Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne � vs. Roxxi
* TNA World Title Match: RVD � vs. Sting

Mick Foley return with ECW Faction

As previously reported, the reason TNA did the storyline with taking Mick Foley off TV was because he was running out of dates on his contract.

Foley recently pitched an idea to TNA officials that he'd return this summer with a new stable. It's been speculated in the past that Foley would team up with a group of ECW Originals.

Booker T and TNA

As noted earlier, Booker T was a surprise replacement for AJ Styles at TNA's live event in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He lives within driving distance of the venue and was asked to appear when Styles was unable to appear at the show. Booker was also backstage the following night in Houston.

Though he's close with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam, we can report that it's been indicated that he won't be returning to the company on a full-time basis.

TNA New Awesome Kong

As reported earlier, Mary-Kate Duignan, known on the independent scene as Betsy Ruth, was signed by the company this past week. She, like Rob Terry and Jesse Neal, is a product of the Team 3D Wrestling Academy.

Duignan will be performing under the name Rosie Lottalove, which is said to be a spoof on Rosie O'Donnell. She has also been compared to former WWE Women's Champion Bertha Faye, a mid-90s comedic character who dressed in tawdry clothing, lived in a trailer park and dated Harvey Wippleman.

Awesome Kong's recent departure from the organization opened up a spot for Duignan as company officials were on the lookout for a "large woman" to replace her.
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ODB left TNA

ODB posted the following on her Twitter today

thanks tna fans for all the support but tna and odb have parted was a decision I made.bamm bitches

Tommy Dreamer and TNA

- Tommy Dreamer is scheduled for both sets of TNA iMPACT! tapings this week. There is no official word on if he signed a deal or not, but it is believed that one is about to happen. Dixie Carter wanted Dreamer to join the company, and personally reached out to him. As of now, Dreamer is only scheduled to be an on air talent, but many hope that he can transition into a backstage role, similar to what he did with ECW and WWE.

- As far as Dreamer's name goes, since Dreamer has been using the "Tommy Dreamer" gimmick since before ECW, WWE will not be able to lay intellectual claim on the name like they did with the Dudley Boyz several years ago.

- While some people have been complaining about Dreamer being the big surprise, you have to remember that Dixie Carter stated that she had a "nice surprise" for the PPV, and that the "big game-changing deal for the company" wouldn't be something that was announced at the PPV or happened right away.

Roxxi released again

- According to a source, the Roxxi stipulation was added yesterday afternoon. As of right now, that was her last night with the company and there were people backstage (including Roxxi herself) who were not happy about it. More shortly.

ECW Faction

- As far as the "ECW Group" rumors, they had been talked about due to having so many former ECW stars in the company, but as of now, nothing is planned.

Paul Heyman and TNA
- In regards to Paul Heyman coming into TNA as a creative force, the roster is heavily in favor of it. People know that Heyman has the ability to transform the company, but they know he would not come in as part of the team.

- Heyman worked in that environment in WWE, and knows that having too many people on the team or having to take storyline direction from someone who doesn't share the same vision could be a disaster.


Location of Hard Justice and Victory Road

TNA has announced that the Victory Road pay-per-view event will take place on July 11.

Meanwhile, Hard Justice will be held on Aug. 8.

Both shows will take place at the Impact! Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Lilian Garcia and Christopher Daniel to appear in TNA

-- Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia and former TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels have been announced to appear at the San Diego Comic Con taking place July 22-24 at the San Diego Convention Center. More wrestling stars are expected to be added to the event in the coming weeks.

Velvet Sky and AJ Styles' Age and Rosie on Twitter

- You can follow TNA newcomer Rosie Lottalove on Twitter at

-- This past Wednesday, Velvet Sky turned 29 years old while AJ Styles turned 32.

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Jay Lethal's Impersonations

Dixie Carter wrote on her twitter about Jay Lethal's Impersonation.

Jay Lethal's impersonations have been a hit backstage for yrs. Glad fans seeing his talent. Flair/Lethal were a classic on last wk's iMPACT

Official TNA live event site

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling officially launched today, dedicated to their upcoming live events on tour.

Hulk Hogan and TNA Creative team

The creative team in TNA has been told to make sure Hulk Hogan appears on every episode of iMPACT!, even if its just for a moment.

Others in the company feel that Hogan should be used more sparingly, so his appearances have more of an impact (no pun intended).
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Two former WWE stars looking to join TNA

-- Jon Heidenreich, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, was backstage at TNA Slammiversary looking for work.

-- Meanwhile, former WWE performer Kenn Doane recently noted the following on his Twitter account: "tna scouting for talent..... um...... im right here." The former WWE Tag Team Champion worked a tryout dark match for the organization in March, but was not hired for undisclosed reasons.

Velvet Sky and TNA updates

- As noted earlier here on the website, one third of the Knockout Tag Team Champions, Velvet Sky, indicated Saturday on her MySpace account that she has signed a new, long term contract with TNA Wrestling. "I ain't going anywhere!," Sky exclaimed. Her contract was set to expire later this year.

- It was recently reported that there has been more grumbling than usual amongst the company's female performers over the pay discrepancy between them and their male wrestler counterparts. At a recent set of television tapings, they reportedly talked amongst themselves of getting all the women together to demand a raise from management. However, the television tapings concluded without confrontation as we noted earlier. The women said to be most upset were Velvet Sky, Taylor Wilde and Lacey Von Erich. ODB was also part of this camp, but has since quit the organization. Reportedly, Velvet Sky was contemplating quitting the organization if she didn't receive a raise, but it appears she's been pacified.

Taylor Wilde and Sarita TNA updates

- On this week's episode of TNA Xplosion, which airs internationally, a backstage segment ran teasing dissension between Sarita and Taylor Wilde.

- During the segment, Sarita is seen sulking on a bench in the women's locker room with her Tag Team partner inquiring why she's upset. Sarita says she was supposed to be in a tag match 'tonight', but found out she was scratched from the card. Wilde then assures Sarita that her match against Daffney � which takes place later in the show � was merely a 'luck of the draw'. Sarita expresses more displeasure, indicating they've lost traction since losing the Knockout Tag Team Championship and that she wanted 'tonight' to be the starting point to get back to the top. Wilde says she needs her support and what's good for her is good for Sarita. Sarita them mumbles in Spanish before the segment concludes. Daffney was originally declared the winner of her Xplosion match with Wilde, but Sarita protested the referee's decision, informing him that she used an illegal object. Referee Andrew Thomas searches Daffney and finds a chain, calling for the match to be restarted.

- The match concludes when Sarita trips Daffney from the outside, allowing Wilde to roll her up for the pin.
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