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Skeith (Gaelic for "shadow") are vagrant entities born from the darkness in one's heart. Usually born of negative emotions, they can sometimes be brought forth from strong positive emotions as well. Skeith embody the emotions of the host but, unlike Stands, personify those emotions by transforming the host instead of creating a new entity. Unlike Stands, Skeith are governed by strong emotions and impulsivity, usually by causing the host to go berserk. Centuries ago, a group from the Light created the Shadow Seal, which crystalized all Skeith, preventing any Skeith's awakenings.

Skeith Candidates, or simply Candidates, are people who have the ability to manipulate Skeith and produce Skeith Seeds, which can create a Skeith in a person. However, by using such abilities puts strain on the heart and making it vulnerable to infection by a Skeith. According to legend, Skeith Candidates are the most suited for the Darkness, proven by the fact that the last Darkness was actually a Candidate again. Due to the last Darkness being defeated, the Shadow Seal has weakened and the chance of a Candidate rising to power is increasing.

Skeith take the personified form of its host. They normally tend to take the shape of a creature or item that the host has associated with in their past. The most basic form of Skeith are Criunne (globs of darkness; generally this Skeith type is born from a non-human life form and has succumbed to a non-physical form; also by-products of Adhar's aura) and Angels (demonified humans). According to legend, the nine strongest Candidates will take the forms of the Nine Gods of the Nine God War (Gorme the Storm [wolf-like], Bane the White Nihilism [angel-like], Ruadh the Vermin [lion-like], Sionn the Unknown Sign [demon-like], Adhar the Void of Sky [planetoid/egg-like], Grain the Sun of Cardinals [bird-like], Tuath the Thorn [plant/tree-like], Eighe the Trinity [cross-like], Riom the Radiant One [pegasus-like]).
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