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Top 10 Recomended Dramas/Movies
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37 / F
Posted 1/5/08
1.smiling pasta [taiwanese]
2.1litre of tears [japanese] contract [taiwanese] started with a kiss 1&2 [taiwanese]
5.devil beside you [taiwanese]
6.why why love[taiwanese]
7.meteor garden 1 [2 sucks] [taiwanese]
8.Lovers in Paris [korean]

1.death note 1&2 [japanese]
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28 / M / kurimaw str. wala...
Posted 1/5/08
mine is few... >.<

handsome twins>> amazing twins!!!<<1
hana yori dango 1 and 2
meteor garden 1 and 2
full house
green rose
save the last dance 4 me
lovers in paris

my sassy girl...
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31 / M
Posted 1/5/08
well,these are my fav dramas (old school):


fav movies:
my sassy girl
He was cool
she's on duty
flirting scholar (canto version)
and I <3 stephen chow's movies (canto version)
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33 / F / Paradise, they ca...
Posted 1/5/08
Top 10 Movies:
1. 200 lbs beauty
2. Unstoppable Marriage ("shit!" <<you'll know after you watch the movie why i put this)
3. Please teach me english
4. My Little Bride
5. Jeni & Juno
6. Never Forever (there were some *ahemahem* scenes but pretty good to watch overall)
7. My bf is type b (only liked the ending though!)
8. Love So, Divine
9. Who Slept With Her (i like guessing movies! lol)
10. Dear Friends

Top 10 Dramas: i like a lot of comedies
1. My Girl
2. My name is Kim Sam Soon
3. Fantasy Couple
4. Bad Couple
6. Forbidden Love (pretty old eh but still good)
7. One Litre of Tears (nikishido ryo but it was too sad)
8. Meteor Garden (theme songs)
9. Goong
10. Hana Kimi (jpn version!)
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23 / F / Tokyo
Posted 1/5/08
My top 10:
- Romantic Princess
- Hana Kimi [Taiwan]
- 200 Pound Beauty
- Devil Beside You
- Tokyo Juliet
- Angel I Love You
- At The Dophine Bay
- Princess Hour
- Save Last Dance
- Stairway To Heaven
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43 / F / New York
Posted 1/5/08

1. 1 Litre of Tears (must see! and only 11 eps long, meaningful throughout)
2. it started with a kiss
3. Nodame Cantabile (great music, and anime lovers will like as well. funny!)
4. Silence (more Korean than Taiwanese, but with Vic Zhou in his best haircut ever)
5. My Lovely Sam Soon (hilarious!)
6. Hana Kimi-->jap version
7. my boss, my hero
8. Full House
9. hana yori dango 1&2
10. dae jang kum

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F / here....Matsujun...
Posted 1/5/08
1. HYD 1 n 2
2. Gokusen 1 n 2
2. hana kimi (jap)
3. kurosagi
4. my boss, my hero
5. hotaru no hikari
6. nodame cantabile
7. Nobuta wa Produce
8. hanayome to papa
9. GTO
10. liar game
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27 / F / virginia,u.s., se...
Posted 1/5/08
hana kimi (tai and jap version)
full house
corner with love
im sorry i love you
hana yori dango
winter sonata
meteor garden
smiling pasta
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32 / F / in the pearl of t...
Posted 1/5/08

2. Hana kimi (jdrama)
3. Nobuta wo Produce
4. My Girl
5. It started with a kiss
6. Meteor Garden
7. Hana Yori Dango
8. Seito Shokun (although i haven't finish it yet)
9. Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
10. Autumn in my heart

1. My Sassy Girl
2. Windstruck
3. The Prince of Tennis Live action
4. So close

I prefer series rather than movies so i listed my top 4 movies
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26 / F / uhmmm.. just here...
Posted 1/5/08
[its not inorder]

*my sassy girl
*a moment to remember
*innocent steps [im shocked bec. of the girl!]
*ps/angel i love you
*lure of the wolf
*love so divine
*fog street

*meteor garden
*full house
*my girl
*forbidden love
*boku dake no madonna
*fashion 70's
*romanic princess
*spring waltz
*1st shop of the coffe prince

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33 / M / Sydney
Posted 1/5/08
wah i cant believe no1 mentions lover's concerto except me
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F / there
Posted 1/6/08
1. Coffee Prince!! (Korean)
2. Romantic Princess (Taiwan)
3. Why Why Love (Taiwan)
4. It Started With a Kiss (Taiwan)
5. Hana Yori Dango 1&2 (Japan)
6. Hana Kimi (Taiwan)
7. Smiling Pasta (Taiwan)
8. Goong (Princess Hours)
9. Femme Desperado (HK)
10. Unstuck in Time (HK)
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33 / F / america
Posted 1/6/08
Seducing Mr. Perfect
Art of Seduction
marrying the mafia (all parts)
my wife is a gangster (1&2)
my left eye sees ghosts
all about love
the eye (1)
the bride with white hair (1&2)
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29 / F / Heaven(Home sweet...
Posted 1/6/08
Ern... for moives i have 4:
1. 200 pounds beauty
2. Death note I & II
3. Just Follow the Law
I recommented very less? haha =X
For drama i have more...?
1. Goong (princess hours)
2. Goong S
3. Coffee Prince
4. My Date With a Vampire I, II & III
5. Witch Yoo Hee
6. Full House
7. Bull fighting
8. Romantic Princess
9. The X-Family
10.Smiling Pasta
11. Devil Beside You
12. It starting With a Kiss
Haha I Recommented more? zzz
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28 / M / Singapore
Posted 1/6/08
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
Proposal Daisakusen
Nobuta wo produce
Romantic Princess
Coffee prince
Demi Gods & Semi Devils
Sword Stained with Royal Blood
Young Warriors of the Yang Clan 2006

A Millionaires First Love
My boss my student
My wife is a gangster 3
My Tutor Friend 1 &2
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