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Is Japan really like that?
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F / New York
Posted 7/7/10 , edited 7/7/10
lmao. yeah it is.
And the girls really can be that cruel and they really do form creepy fanclubs for cute guys.

But while there are shy girls not nearly every Japanese girl is shy. A lot of them like to go out partying and are really outgoing and fun.
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25 / F
Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/8/10
actually, Japan is actually a lot more similar to anime than you would think. I've been there twice and stayed with homestay families for a few weeks each time. The people are actually quite similar to how the anime characters act, although there's a lot less romance usually because japanese boys are frigid as most of the time... The schools are similar to how they look in anime, they always have cute uniforms, they go on school trips and have festivals and everything.

Anime is huge in japan and so it reflects what japan is actually like. that's one of the reasons i love it so much.

Although of course not everything is the same... It's true that japanese kids are VERY VERY focussed on studies. And after school most of them do bukatsu or club activities which is a sports team, music or some other club which is very important to them too. My homestay sister went to soccer practice until 6 pm after school everyday, and then on saturday morning as well.

SO yeah, there's obviously none of the magical type stuff (-__-") and a lot less romance, and it's a lot less interesting than an anime plot because it's real life. But a lot of the way normal things are protrayed in anime is the same.

Why don't you just go there and find out?
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23 / M / California
Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/9/10
Well is America the way it is in American cartoons?
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31 / F / PLACES
Posted 7/14/10 , edited 7/14/10

kustomiz3 wrote:

Yea...I was just wondering if Japanese life is really like the way it is in Anime like School Life anime and Slice of Life anime for example, Karaoke box, Arcade rooms, Kids walk to and from school, all those festivals and stuff, kids hanging out until late at night and there parents don't mind. Uhh, chilling on the rooftops at school, walking or taking the train EVERYWHERE.... and other stuff that i'll add later haha cuz i can't think of anymore

1. Kids do walk to school, or they take the train. This is because the Japanese school system isn't like the US where your school is dictated by the district you live in. It's because your school is dictated by your test scores or SE Status. You can easily be going to school in a district of Tokyo/some other area, FAR AWAY from where you live. My roommate went to Denenchofu Futaba Gakuen, which is located in Tokyo - and she lived in Yokohama. She commuted an hour to school, by train, every day except Sunday. You WILL see students walking around or at train stations, particularly during rush hours, and they will be ALL OVER THE PLACE.

2. The Arcade Rooms and Karaoke is a little bit less common, largely because some of these students are working or have extracurricular activities. While the school day ends close to where it does in the US (depending on the district - around 3 PM, though in HS I got out of school at 2), students often are in extracurriculars, and may not leave school until about 5 or 6 PM. They may work in the meantime, or, if not, often go home and study. They won't hang out late at night too much because they usually have to study, or get some sleep. When I did my homestay, my host family often preferred that I was in around Midnight, and if I wanted to stay out later, I would need to correspond with them.

3. Festivals ARE common.

4. Rooftops in high schools, from my experience, is often not allowed due to suicide attempts. Some schools keep it locked up, though students tend to pay lip-service to this. It's not common, but it does happen. I've been on a rooftop at a school before, and I do remember that it was surrounded by fences to keep kids from jumping off, but the fences were low. If you wanted to really wanted to kill yourself, you'd be able to do it.

Ultimately, there are elements of anime that are true, but things like the romances and stuff like that, isn't. As someone said earlier, Japanese men are usually really damn shy.
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27 / M / georgia
Posted 7/15/10 , edited 7/15/10
my dream country one day im going to get my friend from canda when he has his 5 years in the army.and take his ass to japan XD.
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21 / F / canada
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10
i think it is. cause in japan, there's lots of busy ppl. if u have to work, don't u think that u have to have ur child walk to and from school by theirselves or with a friend? in highschool it's the same for some kids too. besides, japan is a small country so u everything is really close by.
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31 / F / PLACES
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10

MangaRox wrote:

i think it is. cause in japan, there's lots of busy ppl. if u have to work, don't u think that u have to have ur child walk to and from school by theirselves or with a friend? in highschool it's the same for some kids too. besides, japan is a small so u everything is really close by.


Japan is a small country, but not everything is close by. The school a person may attend may be over an hour away.
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33 / M / Yatsushiro, Kumam...
Posted 7/27/10 , edited 7/28/10
My friend goes to a college that is 3 hours away and she commutes everyday by train. So, yeah, it takes a while to get to places because of mountains and transferring between train stations.

My students mostly walk or bike to classes however, they do not skip classes. You must remember that slice of life genre series is still fiction. It is more realistic then lets say The Family guy hence why it is called slice of life. However, some things such as student relationships, school festivals, and student - teacher interaction can be slightly exaggerated to make it more entertaining for readers. Imagine if a manga or anime was based on your life; day after day after day. It would be canceled in the first season unless there were some love triangles or inter-family disputes to spice up the material.
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32 / F / Waipahu, Hawaii
Posted 7/30/10 , edited 7/30/10
I would assume not. I always figured that the Dramas were more like average Japanese life but even that can be a little far-fetched as proven in the GTO and Gokusen Drama.
Posted 7/31/10 , edited 8/1/10
yep same way
Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
i dont know but i wish that
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23 / F / Canada
Posted 9/3/10 , edited 9/4/10
Yeah I think Japan is pretty crowed even when, it's late so it's safe to go at night...with a bunch of friends
Also I think kids ride bikes to school, walk and take the subway to school...But I guess Some Japanese dramas are more reality then Anime...Yeah that means no demon killing, no transforming into super heroes. Also a lot of public schools in Japan, have school uniform as well...though it isn't as good as private schools ones.
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117 / HK ^.^
Posted 9/7/10 , edited 9/7/10
yup. I mean, Hong Kong is like that too
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Posted 9/8/10 , edited 9/9/10
Japanese school life compared to anime

- I saw far more adults doing karaoke.
- Kids everywhere in the world go to arcades.
- There are lots of festivals. They are ok.
- Hanabi/fireworks shows suck. You stand in line for hours during miserable weather just to get too and from the train.
- Everybody rides the same old fashion looking bicycle.
- Kids don't hang out later than in other places, it just gets dark early (no daylight saving time)
- Not so many of those lunch boxes, it seemed like kids and adults got most of their food from the convenience store
- Sometimes a girl will go into shock if you give her a hug as a greeting.
- Cars are just too inconvenient because of the urban design and fees. I only knew a few people outside the city that owned them.
- Scenes where teens go to bars/clubs are possible, I never saw anyone get carded.
- I found the personalities and relationships to be quite different.
- There was a lot more sex talk coming from teens/middle schoolers. Was a little surprising and complete opposite of anime.
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Posted 9/10/10 , edited 9/11/10
hmm...apparently the people there are not as "glittering" and perfect as how they are portraited in manga and anime , but they do have their own special beauty that no other countries possess.
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