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F / Zombie Kingdom
Posted 6/18/10
What sterotype are you...? Found out ---->

Art Freak / Hipster
You're incredibly unique, and love anything to do with art. This can be music, writing, painting, photography, or sculpting. You are often friends with stoners, but may not smoke up yourself. You're often quiet, and have really weird mannerisms, but have a very eccentric personality. You love any form of art, and have an eye for beauty in things considered plain. You take pride in your unique sense of style and fashion.

So are you happy with it me EHH'

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21 / F / in the dark cryin...
Posted 6/24/10
i got emo
i dont cut myself but not all emos cut themselves
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25 / F / netherand/holland...
Posted 6/30/10
wwhat the hell I'M A JOCK.. so not >.> grrrr now i'm a obsest person XD
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