Which house in hogwarts would you be from?
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Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
I know the harry potter fad has long gone, but still its fun to think about =]

This is how the sorting hat would sort normal people (the way I interpret it)


brave and honest
basically you're one of those types of people who the teacher wouldn't mind if you took the test home, or the type to sign up for the front lines to defend your country

hardworking and dedication
basically you're one of those smart people who got smart only because they study every day. These are the types of guys that wouldn't be tempted to smoke pot and listens to their parents and goes on to win valedictorians

Smart and witty
You COULD be one of those smartasses, and be arrogant but not all of them are. You're also good at looking at things in other perspectives, very creative/philosophical

Witty, sneaky, and ambitious
you're one of those people who, if you would had lots of money, would put it into investments and take risks in business. If gryffindors went into battle in the front lines, slytherins would be like the spec ops, working back behind the enemy lines and doing as much damage as they can before they retreat. Doesn't mean they aren't brave, but they wouldn't take on a mission unless they know it would be significantly in their favor

I think I would be put into the slytherin category. I can be a bit tricky, I'm pretty ambitious, and when I play strategy games, I tend to use my imagination to try and find ways that would surprise the enemy

What do you guys think?

Posted 6/1/10
Ugh Harry Potter sucks. but, I like the characteristics of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. :3
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Posted 6/1/10
ravenclaw sounds nice C:
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Posted 6/1/10
Ravenclaw i would say
Posted 6/1/10
Ravenclaw for me
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
Since the questions are mulitple choice, this topic would be better off as a poll. Please recreate it as one.
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