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Koko no Hito / The Climber
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23 / F / Ontario
Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/21/10
Hi, again ! It's another manga review

Koko no Hito / The Climber
Genre: Drama, Seinen, Sports (I also find some parts pretty funny)

Summary in 3 sentences:
One day, a Hibari-lookalike was persuaded to climb his school building. Excitement, danger, and life--it was the first time he'd ever felt such feelings. Thus, this guy starts climbing many difficult obstacles... one wrong step and it's death.

& more detailed..

Why read it?
- detailed and realistic art (although sometimes, his lips look weird)
- It's about ROCK CLIMBING!! How rare & awesome is that ?
- excellent character development
- who doesn't like CRAZY main characters?

Now..EYE CANDIES !! (no spoiler)

Interested ? Go check it out !
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25 / F / somewhere
Posted 5/22/10
YES i never knew rock climbing was so intense~ i luv miyamoto !! the guy is HILARIOUS yet still badass
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22 / M / Canada
Posted 5/23/10
Looks totally awesome!
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