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Post Reply AVII COMPETITION!!! Judging (mods vote here)
Posted 6/3/10
<shuGo shuGo fan>
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24 / F / Sweden
Posted 6/4/10
i dun even get 1 vote T:T
<shuGo shuGo fan>
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Posted 6/5/10
Thanks for those, who vote for me. I really appreciate it.
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Posted 6/7/10 , edited 6/9/10
1st : kuela
2nd : springg3r

Got bored doing the percentage...and...anna-chi, about the people not voting, not to be offensive, but...because your avi is plain...Peoplemight think it is nice, but it is a bit plain. Judging by the others, they changed the brightness, added some pictures, made effects and added cool texts, but yours looks like you fixed the picture, turning it's shape into a rectangle form, and just added text.

Votings are done

Here are the results

lucy: 3rdx1
lousybanana: 2ndx3, 1stx1, 3rdx4
springg3r: 1stx5, 2ndx2, 3rdx1
kuela: 1stx2, 2ndx4
SUNAOSHIBUYA: 3rdx3, 2ndx1, 1stx1
AngelaMarie: 1stx1
icyl0ve: 3rdx1

Using the (x) as multiply, the 1st is counted as 3 pts., 2nd as 2pts, and 3rd as 1 pts.


lucy: 1 = 1
lousybanana: 6+3+4 = 13
springg3r: 15+4+1 = 20
kuela: 6+8 = 14
AngelaMarie: 3 = 3
icyl0ve: 1 = 1

Results are in...

1st placer is...springg3r !!! *applause*
2nd placer is...kuela !!! *applause*
3rd placer is... lousybanana !!! *applause*

For those who are not in the top three, it's okay, because we have a consolation prizes for you guys. Prizes will be given to you by message, so stay tuned Any problem in the votings, please prompt me immediately

Moderators: Please go to the MOD SECTION forum ASAP!
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