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Posted 6/8/10 , edited 6/9/10

Lots of praise for Takahashi Ai

I've found a wonderful actress.

Until now I've seen lots of person who are just focused on themselves, but this time I've found a person who is full of true strength.

Her name is Takahashi Ai. Also known as the leader of Morning Musume.

Last year, when I asked to the office "Do you want to do a Morning Musume stage play?", I knew about Takahashi Ai's name, but I didn't knew about her acting abilities.

Takahashi Ai has experience in stage plays and TV doramas, but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to watch them.

This time, the announcement of the stage play was done on March 14 on the collabo by Shueisha and BS-TBS, "Spring Collection" (Asia's first 3D fashion show). Morning Musume appeared as models on that fashion show.

During the show, the girls were impressive, the editor-in-chief of non-no also said "they're pros" with admiration.

They're used to do exciting performances in concerts, but from the way they acted at the fashion show, I thought that these kids are pros.

I haven't taken a look at Morning Musume's units, but as a 8-member group, each of them has a solid individuality.

The rehearsals for the stage play "Fashionable" have begun a month ago.

This was the first time I watched Takahashi Ai's acting.

She was crying when she was doing the scenario reading of the script.

The first time she cried, the second and third time she also cried. She would cry everytime she acted.

Until now, the person who I thought was great at crying when acting was Maeda Ai, but Takahashi is great as well.

Of course, she doesn't only cry when she acts.

The companies make instructions about the reactions in the acting, so when the viewers watch, they'll get properly introduced to the show/dorama/play, that's what the acting is aimed at.

"This genuine woman, I hadn't notice her until now...", I was embarrassed about that.

She's done works as the leader of Morning Musume of course. The staffs of TV and movies should be able to watch this woman's acting (at least) once. She has very worthy acting value.

The stage play starts on this week's Friday, and I already want to watch the next acting work of this woman.

Acting is an adventure/risk!

Television is an adventure/risk!

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