Post Reply Do you like Kaname Sempai? Yes or No, Why
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Do you like Kaname Sempai? Yes or No, Why

For me, i can say both why first i don't like his personality, really piss me off he is so show off, he want to protect yuki so much that he want to control her in so many ways that piss me off, beside he is Yuki older brother and they are brother n sister so don't like it. i think if he wasn't her brother. i think i will say something else but being her brother i don't like their feeling they have for each other, nooooooooooooooooooooo hahahahaha
what i like about him is that he is sexy, you can see that hahahaha but more than that No!!! hahahahaha
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i read the new chapter and kaname sempai said to yuki that he is not her brother. then who he is.. anyway i dont like him in either way lol
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For the most part I really don't like him. He uses people around him without caring( I think he does care some but it annoys me that he doesn't show it even the teeniest bit). I think that if he iswith Yuki and he's Yuki's brother ,even though thats what most pureblood vampires do, it's still kinda creepy. I haven't read the new chpaters so I think they should make it where he's not her real brother if they are gonna be together. And finallly!!!!! I absolutely hated how he controlled her and like bit her, I wanted to throw a lamp at his face >.< Well it didn't bother me quite that much but still. I didn't like how he hid evrything from her and she was having those bad dreams and stuff.

What I do like is even though he hid stuff and she suffered it was kind of necessary and he did do a good job of protecting her.
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