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Posted 5/27/10 , edited 5/30/10
This is where you can request graphics. This is NOT a shop. A shop is when you are requesting from ONE person. All graphic mods are doing requests. You may NOT request from a certain mod. You must have a member ship card to request in this forum topic. To order one, go Here. Read the rules to get started.

Rules (Members)
Be patient.
Fill out form correctly.
Only one request at a time (don't go: can i have 1 avii, 1 banner, and one profile?)
You may NOT ask for a certain mod to do it.
Please use the graphic (we work hard to make them.)
Write 'i love the night' somewhere in your form to show you have read the rules.

Rules (Mods)
First come, first serve. (edit the requesters post and add ur signature to claim it as yours.)
Don't keep them waiting.
Do your best.

Payment: (per graphic)

To Pay in pictures, go Here

-Avii: 3 pictures, invite buddies
-Banner: 3 pictures, 1 wall post, invite buddies
-Divider: 3 pictures, 1 wallpost, invite buddies
-Profile: 5 pictures, 3 wall post, invite buddies
-Icon: 1 picture, invite buddies


Anyone who has filled the form out incorrectly will be skipped.






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