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syousika - 少子化 -
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Posted 1/17/12
I was under the impression China had too many children. I know Japan doesn't have enough though. I read an article about it in NEO magazine. The excessive amount of influence from the porn industry in Japan is making people less likely to committ to a relationship and have children. Korea I don't really know anything about.
Posted 1/18/12
I'm on it!!??... oh I'm a year late.

Is this a news? Somehow I feel left out and disappointed.

Onto the topic. I agree with sunny on both options though. I think I can still work at the age of 70 ish??
My grandfather was still/likes working in his 70's and 80's so I think I can.
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Posted 1/19/12
I thought China population is I guess it doesn't matter if there's little children around. As for Japan, it's up to people to have children or not.
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