Xbox360 vs PS3
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Posted 7/2/10
Which system u think is better and why u think so?

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Posted 7/2/10

..on a serious note, they're both good, both have a ton of games exclusive and not..

ps3 for me because I prefer the utility that comes right out of the box.. Bluetooth wireless, Blue-ray drive, WiFi standard.. and the ps3 controller is more to my liking. And now I hear they're actually coming with their own HDMI cables these days.. Had to pay an extra $50 a while back for sweet connections.

Microsoft coming out with the motion stuff.. looks like something that's fun for 5 minutes.. but who knows? They could come out with some really interesting games.

Age old convo.. which system is better.. you'll get fanboys of both sides. I don't own an x-box nor have I ever. But I do respect Microsoft and xbox fans for helping bring the industry forward.
Posted 7/2/10
Console wars are retarded either way.
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