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Why do young people place some much value on looks?
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Posted 5/24/12
Yea I'm really sick of it. For example in my school, most people are korean, and their culture believes looks are very important, and so some girls have already had plastic surgery... It's really hard to compete with that ahaha there's a joke that men should look at childhood pictures of korean girls before they marry them, or else they may have ugly kids :P

Well I generally do agree that young people do rely a lot on looks to attract the opposite sex and make peers envy you (all for popularity), boys do go for personality as well... but if ur not pretty and lack social skills like me... ur screwed.

But I have noticed that the pretty girl who cakes her face in makeup is generally more liked and receives what she wants as opposed to the people who go au natural and are okay looking.

Personally, I also am more attracted to hot/cute guys but all in all, the only guy I have been srs about isn't good looking at all. It's just his personality.

It's pretty sad...
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