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General Info:

♥Name: Hanashiru Kiyumi
♥Age: 13 Years Old
♥Nickname: Kiyumi,Yumi,Hana,Haru,Amu,Ayumi,Yui
♥DOB: 24 September
♥Gender: Female
♥Personality: Smart, Friendly, Kind, Sporty, Playful
♥Occupation: Student, Model, Actress, Singer, Novelist
♥Dream: Singer-Model, Fashion Designer,Patissiere
♥Chara Nyari: Angelic Singer,Rock-on Star!
♥Hobby: Baking,Cooking,Reading,Designing Clothes
♥Fave Food: Fast food,Home-cook Food,CRAB!
♥Fave Place: Royal Garden, Her own room, Tadase's room
♥Others: She gains 1 chara as she grow older by 2 years since 4 years old. Seiyo Academy's Joker Chair. The most popular,wealthiest,influential girl in the academy. Live close to Tadase. She has asthma. A transfer student in spring.


Hanashiru Kiyumi, a transfer student in spring. She is the first and only Joker's Chair of Seiyo Academy. She loves hanging out with her friends. She is the most popular,wealthiest,influential girl in the academy. Her parents were very wealthy and could give her what she wanted but they did not realise what she wanted was just their accompany. Tadase's situation was the same as her. Kiyumi lives next door to Tadase and their parents know each other and were business associates. Kiyumi has asthma and weak lungs as she had an accident some while ago. Her brother, Ikuto went to the same school as her to keep an eye on her. Tadase always took care of her. Normally, her asthma come when she is agitated or too upset. Tadase would always come to her rescue by calming her down with coffee and stuffs. Kiyumi excels in sports and studies. She is top at these two aspects. Everyone call her "Genius". She is very popular due to her personality of being stubborn and shy. Everyone mistook it as "Cool and Spicy". She is actually very caring,friendly,kind and sporty. Kiyumi had sang in severals CDs and wrote numerous novels under the pen name, "Hanoka Ayumi" and only the Guardians knew that as well as the senseis. She also acted in multiples award winning films directed by her relatives. Kiyumi also does modelling as it is essential part of her career as a singer, she does modelling with Fuyuki and Sakurai Yua. She is friends with lots of celebrities. When she bored to tears, she would go to Tadase' house to see what he is doing and scares him if possible. She knews every inch of his house as she often went there as they were childhood friends since young. She is Tadase's girlfriend,The two of them will be engaged when they reached eighteen, They are also childhood friends. Kiyumi designs her own clothes and seldom wear other designers' clothes unless its really strike her fancy or its a gown as she only designs her own casual clothings. She had personal teachers giving her music lesson on piano,vocals,guitar and alot more, whatever she wants to learn regarding music, her teacher who specialises in music will teach her. Whats surprising is, she doesn't have any tuition and every year, she scores second in her grade behind Fuyuki who is better at some subjects than her like Mathematics, English, Japanese & Geography. She also learnt alot of languages like French,Spanish and etc. She is very very busy but somehow, she manages to finish all her work. She is also in the special S class just like Fuyuki

Pictures of Kiyumi


♪Name: Kiki
♪Guardian Chara of: Hanashiru Kiyumi
♪Gender: Female
♪Personality: Shy, Friendly, Loves singing, Patient, Easily Influenced, Obedient
♪Type of Would Be Self: Singer
♪Chara Nyari: Angelic Singer~

✖Name: Fifi
✖Guardian Chara of: Hanashiru Kiyumi
✖Gender: Female
✖Personality: Bold, Loves wreaking havoc, Have a heart of gold, Cannot be tamed
✖Type of Would Be Self: Rock-on Guitarist,Keyboardist
✖Chara Nyari: Rock-on Star!

General Intro

She is the twin of Kiki, though exact opposite.

Chara Nyari

♪Chara Name: Kiki
♪Chara Items: Microphone,Radio
♪Chara Nyari: Angelic Singer
♪Chara Attacks:
~Angel Music: Slows down the opponent by letting music flow in their mind.
~Singing Melody: Temporarily make opponent lose consciousness.
~Soft Screech: It makes the opponent's mind turn blank and turn confused temporarily.
~Radio Reflect: It reflects back the attack of opponent

✖Chara Name: Fifi
✖Chara Items: Guitar,Keyboard,Drum
✖Chara Nyari: Rock-on Star!
✖Chara Attacks:
~Guitar Tune: It gives out music notes and it will hurt the opponent a little
~Dancing Keys: It ties the opponent down tightly.
~Drum Shield: It acts as a shield and it can be become bigger size.
Chara Pictures

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