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F / wonderland :)
Posted 6/1/10
A new and a different kind of game for us people!
this is a simple game..
where in i'll ask a question and you have to answer
Let's use our brain:-)
and answer it......


here's the 1st LOGIC GAME question:-)


Explain: In the room, the window is open, water and broken glass is on the flower. Romeo and Juliet are lying in the water dead. what happened?
Posted 6/15/10
on the flower? did you mean foor? XD well, maybe they killed themselves o.O how would i know?
RaNdOmLy CrAzY
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22 / F / not suure o.o..i...
Posted 6/15/10
umm they forgot to turn off the sink and then it flood then they jump off from the window? and now theyr dead o.o?
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