The Waterfall Demon
Posted 6/18/10


A long time ago there was a waterfall. There at the waterfall was a demon. A female demon. She was a beautiful female demon. She had moon white skin, long silky black hair, and red blood lips. Nobody dared to go to the waterfall she was at but one day... A boy named Kyosuke went there. He was only sixteen. He saw the demon and fell straight in love. Everyday he would come and look at her.But one day the demon spoked to him.
"I know you come here everydayso just come out. It's not like I'm gonna eat you or something." the demon said. Without thinking Kyosuke stepped out.
"I was just talking to myself I did not expect anyone at all." the demon said coldly.
"Well do you also want my head for a prize mortal?" the demon asked Kyosuke.
"What...Excuse me but what are you excatly talking about Miss Demon." Kyosuke asked in confusion.
"Stop pretending. For the past three days guys have been coming here to get my head and I bet you're one of them." the female demon got into fighting stance.
"Wait... Wait please Miss Demon. I am not here to fight. I... I... only come here to confess my... not confess but... tell you how beatiful you are. You are the most beautiful woman I seen in this village. Your beautiful perfect skin and... and... and your beautiful black yarned hair and... and... and... Your perfect rose lips." Kyosuke studdered saying to the female demon. He saw the female demon blush but only for a second.
"Your only saying that to... to... fla.... flatter me so you can kill me." the female demon said codly embarassed.
"No. I'm telling the truth Miss Demon. My name is Kyosuke. Kyo in big and Suke in assistance. I... I.... I'm telling the truth I'll even undress to prove to you that I'm armless." Kyosuke said. He started to take his clothes off.
"STOP!!!!." the female demon screamed.
"Okay I beileve you now so stop it okay. Do not undress." the female demon said covering her eyes.
"Okay. Then can I ask for your name Miss Demon? It's not very comfortable to call you Miss Demon." Kyosuke asked smirking.
"NO!" the female demon replied shouting.
"Then I'll just take off..."
"OKAY. DON'T TAKE OFF ANYTHING IT'S KOORI. MEANING ICE." Koori shouted still covering her eyes. Kyosuke smirked.
"Now put on all your clothes hurry up and do it." Koori told Kyosuke to do.
"Okay Miss Koori." he smirked and just rustled his clothes cause he didn't undress anyways.
"Are you done?" asked Koori.
"Yeah Koori-san." Kyosuke replied annoyingly. Koori removed her hands from her face. She was blushing. Kyosuke couldn't help but think that she was so cute. He wanted to tease her.
"So..." Koori was stopped by a loud noise in the bushes.

Please give me suggestions if it's not that good and if it sounds too rushed too. Sorry I tried my best. Please comment and help me.

Posted 6/18/10
It's interesting. I like it. But how old is the demon... because you don't want someone as young as him to actually to fall with an adult... unless that's the case :P
Posted 9/7/10
okies so i was like foe eva since i made dis... forgot all about it srrry anywayz i dont think anyone reads dis anywayz but yeah i was just soo busy wif school but here i am again.. anywayz yeah!! lets get started.!


Something began moving in the bushes.
"One of your comrades to kill me Kyosuke?" Koori asked Kyosuke with a cold tone.
"No I swear I don't have any comrades at all Miss Koori." Kyosuke said trying to sound convincing. Koori giggled in such a sight.
The thing in the bushes started to move again and again. Then something came out. It was a...
"AAAHHHH!!!" scream Koori.
"What's wrong it's just a rabbit Miss Koo... I get it you are afraid of rabbits." Kyosuke said smirking.
" What's wrong with that huh?" Koori angerly said flustered in red. At this sight Kyosuke couldn't help but giggle.
Frighten at there loud conversation the rabbit ran away.
"Huuuh." Koori calmed down.
"Muhaha!" laughed Kyosuke.
"Stop it Kyosuke." Koori yelled at him.
"Muhahahahahahaha!!" Kyosuke exploded and kept laughing and laughing.
"Stop it. Stop it. Stoooooopp laughing Kyosuke."
"Okay. Okay I'll stop..... Muhahaha."Kyosuke couldn't stop laughing.
"AAHHH!! YOU ARE GONNA GET IT MR KYOSUKE. HIGH TITLE WAAVE!!" SPLASH. Kyosuke was commpletely wet. From head to toe. But that did not stop Kyosuke from laughing.
"MUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" even louder this time he laughed. It contiued for ten minutes straight. Finnaly Kyosuke caught his breath and aplogize to Koori.
"Apology not accepted." Koori coldy said.
"You must do something for me." Koori smiled eviley. Kyosuke felt a chill went down his back.

Okies folks thats it foe today suggestions are always great. even though nobody relli ever reads my stories its okay becuz im happy writing it and i do not know wat the next chapter is gonna be so hope u look up to dat and bye bye.
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Posted 10/22/10
Awesome very interesting i hope for another chapter.
Posted 2/6/11
Hey! That was quite a story there! really enjoyed it! Sorry if I cannot give you any constructive critiques because I am not really into literature. Though, I think that this would be quite interesting to read! Please come out with chapter three!
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Posted 9/25/12
OP nuked.

Sad that you had to go, but if you ever come back, feel free to reupload.

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