Post Reply Do you like Yuki? Yes or No and Why
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Do you like Yuki? Yes or No and Why

For me, well I like her because she is funny and i like her personality, want to protect everything and she is really friendly with anyone. she was a pure blood vampire since the beginning or she is, so i don't know what is the difference but i like her. she want to protect Zero so much that she run far away from him hahaha to the instant that she met him again hahahahaha for what.. to see that she feel a strong feeling about him. a feeling that Kaname sempai cant stop not matter what he does.

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I do like Yuki. I find her personality to be so adorable ^^.
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I sort of like Yuki. I like how she wants to protect Zero. I don't like how she likes Kaname but it's her choice so that doesn't really matter.

I absolutely loved the part where she grabbed Artemis(her weapon) and even though it was an anti vampire weapon it changed and she was able to use it!!!!
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