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Best anime of 2010
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Posted 12/13/10 , edited 12/13/10
Yeah. I would feel the same way about legendary heros, being only average. If I wasn't simply a fan of the genre that is I would see it as that, but seeing how I am a fan of the genre, I think its above average, but lacking in a lot of area's.

Actually, you are right, I forgot about Shiki, which is still a wild card for possibly being my favoriate anime this year. I personally think the characters could have been better, like some are really annoying, and would of been better for some emotional twists, but as it is still ongoing--it would definitely stand as possibly one of my favoriate animes this year. The Storyline and drama are really good, the anime style is unique, only reason it didn't stand out to me was the character design lacked in some area's; however, if the ending is good, it would probably be my favorite anime of 2010 based on how it ends, and if it ends on a basic regular scheudle or continues.
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28 / M / In your room stea...
Posted 12/13/10
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Posted 12/13/10
legend of legendary heroes by a mile best anime I mean interesting plot great use of cliffhangers perfect mix of comedy and very well done violent very violent action scenes as well as prob the lazyest hero ever close second would be Star driver just for pure style points
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Posted 12/14/10
legend of legendary heroes is best 2010. me encanta este serie. es que muchas personas no saben que este anime se basa en la primera light novel que solamente es el comienzo que se de una great historia. los misterios incomletos se desarrollan el la otra novela que es The Legend of the Great Heroes of Legend, es por esta razon que necesitan una second temp. +
legend of legendary heroesEs very best que shiki tiene más politica, guerra, acciòn, comedia, traciòn

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Posted 12/14/10 , edited 12/14/10
Favorite female character of 2010
polar Working!!... mio, yuno de MM, FERRIS DE THE LEGEND OF THE LEGENDARY HEROES
Favorite male character of 2010
Favorite anime song of 20
Last Inferno performed by Ceui OF THE LEGEND OF THE LEGENDARY HEROES
Favorite couple of 2010
TakenashixPoplar or Inami, (Working!!), MIO O YUNOX TAROU, FERRIS X RYNER
Favorite anime of 2010
Worst Female Character 2010
Worst anime song 2010
Dunno dont really care
Worst Couple 2010
Worst Ending Theme 2010
Didnt really care
Worst Anime Movie 2010
Didnt watch any
Worst Anime of 2010
Omamori Himari and Mayoi Neko Overun!.
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26 / M / Scotland, UK
Posted 12/14/10
List of the best anime that aired this year:

The Tatami Galaxy
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Jellyfish Princess
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24 / M / Kajang
Posted 12/14/10


Shoulda made the title "Best anime of 2010 Jan-May" or something like that.

Favorite female character of 2010
Yuri from Angel Beats

Favorite male character of 2010
Kida Masaomi from Durarara

Favorite anime song of 2010
Second op for Durarara and op for Angel beats

Favorite couple of 2010

Favorite ending of anime 2010

Favorite anime movie 2010

Favorite anime of 2010
Durarara and Angel Beats

Worst female character of 2010
That purple hair girl from Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou

Worst male character of 2010
That guy that has a superhero armor in Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou

Worst anime song of 2010
Ending for Angel Beats

Worst couple of 2010

Worst ending of anime 2010

Worst anime movie 2010

Worst anime of 2010

agree with the Worst male character and worst anime
i feel like "what the hell??!!" in the ichiban ushiro no daimaou when he appears
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23 / F / anime world
Posted 12/15/10
mine would be:
kaichou wa maid sama
yumeiro patissiere
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21 / F / In the anime worl...
Posted 12/20/10
I think I enjoyed all I've seen.
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27 / M / Arnold Maryland
Posted 12/20/10 , edited 12/20/10
I feel like the epicness that we have seen in Shiki these past couple of episodes deserves some recognition
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31 / F / United Kingdom of...
Posted 12/21/10
I've watched little new anime this year, but Occult Academy stands out to me.
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24 / M / Quebec,Canada
Posted 12/21/10
angel beats ;p
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Posted 12/21/10
kaichou wa maid sama <3 <3
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Posted 12/25/10 , edited 12/30/10
okay here it goes......

Favorite Male Character: Kyon, he was EPIC in the movie, funny, determined, just overall very likeable!
the other would be Akito Takagi from bakuman(CHANGED from niizuma eiji as he is not awesome yet) also yuzuru Otonashi, he was a good character, either him or TK(he speaks english!)

Favorite Female Character: Yuki Nagato - sweet to see her soft side. Not many others because they were pretty forgetable. OR kanade Tachibana.

Favorite Anime Song: OP 2 for K-ON!! only heard the song not seen the series!

Favorite Couple: YukixKyon. I LOVE SHIPPING THIS COUPLE! I love haruhi and kyon too but this is very good! KanadexOtonash too, but it didn't go too well

Favorite Ending:

Favorite Anime Movie: The Disappearance of Haruhi easily wins, it's only competition being Eva 2.0

Favorite Anime: Bakuman, haven't seen angel beats so this was the only good one I have seen this year :/

Worst Male Character: If it wasn't 2010, I would FLOOD this and female with code geass characters(suzaku, schneizel, nina shriley)
I haven't seen any bad ones. except SHINJI IKARI ! he is not bad. but SOOO overrated! may replace later

Worst Female Character: [CODE GEASS IF IT WASN'T 2010] but anyways...... Ryoko Asakura, she was soo damn psychotic and stabbed my favorite male character of the year. F*CK HER!

Worst Anime Song: OP for Bakuman, it was unenjoyable like death note's opening was

Worst Anime Couple:does it have to be one that is happening or can it be a shipping?

Worst Anime Ending: Eden of the East. it ended too rashly. either that or pandora hearts if it count. WAYY too rushed. BUT! Angel Beats, it was disappoint. having such an amazing cast and plot but to throw it all away in the end ? what the hell !

Worst anime movie: None, I only seen 2 animes movies this year

Worst Anime: none
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32 / M / Over there
Posted 12/25/10 , edited 12/25/10
I have many favorites from 2010 :P

Bakuman (I look forward to every sunday alot becaus of this one)
Kuragehime (a nice unique one amongst all this moe moe anime. The characthers are great. The message in it is great. the op and ed is great. Everything about it is great)
Otome Youkai Zakuro (becaus it has so very cute girl characthers on it xD Especially the twins)
Milky Holmes (suprising anime, at first I as many others thought it was a kids show but it turned out to not be that at all XD Very funny and at times very weird(Twenty :P) )

From those that is finished: (for now)
Angel Beats! (GREAT story. TK)
K-ON!! (Love thos girls)
Ore no Imouto (Kirino, Manami, a great brother, a cute loli like neko girl and a funny otaku girl. Funny. Nice op.)
Panty & Stocking (EPIC. Great soundtrack. Excessive, but that made it EPIC. Unique artwork, flash. To anime noob: Oh yes, this one is an anime )
Seitokai Yakuindomo (the funniest ecchi this year. Can watch whichever episodes one wants at any time without having to start from ep 1. Nice op and ed.)
Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Ika Musume, nuff said)

Worst imo:
Star Driver
Fortune Arterial (so very generic and boring)
Togainu no Chi (Guess why :P)
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