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Leader/Regime that was worst scourge on own people.
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If you'd kept it to a specific pope, perhaps. And left out some of the assertions which are more debatable. Also I'd argue a pope would have to have killed Catholics to qualify as 'his own people' But mostly I see this as attempt to bring religion into this thread. You and the bible thumpers have plenty of threads in which you are arguing endlessly. why do you have troll mine, which was deliberately created to be something different than the endless arguments over monkeys, science, and the flying spaghetti monster.

And please don't tell me that baiting the religious around here wasn't at least in part what you were trying to do with your nomination and more specifically with the word choice and tone in your post.

Not matter how good your motives or how innocent you thought your post might be. It's obvious at least one hardcore god-baiter saw it for what it was and jumped on the bandwagon.

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