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You Know your Obsessed with [Insert anime title here] when...
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18 / F / a world where fav...
Posted 8/23/10
You know your obsessed with Kuroshitsuji when-
1.Refresh the Kuro Forums every 5 minutes
2.Wish super badly you lived in Victorian England 1880s
3.Want to wear a bonnet,and frilly lacy ruffled dress
4.Draw Kuro fanart
5.Have a Crush on one of the characters(Ciel.... *o*)
6.You like Black even more
7.You listen to the Kuro songs and they surprisingly fit the mood (raining,no moon,is bored,angry,sad,full moon,)
8.You have Kuro Dreams
9. You watch AMVs of Kuro and your Fave Kuro Couples on Youtube(SebastianxCiel and LizzyxCiel *o*)
10.SO MANY things remind you of Kuro
11.You reawatch episodes reread chapters
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22 / F / bed, yum~♥
Posted 8/23/10
you know you're obsessed with Pita Ten when~~~

you want to dye your hair pink, just like misha (as soon as I leave school, children, as soon as I leave school...)
you add suuu~! onto the end of random sentances
you make rabbit clips for your hair (hehe♥)
Posted 8/23/10

Yosuuke wrote:

You know your obsessed with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! when:

- you believe that your a part of the mafia
- you want to throw dynamite at someone! xD
- you cosplay as the characters and try to act like them

You forgot saying ciao-su instead of hi and randomly busting out of everything execpt your undies pretend you got hit with a dethperation bullet
Posted 8/23/10

Star5213 wrote:
You have a book that is named "Death Note" (Don't write names in it and bring it to school you'll regret it if the teacher finds out) =3=

I gotta try that some time XD
Posted 8/23/10 , edited 8/23/10
You know you're obsessed with Eureka Seven when ...

- You Watch The Entire Show in A day
- you listen to the fourth op and cry
- you watch the movie And The Anime a thousand times and still cry at the end
- you listen to "get it By your hands" all day
- you think that ull find a coralian girl
- you think that trapar exists
- you go up somewhere and say "Higher Than The Sun!!"

Which i am ^^... sadly XD.
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28 / F / Pilipinas
Posted 8/23/10
you know you're obsess with K-on! when:

-you think of going back to school to form a Light music club

-you think of studying and playing guitar, organ and drums

-you compare your friends to the main character, and start calling them as the nearest character they are

-you pick 2 sticks and start banging some random objects

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24 / F / Bronx, New York
Posted 8/24/10 , edited 8/24/10
You know when your obsessed with Sailor Moon when you:

- Say the whole Sailor Moon moto to someone you hate

- See a Rose and throw it on the floor hoping it would stand up making you think Tuxedo Mask is here to save the day (even though most of the time he got beat up XD)

- purposely buy two cats (one white and one black) and name them Luna and Artemis lmao

- Try to make seven best friends precisely

- and purposely argue with your little sister to seem more mother like lol

You know when your obsessed with Naruto when you:

- Practice hand signs and their meanings

- Wear the head band everywhere

- In your mind organize everone as if they were from different villages

- Randomly got into the art of eating ramen everyday

- become randomly loud and persistant lol

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21 / M / Australia
Posted 8/24/10
You know your obsessed with DBZ when you can remember parts of Cha la head cha la.
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 8/24/10 , edited 8/24/10
You know you're obsessed with Hetalia when you:

- think of counties as humans whenever you see cable networks' documentary about history.
- call countries by human name.
- likes singing Marukaite chikyuu and try to make one for your country. (lol tried to make one many times)
- likes to imagine your country as a character in hetalia(cause philippines isn't there yet!!)

You know you're obsessed with Gakuen Alice when:

- you imagine having an alice.
- when you buy manga even though you can read it online.
- when your desperate enough to humiliate yourself so that someone would buy the manga for you(my 1st 3 volumes were from my aunt and I had to sing an anime song for her as a condition which sucks cause I'm a terrible singer and my family was watching)
- when you usually draw Mikan on MS Paint.
- when you draw Mikan's chibified face on your notebook.
- when love songs remind you of Mikan x Natsume.
- when you start reading a lot of Gakuen Alice fanfics.

You know you're obsessed with Naruto when:

- You smile whenever you hear Naruto
- You try to memorize the names of every tailed beast.
- When you get so determined on something and say it's your ninja way.
- when you try to copy them doing jutsus

You know you're obsessed with KHR when you:

- Think of the characters whenever you hear or read a number.
- When you realize your birthday date and age is your favorite couple.
- When you start reading BL doujins(which I never do back then.)
- When you sing the Namimori school anthem in Hibirds voice. (lol I do that)
- When you start laughing kufufu or say kamikorosu.
- When you start buying lots of khr stickers and think of buying the rings which are really expensive.
- When you start to think of lots of different fanfic ideas.
- When even the simplest of things(like chicks, pineapples and chocolate) reminds you of any character.
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23 / F / the rainbowland!!...
Posted 8/25/10
you know when youre obsessed with prince of tennis when:

you start to play tennis
you start to learn those incredible but impossible moves
you are sad when you are not the same age as them anymore..

you know when youre obsessed with detective conan when:

you watched all the series, movies and ovas a lot of time already and you never bored of it
you memorised all the scenes which are your fav
you started to learn japanese and its culture

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20 / F / The Depths of Hel...
Posted 9/3/10
You know you're obsessed with Gurren Lagann when...
You never wear a shirt.
You often wear pointy orange sunglasses.
You have a fascination with drills.
Your pet rides on your shoulder all the time.
You quote Kamina at least 500 times a day.
You have an abnormal fear of furries.
You're bisexual.
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21 / F
Posted 9/3/10
you know youre obsessed with occult academy when:
1. you constantly try to convince your homeroom teacher to go "find the key of Nostradamus" with you
2. you wear maya's school uniform to your school- so what if your school wears different uniforms? theyre ugly anyway.......
3. youre always punching your homeroom teacher in the face, despite being sent to detention NUMEROUS times (seriously, poor teacher ...
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25 / F
Posted 9/3/10
You know your obsessed with Kuroshitsuji when...

- You have the biggest crush on Sebastian ;D kyaaa <3
- You think Ciel is the cutest thing :))
- Your phone and computer wallpaper is a picture of Sebastian and Ciel
- You definetly support SebbyXCiel relationship
- You like the way Sebby says ''Bochan'' to Ciel
- You love it when Sebby removes his gloves with his teeth and you like his black nails.
- You like it when Sebby obeys Ciel when he orders him to do something
- You reread chapters and rewatch episodes
- You watch SebbyXCiel AMVS on youtube
- The opening song is your ringtone
- You wish you had a butler exactly like Sebastian
- Even though your scarificing your soul you still wouldn't mind making a contract with a demon like Sebastian =D

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28 / M / Yomi, fighting de...
Posted 9/3/10
You know you're obsessed with Durarara when:

- You ask your parents if you can move to Ikebukuro
- You have a headless chick fetish
- You only wear a bartender outfit and use street signs as weapons
- You try to get people to eat Russian Sushi
- You end up loving your younger brother too much
- You start making a color gang

You know you're obsessed with Eureka Seven when:

- You wish that a Corallian girl will destroy your room with an LFO and burn the remains with a flamethrower
- You want to become a member of Gekkostate
- You try to ride trapar waves with a homemade Ref Board
- You wish that you would fall in love with a Corallian girl
- You try to do a cutback drop turn
- You try to explain the Limit of Questions to your friends
- You constantly try to find a magazine called Ray=Out
- You would like it if the Corallian girl you fell in love with grew green wings
- You want to engrave your and your Corallian girlfriend' names in a heart on the moon

You know you're obsessed with Gintama when:

- You try to find a time machine after you just ran over a girl
- You wish Earth would be invaded by the Amanto
- You wish you had a android maid named Tama
- You want a giant dog named Sadaharu
- You wish you had a pet like Elizabeth
- You want to try Otae's "cooked" eggs
- You have naturally curly hair and blame it for everything bad that happens to you
- You eat everything with mayonaise
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22 / M / washington NOT DC
Posted 9/3/10
you know your obsessed with shugo chara when...
-every guy in your school starts looking like ikuto, and every girl looks like amu.
-you have fan-girls and fanboys following you around everywhere.
-you threatened to flush a friend down the toilet, at least once.
-you refer to some of your best friends by calling them ran, miki, or su, at least twice every 3 weeks.
-you pray every day for world domintation, sports, or some kind of japanese tradition....
-you say "shugo chara!" on a daily basis for no apparent reason.
-your not good at sports, cooking, or artistry, but you were before watching this show.

you know your obsessed with avatar: the last airbender when...
-you start practicing airbending in your backyard
-you call your best friend "aang" or katara" by accident.
-you have seen every episode of "avatar" and "avatar extras" on nocktoons network.
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