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Posted 6/23/10
Please sign up for a Character before RolePlaying. Have fun!!
Posted 6/23/10 , edited 6/23/10
Kagome: " Where is Inuyasha?! He promised to come with me to look for that shard that was supposed to be around here!" Stomps along the road angrily, searching for the tardy Inuyasha. " Inuyasha.... ARGH, We're NEVER going to find the rest of the jewel at this rate!"
Posted 6/23/10

"Oii Kagome" I said as I arrived with my sword on my shoulder.
"Let's go" I said.
Posted 6/23/10
Kagome: "Ok, but, I don't know which way we should go to avoid Sesshomaru." - glances around anxiously- " Ever since I met your brother, I've been kinda creeped out. I mean, he even made that fake mother..."
Posted 6/23/10
Um... you're not RolePlaying Kagome's character right. She's not creeped out when she see's Sesshomaru anymore.
Posted 6/23/10
Not toward the end, but, it seems like it while they're still looking for the shards before she calls him big brother.

Ok, back to try again!

Kugome : " Hey, Inuyasha. Over there in that lake, something is glowing! Do you think it could be-"
Posted 6/23/10

A youkai with a Shard of Jewel on it's neck came out.
Along with a girl in a short kimono and a long hair tied up.
The girl was holding a sword. The youkai suddenly fell down and bleed.
The girl actually slayed the youkai so fast I couldn't see it.
She put her sword away and took the Shard of Jewel.
"Who are you?" I asked.

Arisa Hayashida

"It has nothing to do with you" I said.
I held the Shard of Jewel and put it in my kimono somewhere.
Posted 6/23/10 , edited 6/24/10
Kugome: -gasps- " I-Inuyasha! The shard! I think she took it. Do you think she can use it? To become really powerful?"

Not a part:
Good night. I need to go to bed. its one a.m. Srry. I'll be back tommorow.
Posted 6/23/10
Arisa Hayashida

"Oii baka ona (stupid girl) you are a Pristress right?" I asked.
"Would you mind lending me your bow and arrow?" I asked.
I took her bow and an arrow.
I shot the tree and it glowed.
"Just as I thought" I said.


"You're a Pristress?" I asked.
"Eh yeah I used to be but I quit I used to be the protector of the
Shikon Jewel not long ago after Kikyo died but it vanished and I've
heard that it was found in your body not long ago" She explained.
So you are searching for the Shards too?" I asked.
"Yeah something like that" She replied.


"Oh Kagome!!" I said.
I went over to see Kagome when I saw Arisa.
"Arisa? What are you doing here?" I asked.
"Oh Kouga you know her" Arisa asked.
"Yeah and you have 4 shards of the Jewel
are you looking for it too?" I asked.
"Yeah something like that" I said.
Posted 6/24/10
Kagome: " Wow, it seems like everyone is after the shards. I'm starting to wonder where the power comes from..." I pace the riverbank, thinking. " Arisa and Kouga..." Cluelessly exhaling, I decide I need to be calm to work this out. I traipse over to Inuyasha, muttering , " Sit, boy!"
Smiling, I mumble, " Helps me concentrate."
Posted 6/24/10

"Kagome!! What was that for?" I asked
as I got up from the ground and held my fist up tightly.
"Grrrr!!" I said.

Arisa Hayashida

I gathered some woods and made a bow and some arrows.
"This should be enough" I said as I filled the arrow bag with more arrows.
I held up the bow and arrow and shot one on the tree the tree glowed.
"Heh you're skills never went down huh?" Kouga said.
"It has nothing to do with you" I ignored him.
Posted 6/24/10
Kagome : " I needed to clear my head." Sits on a boulder to think. ' She made that bow and those arrows really fast. ' I think some more. ' And that glowing whenever she hits something...' " Inuyasha! Don't you think that we could find the shards faster if we had more people searching?" Without waiting for an answer I continue. " I say Arisa and Kouga come with us! Then we'd have twice as many people searching for the shikon jewel on our side. "
Posted 6/24/10 , edited 6/24/10

"Yeah I guess you're right" I said.
"Oii Arisa, Kouga you guys wanna come with us andhelp look fro the Shikon Jewel?" I asked.

Arisa Hayashida

"It's okay I don't mind" I said.
"But I do mind if I'm working with Kouga" I said.
"I hate him" I said.


"What was that?!" I yelled.
Posted 6/24/10
Kagome: Nervously waving my hands, I say, " There's no need to fight guys, really. Um..." Gets hit in head when Arisa starts trying to punch Kouga. " Inuyasha, a little help here, if you don't mind!" I try to push them apart, but only end up tripping. " C'mon and help me! Don't be such a jerk or I'll say those two words..."
Posted 6/24/10
Arisa Hayashida

"Ahh sorry" I apologized.
"See what you did Kouga?" I yelled.
Kouga tried to stop me by pushing me but we ended up tripping and Kouga fell on me.
"Ugh...." I struggled I pusshed him away and stood up.
"sigh, what a pain" I said.
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