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Types of Otaku
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20 / F / I'm lost
Posted 4/11/12

Sushianimegeisha94 wrote:

ScarlettSky wrote:

im kind of half otaku, i love anime, i watch it in my free time and i do collect a few manga series, i've never cosplayed, and i have only a few items that are from my fave animes, like Keroro Gunso
other than that, i dress normally and probably look like a guy under first impressions
never have ur daughters be raised by their dad if you don't want them to act like a boy..............
i like to talk about anime too, but i can't draw for crap so i mainly just like to rate the drawings i think are good
and that's about it

ME TOO im the same exact way except 4 the tomboy part

haha! i'm not exactly tomboyish, i just had short hair like a boy, but that was over a year and a half ago!
now i look more like a girl, my hair practically reaches all the way down my back and i think i grew more feminine.
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31 / M / (818)
Posted 4/11/12
I have always been an Anime fan (i don't like the term Otaku and i never use it) that doesn't look like one mainly because of the various interests i have. Although a few years ago i was wearing a lot of anime T's, cellphone straps, pins, etc to show i like Anime and that i'm a fan and that's where i stand. But after my experiences with people with the same interests, i stop wearing T's and threw a lot of stuff out. You don't have to exaggerate to be an Anime fan. When i started as an Anime fan there was no such thing as "types of Otaku". You liked Anime and that was it. As for other kinds of Anime fans, i have seen them all already and it's not a pretty picture.
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