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Posted 5/30/10 , edited 6/21/10
First ever topic thingy posted on TDDUP! Gippidy Gasppity!

So, just as the title reads whatever you read it as, this is just a collection of writings that I thought of as well as observations that happen throughout my life from here on out! Pssst this is actually for my Creative Writing class as well but that's okay, I felt like sharing the things that I wrote in that class on here anyways ;D

And without further adieu.......

Seaside Breeze

The blue waves come crashing down onto
the beach like dancing water. Nearby birds fly away
to avoid getting wet and land back on the sandy beach
as the tide subsides. Kids start screaming their heads
off to show their excitement as they go running by,
splashing water everywhere. With the sun shining down
upon us the sand looks white as snow. Gazing around
while I sit on the beach the seaside breeze blows by.


All Around Me

White walls as bright as the light above me,
illuminate the room and brings me peace of mind.
A single noise can echo throughout,
and our once quiet room has suddenly been disturbed.
Noise can be bothersome but when we look around the room,
the colors right in front of us make it seem like rainbows circling around endlessly.
Sitting in this chair in front of a table and others littering the room.
I can freely chat with someone as much as I want with some added rules.
Silence is a must, just like a requirement to enter.
But noise can be welcomed as well, as long as its reasonably low.
Sitting here as my eyes wander around,
the library always looks so peaceful yet colorful at the same time.


I am

I am light brown
like that of a color pencil
found in your color pencil case.

I am 5'10'' as tall as
the fridge in my kitchen.

Cold weather is something
I like to be in. Hot weather
is what drives me away.

I am like a magnifying glass,
without glasses, words
are blurred in front of me.

To see, I wear my glasses
and everything becomes much clear
like water being poured into a cup.

Scars are a part of my body
that were left behind by
falling and scrapping as a kid.

These remind me of the memories
I had when I was very carefree growing up.


Real or Fake?

Objects all around me seem bigger
than they're supposed to be. It shows
that I'm just a tiny person in a world
that's much bigger than me.

No matter how much I grow
everything seems out of my reach.
I try and try again, only to find things
are not that easy to obtain in life.

Is this a figment of my imagination or
just some dream that I have yet to wake
up from. Whatever it is, its something
that will keep me wondering about
for a while.


Childhood Memory

An orange ball as bright as the sun is seen rolling away in a green filled backyard.
There is an energetic boy happily chasing after it with his mouth wide open,
eyes closed, arms raised up and his legs sprinting foward
off into the direction that the ball had gone.
He screams for joy during the whole time.
As soon as the boy picks up the ball, he rushes back to his father
who is sleeping on the brown wooden porch leading into the house.

His son starts tapping his leg and shaking him back and forth
to wake him up, from his long nap.
When the father's eyes opened up, the boy smiled a big smile.
The father who had fallen asleep while his son was busy playing
decided to pat his son's head after waking him up.
The son, being curious, asks if his father had a dream because he was smiling.
To which his father said yes and begin to describe what his dream was about.

'I had a dream where an orange ball as bright as the sun,
was rolling away and an energetic kid
was happily chasing after it. His mouth was wide open, his eyes were closed,
both of his arms were waving around in the air and his feet were
taking him to the direction that the ball had went.
After the boy picked up the ball,
he returned back to his father and smiled really brightly.
Afterwards, the boy was rewarded with a pat on his head.'

And that was the end of my dream. His son didn't quite understand
but still smiled and was given another pat on the head.
That was a dream about my childhood, said the father.


Colorful Colors

Up above I see the sky which is an endless blue.
Grassy green fields fill all around me giving off a pretty view.
The sun casts a dozen brilliant rays all throughtout the day,
leaving a breath taking spectacle as I watch from far away.
Two rural towns are divided by a pretty blue stream of water.
Where I see fish happily swim by one after another.
Childish laughter and bicycle bells fill up the air,
along with these gentle breezes gracing through my black curvy hair.
I love where I stand, watching everything right in front of my dark brown eyes.
Oh how I wish that this is the countryside that I seek, and not some made up lies.

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Posted 5/30/10
lol I like the I Am one |D
Scrapes and glasses >:D
Posted 5/30/10
Seaside Breeze~ :DD
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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 5/30/10
I liked that one too |D
I just like the whole Scrapes and Glasses parts in the I Am one |D
*pokes the MANYMANYMANY messages in my inbox from Defychan*
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Posted 5/31/10
@ Koko: I agree, I like the first one a lot! And thanks! I felt like I should contribute as well xD

@ Embie-chan: lol yeah when writing that one, to be honest I wasn't thinking about those MANYMANYMANY messages. I just thought, well I do have glasses and have scars from scrapping myself so why not XD
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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 6/5/10
Awww, cute ^^
I liked that last one :3
Posted 6/5/10
LOVE the last one dos ! C:
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Posted 6/6/10
@ Embie & Koko: Thankies! Pretty much even though the dad was asleep and wasn't able to watch his son play, he still did because it was in his dream even though it was his own childhood.

I might do a monologue next. Since its for an assignment but I'mma put it up here!
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Posted 6/13/10
I decide to clean this up and just move anything that's NOT a poem or something that's short outside and into its own forum topic.

If you want to know where the long stories that I had up here are at, they're just by themselves. You'll see when you see the name you haven't seen yet and that it was made by me in the forums page XD
Posted 6/13/10
good idea Defyy owo
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