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Posted 4/26/12
how do you do this one?
Posted 6/21/12
How do you do the small letters and things?
I have been confused with that stuff. ;A;
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Posted 7/12/12

Aimelver13 wrote:

Umm i downloaded a few fonts on but when i try to edit it wont pop up

Extract the font file first, then drag it to yout font folder in your hard drive :p
Posted 9/29/12 , edited 10/4/12

How do we get items
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Posted 11/3/12
how do you add yourself as a favorite, im new so it is different then before, help me please
Posted 12/13/12

I'm not a mod so here is the code:

[*style size="3px"*] (Remove *)


Posted 12/13/12

I'm not a mod well it only works on photoshop

Posted 12/13/12

I'm not a mod well this is how

1.Log out
3.add yourself But Still Log out
5.Log in
6.Go to your buddy request then press "yes"
7.Go to your friends list
8.Fave as yourself but find u


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F / Ɯσяℓ∂
Posted 1/15/13

'I can't do that cr said you must log in .-.
Posted 1/20/13

ya then log in .-.

Posted 8/21/13
i need help
Posted 4/12/14 , edited 4/12/14
Hello. I was wondering why the MSN font generator link in this group description keeps leading to a Japanese shopping site for me.
It never used to do this.
I haven't changed anything on this computer since I don't get on it much.
Posted 5/22/14 , edited 5/23/14
In your BB Code page for your colors it says the site is suspended Dx

Here is a site I found ^^

The current website >>

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