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Halarious nerdy things.
Posted 7/21/10
rubber banning ur cuffs..
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30 / F / Plato's allegoric...
Posted 7/22/10
This dude returned a tv set he purchased saying it wasn't working.

Me: Did you plug it in?
Him: Of course, you think I'm an idiot!
Me: Calm down sir. Did you push the power button?
Him: *rolls eyes* yes I kept pushing the "on" button on the control.
Me: Did you insert batteries in the remote?
Him: ....

Another incident this time I was the customer

I called the phone company 'cuz my Internet and home phone weren't working.
Me: What's wrong with my line?
Dude: How long has it been down?
Me: About two days.
Dude: Tell me something miss, are you calling me from your home phone?
Me: Dude I'm using cellphone! Didn't I say my home phone was down?!
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M / Toronto, Canada.
Posted 7/22/10
The male genitalia.
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26 / M / Wilmington NC
Posted 7/22/10
You would be suprised what I hear at the Geek Squad. EX: We sell this antivirus called Kaspersky and here are what I have heard it been called by customers before.
1) Casper
2) Copernicus
3) Kaszberry
4) Klyspin
5) Capsky
6) Kazbin

I am not sure if people even look at the damn name. I dont really know what goes through some of these people minds sometimes.
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