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Posted 6/20/10 , edited 6/20/10
Welcome to the Forest! This Forest contains lots of Pokemon of all sorts. Use your Pokemon to catch them.

Check this Website Below to see which Pokemon You can catch:
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M: oh mimi! i am soo glad to have you as my partner!
just know i dont like putting pokemon in their pokeballs allll day, so you can be out, unless it isnt safe or you are hurt.
Mi: pip! piplup! lup!
M: ^_^
*looks ahead*
a pidgey!
oh no! piplup! use pound!
Mi: *does and knocks down the pidgey*
Pi: *stnads weakly*
M: oh no you dont!
*uses a pokeball and the pidgey is caught*
M: yay!!
mimi, what should i name it?
Mi: piplup!
M: *smiles*
i like it
*pulls out a marker and writes "pidge"*
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Enters the forest

Misaki and Mudkip encounter a Treeko.
"A Treeko! Mudkip ready to battle!"
-Mudkip! Mud!-
"Treeko I challenge you to a battle"
"Mudkip! Use water gun! Now Tackle!"
*Treeko falls down and uses bullet seed*
"Dodge Mudkip!"
"Now use water gun!"
I throw a pokeball and captures it.
"Now Treeko! Come on out!"
"Do you want to travel with us now?"
Treeko nods.
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*runs into misaki*
M: oh! sorry!
Mi: pip!
Posted 6/24/10 , edited 6/24/10
"It's okay. Return Treeko"
"Hi I'm Misaki and this is my partner Mudkip. Were from the Hoenn region."
-Mudkip Mud-

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M: oh cool! a mudkip!
Mi: pip! piplup!
M: oh! right!
im sorry,
i am momo, and this is mimi, my piplup!
we're from sinnoh~
Mi: pip!
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"That's cool a Piplup. Right now Mudkip and I are headed for the Hoenn League cause well we are in Hoenn right now. I dream of becoming a Pokemon Master!"
-Mudkip Mud-
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Hikki:Oh! Cool.Another forest!Squirtle, forget about Caterpie!
*Looks at Misaki and Momo*
Hikki:Heh, heh....Squirtle how would you like to destroy those trainers pokemon?
Hikki:Just kidding!Let's eavesdrop...
Hikki:Shhhh!If you don't be quiet I'll eat you immediately!
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M: well i came here for pokemon!
Mi: pip!
M: so far i got a pidgey!
Mi: ?
*looks around*
pip! pip!
M: ? what is it, mimi?
Mi: *looks around*
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Posted 6/25/10 , edited 6/26/10
*Hides behind bush*
Hikki:Uh-oh, Squirtle they know of our presence!
Hikki:If they find us you know what to do!
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"I would like to see you destroy me.. I strong and i accept any battles!! Don't forget that!"
-Mudkip Mud-

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Hikki:Squirtle! Use escape!
Hikki:Battling is for bad ppl! Hahaha!
Hikki:Misaki will never find us behind this bush!
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"That's lame. Mudkip use bubble beam on that bush!"
"Nice try of escaping. Mudkip tackle now!"

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M: !!
*stops her*
the pokemon hasnt shown itself!
*looks and falls back*
its a creeper!!
Mi: ? pip?
M: *shiver*
Posted 6/28/10 , edited 6/29/10
What are you talking about?

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