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[Game]Ban People!
Posted 5/22/10 , edited 12/17/10
Ban people~~

Instructions: Pick someone to BAN and give a reason why~

Example: I ban.... yiseunggi! (myself!)
because I am a mod!?

Posted 5/22/10
i ban you becuz u say you are a mod~
Posted 5/23/10
I ban..... Himawarii because your the creator! xD
Posted 5/24/10
I ban yiseunggi becuase she is more active than me.. XD
Posted 5/24/10
i ban iwilllisten becuz you wrote XD
Posted 5/25/10
i ban Himawarii (again!) because im hungry! lol!
Posted 5/27/10
i ban yiseunggi becuz i'm not hungry
Posted 5/30/10
i ban himawarii because shes a good friend~
Posted 5/30/10
i ban yiseunggi becuz she was offline when i banned her
Posted 6/17/10
i was offline~? lol!
I ban HImawarii because shes online~
Posted 6/18/10
i ban yiseunggi becuz she's one of the best friend i ever had!!!
Posted 6/19/10
awwww *blushes* thanks Hima!
but, im sorry but i gotta BAN you cuz im tired(?)! lol????
Posted 6/19/10
I ban you cuz u have a cute avii
Posted 6/22/10
lol i'm gonna ban myself.
I ban myself for saying lol?
Posted 6/23/10
i ban Himawarii cuz she said lol.
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