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Best and Worst Final Fantasy games
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Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/16/10
Hi all,

topic is roughly explained in the title, but just in case.
This topic Is about what YOU think is the best three Final Fantasy games and if possible the worst three Final Fantasy and why.

here is my opinion with description:
Worst three
At third place FFXIII, mostly due to the summons being mechanical, I don't like them it just doesn't feel FF-like more star ocean-like, and it not having any side-quests just ruined it for me.

In second place FFVII, (I will accept any complaints about this), Due to the quality of the graphics, its a 3-D FF that could have done so much better in graphics. even Crash bandicoot and tomb raider had better graphics, but my main pet hate towards the game is that there are too many fans of the game just because its polygon 3-D, and sepiroth has his own theme song or that Aerith dies.

In first place I have selected FFII, gameplay was good, but the leveling system was annoying, the characters don't level up the equipment does, and the characters health increase's after a battle when the character take's damage, which is very annoying in my case.

Best Three
At third place FFIV, one of my favourite due to the love triangle between Kain,Cecil and Rosa, but mainly because of the elemental beings songs.

In second place FFI, Just because it was hard, if you weren't paying attention to some-one giving you a clue to the next location thats it your stuck, but the earth temple was a confusing temple just trying to get to the bottom confused me so much spent ages doing it.

In first place it's FFVI, my fav FF ever due to its comedy, Battle conversation's were brill especially between edgar and locke concerning terra, even now I can play it and laugh at the jokes aimed towards all types of people, mostly adults with a perverted mind lol

now its your turn best three, worst three and why enjoy
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Posted 6/17/10 , edited 6/17/10
Best: 1. I agree with you IV was my first every real RPG and it shall ever be my fave
2. VII i will agree with you the graphics were horrible but the gameplay besides spell usage learning was identical to IV and a great story.
3.I know this tecnicly isnt a final fantasy main game but Tactics was one of my faves War of the Lions has one of the best storyies i have every heard the gameplay is awsome.

Runner up: XIII i like thr battle sytem and music a good 50 hours of my life went into that.

Worst: 1. I agree again i hate II i just plaed through I at the time and went to II i thought what the heck this stinks i didnt care for the story and the leveling system stunk.
2 3 other than II no complantes.
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Posted 6/17/10 , edited 6/17/10
IMO theyre all good the best of em are-

1.FF7- It was truly epic when i started playing it for the first time(quite a long time ago) story is just amazing and every char has a perfect background story.Also there's loads of sidequest which kept me busy(Gold Soucer, Chocobos and some other stuff) and i loved almost every soundtrack in this game.

2.FF9- Hm great story, graphs werent so bad either for a ps1 game.And like in FF7 there's loads of sidequests like Chocobo Hot nd Cold, looking for treasures on world map etc.

Well i think these 2 are the best.There aint "worst" game, all of em are great and worth playing.
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Posted 6/17/10 , edited 6/17/10
Theres only one Final fantasy game I didn't like and that was X-2
Posted 6/17/10 , edited 6/17/10
I haven't seen a FF game that disappointed me, so I can't say which one is the worst. but my favorites for life are

~ FF7. I fell in love with the FF games because of it. You can't entirely depend on graphics to make the game awesome. it was the gameplay & storyline that won me over instantly.

~ FFX & X-2. I love X much more, but both were wonderful to me. everything about them.

~ FFXII. I watch my brother play this game and it cool to me. gameplay, storyline etc.
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Posted 6/17/10 , edited 6/18/10
3) FFVII (PS1): The graphics were horrible, so much so that I might have enjoyed it more if it was a 2D game. Also the movement system was awkward- making it occasionally difficult to navigate maps. Also, the style of the interaction between characters is weird. Even with all these flaws, I cannot rate this game lower because without it there would be no Crisis Core.

2) FFX-2 (PS2): While it was nice to see Yuna and Riku again, even that could not save this game in my eyes. The battle system was bad, and the story was slow. The gameplay itself might have survived as a stand-alone, but not as a follow up to such a strong title as FFX was.

1) FF Crystal Chronicles (Game Cube): There was almost nothing good about this game. It was repetative and boring, with no real story or main character; just genaric class characters, and poor gameplay.

3) FFX (PS2): With a solid story, memorable characters, great graphics, and a lot a secrets, this game was a solid addition to the FF library. The only bad thing I can think of is that the story kinda lags a little bit at times.

2) FFXII (PS2): Had an engaging story, beleivable characters, and my favorate battle system of any FF game to date. Add to that a lot of side quests, character development- most complex I've seen in any FF, and the Gambit system and this was ALMOST my #1, and would have been if not for the ridiculously long dungons with few save points. Still, #2 and #1 are like 95% tied.

1) FFVII:Crisis Core (PSP): Great graphics (best I've ever seen in a PSP game, actually), awsome story, good battle system and customization, lots of side missions and secrets: all that was great, but what really made this one of my favorite games ever, FF or not, is the emotional connection you get with the characters. I was choked up with tears during some of the scenes, especially the end, when... You know what? I'm not going to cheapen it with my description: either play the game or watch the scenes on YouTube.
We will revisit this after Final Fantasy XX
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Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/18/10
The Best Final Fantasy is VI - I played this on the SNES and it was the first FF I ever played and to this day, Terra is still one of my favourite female characters in all gaming. The story was amazing, every character could learn all types of magic, the special abilities were interesting and the music was brilliant (absolutely love Terra Theme)

However I absolutely detested FFVIII & FFXII - worst battle systems and I didn't like the characters.
(Sorry to anyone who are fans of these games)
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Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/18/10
My top three Final Fantasy are 7, 9 and 5 I enjoy playing those game

Their only one Final Fantasy that I dislike that is number 10 this is only Final Fantasy game that I will not beat
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Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/18/10




Nobody really liked FF11 in my opinion, it was the odd one out.
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Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/18/10
3rd: FF X-2 Nice try, but no sequels do not belong in Final Fantasy. I felt the story/gameplay was bad too.
2nd: FF Tatics Advance. A kid brought from the real world to a fantasy world? It was more of a kiddy theme rather than a FF theme we expect. I didn't like that there was only a few classes compared to the PS1 version and also didnt like the law system. Was extremely disappointed.
1st: FFVlll was my biggest dissappointment. This combonation that i did early in the game ruined it all. Monsters leveled up with you + income was dependent on job rank + Diablos had a no encounter ablity = I was at the end of the game and lvl 15. I didnt fight a single non boss battle for 70% of the game.

3rd: Final Fantasy Tatics. We had needed a strategy game and this game delivered. Class system was amazing, the story was amazing and the battle system worked really well.
2nd: FFVll Great story, materia system was wonderful, and the Limit Break system was new/cool. (Small note: FF6 had the first limit break-like system but you were lucky to see a charater use it the whole game, they only did it at very critical amounts of hp) The graphics where very good for the time as well. Some people hate on the graphics but dont realize how early the game was released in comparison to other games. Other rpgs for the system were releasing 2D games for the PS1.
1st: FFVl Everything about this game was good. Storyline, magic system, tons of charaters all with well done backstorys. And it was long. I had thought I beat the game, only to find I was half over. At which point I needed to refind all the characters all over and had a new world to explore. Words dont decribe how good this game is.
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Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/18/10
Fav#1 FFI - Great gameplay, many hours leveling up and exploring areas

Fav#2 FFXI - I still play this since it came to NA they have made it easier and easier since so many people quit

Fav#3 FFVII - The best video game story ever! so good it had a movie sequel and spin off games.

Worst#1 FFII - gear leveling is not one of my favorite concepts

Worst#2 FFTactics - IMO tactics game are boring and drag on

Worst#3 FFMysticQuest - Entry level game to attract children to the series

Possible Crap is the new FFXIV .... another gear leveling system.

Honorable mention is FFIV i really liked this one as well, but not as much as the others
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Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/19/10
Best: for me it's a toss-up between FFIV and FFV
IV has the best plot and most interesting characters
V is awesome because it has the Job system that had been refined from FFIII but didn't get bogged down with some of the other junk that brought down the other job system FF games

worst: FFVIII
Story-wise it was acceptable, if not pretty good despite staring an emo kid, lol. More than anything VIII made me mad because of the mechanics! Drawing spells from random spots that didn't really make ANY sense and then linking the summons to characters and stats just made it all the worse. It's one thing to level up before a boss but FFS I do NOT want to patrol around an island to level up AND make sure I have enough spells so my character's stats are able to compete with some of the fights! One thing I rather did like was that instead of inventing new monsters by merely changing color pallettes they just assigned the creature a level so instead of fighting a goblin, a green goblin, and a grey goblin it was goblin lvl 1, lvl 20, lvl 50 or what have you
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Posted 6/19/10 , edited 6/19/10
The best

FFX no doubt..

The worst

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Posted 6/19/10 , edited 6/19/10

Final Fantasy IX

Cross between Final Fantasy VIII and XII
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Posted 6/20/10 , edited 6/20/10

FFIII ~ I absolutely love this game. The characters & plot were simple, but I really liked the way it was presented.
FFV ~ Best cast of characters, IMO. The changes made to the leveling & class systems made the game so much easier.
FFII ~ The story was a bit lame, but I liked the gameplay. To me, this was one of the hardest games in the series, but I enjoyed the challenge.


FF X-2 ~ Clearly, they've all turned into sluts. And it really lacked that intense feeling from the first game, the one that made you actually care for the characters. It just seemed like they didn't even try to make it decent.
FFVII ~ This game was so boring I almost passed out. I know it's the most popular, but for some reason I can't see why. The story was lame, and the characters didn't make it any better.
FFXIII ~ I liked the summons and the ATB system, but the story was predictable and none of the cast, minus Sazh, seemed to go through any character development whatsoever. Although I was really interested in the minor people, like Team Nora, Hope's dad, and Cid Raines.

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