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Top 10 Recomended Dramas/Movies
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Posted 1/6/08
smiling pasta
it started with a kiss I
it started with a kiss II
Nobuta Wo Produce
why why love
romantic princess
coffee prince
princess hours(goong)
hana yori dango I
hana yori dango II

i LOVE all of them... these are the best dramas that i ever watched.. hope you watch them all...
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Posted 1/6/08
O1. Nobuta Wo Produce
O2. Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
O3. Goong
O4. Gokusen
O5. Hana Kimi
O6. Why Why Love
O7. 1 Litre Of Tears
O8. Romantic Princess
1O. Attack No.1

O1. 1OO Days With Mr.Arrogant
O2. 2OO pounds Of Beauty
O3. Nana 1 & 2
O4. Taiyou no Uta
O5. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru
O6. A Millionaire's First Love
O7. Flower Boys
O8. My Little Bride
O9. Seducing Mr Perfect
1O. Unstoppable Marriage

those are only some of my favorites! :]
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Posted 1/6/08
For Me, in no particular order:

Top Dramas (Kdrama/ Taiwan Drama)

Full house
My Girl
Princess Hour
Coffee Prince
Bad Couple
Dal Ja's Spring
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung
Snow White
1% of anything
My Lovely Samsoon
Save the last dance

It started with a kiss 1
Hana Kimi (Jdrama)
Smiling Pasta
My Lucky Star
Hana Yori Dango 1/2 (Jdrama)

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Posted 1/6/08
Dramas (in no particular order)

1. Full House
2. Goong
3. Devil Beside You
4.Which Star Are You From
5. Delightful Girl Choon-Yang
6. Hana Yori Dango
7. My Sister-in-Law is 19
8. Love at the Dolphin Bay
9. Attic Cat
10.My Girl

Movie (again, in no particular order)

1. 200 Pounds of Beauty
2. Seducing Mr. Right
3. My Sassy Girl
4. The Classic
5. Romantic Story
6. He Was Cool
7. 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant
8. Almost Love
9. Il Mare
10. Perfect Couple

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Posted 1/6/08
Korean Dramas

*Full House
*My Girl
*Sassy Girl (with JaeHee)
*My Name is KimSamSoong

These are my top picks for Korean Dramas.

Japanese Dramas
-i love these since i've seen the most out of the japanese drama category

*H2~The Days With You
touching and nostalgic, i love also has comedic elements which makes me laugh in all of the episode.the love story is subtle and touching.the ending is superb and makes you happy. definitely two thumbs up and a five out of five for me.
*Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003
i love this because of the mysterious air it gives.i also love the dark side of life presented in this movie whether it involves a teacher with a dark past, a man suffering from an illness and is dying, and so on.its set in highschool but definitely not the usual bright funny films of highschool scenes.
takuya kimura is a hero here, he is the perfect man.this is a perfect love story, with all the elements you love. just perfect hahaha.romanticccccccc.i know all of you will love this.
*Majo No Jouken
haha maybe this is biased in the fact that i thought that the young tackey is too hot!!!it deals with the harshness of society T T on a young teacher who has a love relationship with her hot student tackey.hahaha
*Nodame Cantobile
loveeee thisssss
*Love Generation
the script is amazing, the actors and everything, just too real.hahaha
*Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
original and refreshing : ).definitely a must for jdrama fans!

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32 / F / somewhere
Posted 1/6/08
1.Full House
2.My girl
3.Wedding---> very sweet drama
4.which start are you from---->i liked every eposide
5.Goong----> i love the couple
6.Sorry , I love you------> one of my best
7.Coffee prince----> sweeet and funny
8.Time between dof & wolf----> lee jun kee i luv him
9.Surgeon Bong Dal Hee----> i didn't think that i will like it,,, very intresting medical drama

1. 200 pounds of beauty little bride
3.Unstoppable marraige
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23 / F / singaopore
Posted 1/6/08
1ST: Why why love
2ND:Devil beside you
4TH:My lucky star
5th:Smiling pasta
6th:KO One
7th:The X-family
8th:love is beautiful
9th:The prince who turn into a frog
10th:magicians of love
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77 / F / London~Kent
Posted 1/6/08
It starteed with a kiss 1 & 2
Devil beside you
why why love
1 litre of tears
My Lucky star!!
My girl
hana yori Dango 1&2
Hana Kimi--> Japan!
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Full House

200 Pounds of Beauty
Seducing mr.perfect
Millionaires first love
100 days with mr.arrogant
a moment to remember
unstoppable wedding
Death note 1 & 2
Nana 1 & 2
my girl and i
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77 / F / London~Kent
Posted 1/6/08
ooh silence aswell!
awww forgot bout vic zhou!!


ooh and corner with love aswell!
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24 / F / Kansas City, MO
Posted 1/6/08
1. Hana Yori Dango I & II
2. Hana Kimi (both versions)
3. Yukan Club
4. Bull Fighting
5. Why Why Love
6. It Started With A Kiss I (II is a disappointment)
7. Devil Beside You
8. Brown Sugar Macchiato
9. 18 Censored or Not
10. Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 starring Crystal Liu
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60 / F / philippines
Posted 1/6/08
here are some dramas worth watching, namely:

1. Hotaru no Hikari
2. Romantic Princess
3. Smiling Pasta
4. Mr. Bull Fighting
5. Why why love
6.The Secret Lovers
7.Hearts of Nineteen
8. Terms of Endearment
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Posted 1/6/08

1. devil beside you
2. why why love
3. my lovely sam soon
4. goong
5. hana kimi- japanese
6. it started with a kiss
7. hana yori dango
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35 / M / Thailand
Posted 1/6/08
top ten dramas
1 full house
2 my lovely Samsoon
3 Princess Hours
4 it started with a kiss 1 and 2
5 love contract
6 wonderful life
7 my girl
8 hanayori dango 1&2
9 cofee prince
10 hanakimi japan

additional: most recommended
why why love
forbidden love
nobuta wo produce
kimi wa petto
bad couple
biscuit teacher and star candy
foxy lady

sex is zero (comedy)
the king and the clown
200lbs beauty
my little bride
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Posted 1/6/08
x] Hana Yori Dango 1 + 2
x] Hana Kimi (jap version)
x] Gokusen
x] Full House
x] Goong Princess Hours
x] It started with a kiss 1 + 2
x] My boss, My studen
x] 1L of tears
x] My name is Kim SamSoon
x] Kurosagi
x] Great teacher Onizuka
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37 / F / japan
Posted 1/6/08
my fav movies

200 lbs of beauty
my sassy girl
a moment to remember
the classic
nobody knows
little bride
innocent steps
daddy long legs
she s on duty
il mare

my fav drama series

what s up fox?
full house
lover s in paris
my girl
endless love autumn in my heart
coffe prince
meteor garden 1 and 2
sweet 18
what happened in bali?
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