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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/8/10 , edited 10/28/10

Now get prepared, who's next?!, 4minute!
Now show us who's next?!, 4minute!
Tell us who's next?!, who's next?!,
4minute 4minute keep running running hey!

Now we are ready, who's next?!, 4minute
Now we'll show you who's next, 4minute!
We'll let you hear who's next?!, who's next?!
4minute 4minute keep running running hey!

Name : 4minute (포미닛)
Label : Cube Entertainment
First Single Release : June 15th, 2009
Debut Stage : June 18th, 2009 on Mnet M! Countdown
Official Fanclub Name : 4NIA.

► Nam Jihyun 남지현
Group Position : Leader, Vocal
DOB January 9, 1990
Nicknames : Innocent - Lovely Jihyun, 4-D Jihyun, Namjiji (trashy?), Namji / NamG / NamGee, Namdakyu / Namdocu, Nam Hyori
Height / Weight / Blood Type : 167cm / 49kg / A
Specialty : Dancing, Ballet, English
Debut : : in 4minute with the single "Hot Issue", 2009
Previous Works : -
Hobbies : Just dance, cooking
Is a fan of : Rain, Kim Yeona, Audrey Hepburn
Education ; Sangmyeong University, Dance Department (Major in Ballet, leave of absence)
Major Fancafe IRENE

► Heo Gayoon 허가윤
Group Position : Lead Vocal
DOB : May 18th, 1990
Nicknames : Dodosick (Arrogant-"Sick") Gayoon, Neunggeuli (Sneaky) Gayoon (because of her facial expressions in some pictures), Gayoonit, Cube uljjang, Heophrodite, Gangnam Woman, Heo Force
Height / Weight / Blood Type : 165 cm / 47 kg / O
Specialty : Singing
Debut: in 4minute with the single "Hot Issue", 2009
Previous Works : - appeared in Marios MV "Im Yours", 2008
- sang chours for MC Mongs "Ninth Cloud", 2008
Hobbies : Watching movies, writing lyrics
Is a fan of : Yangpa, Lee Hyori, Bae Youngjun
Education : Dong Deok Female High School (graduated)
Major Fancafe Celina

► Jeon Jiyoon 전지윤
Group Position : Vocals
DOB : October 15, 1990
Nicknames : Charisma Jiyoon, Teol teol (Easy-going) Jiyoon, Junglass, Jiyoonit
Height / Weight / Blood Type : 165 cm / 47 kg / B
Specialty : Singing, Dancing
Debut: in 4minute with the single "Hot Issue", 2009
Previous Works : -
Hobbies : Cooking, writing lyrics
Is a fan of : Beyonc
Education : Byeongjeom High School (graduated)
Major Fancafe Junglass

► Kim HyunAh 김현아
Group Position : Rapper
DOB : June 6, 1992
Nicknames : Kim Force HyunAh, "Best Aegyo" HyunAh (acting cute), 키며나 / 김효나 (Kimyeona/ Kim Hyona misheard versions of her name)
Height / Weight / Blood Type : 164 cm / 40 kg / O
Specialty : Rapping, Poppin, Street dancing, Singing
Debut : in Wonder Girls with the single "Irony", 2007
Previous Works : -featured in MTV Wonder Girls Season 1 (~late 2006 / 2007)
- featured in Wonder Girls debut mini-album "The Wonder Begins", 2007
- featured in MTV Wonder Girls Season 2, 2007
- featured in a Crown CF, 2007
- co-Mced MBC Music Core, 2007
- appeared in MBC show "7 Octave", 2007
- featured in Cyon Bboy Championship CF, 2008
- featured in TBJs campaign Love Actually, 2009
- featured in AJs track "2009", 2009
- featured in AJs MV "Dancing Shoes", 2009
Hobbies : Cooking, customing clothes, watching movies, doing Selcas (self cameras)
Education : Korea High School of Music and Arts (currently attending)
Major Fancafe Minute Hyuna

► Kwon Sohyun 권소현
Group Position : Maknae, Vocals
DOB : August 30, 1994
Nicknames : Cute Sohyun, 꿘쏘 (Kkweon Sso), 왕언니 (Wangeonni) Sohyun, Imp
Height / Weight / Blood Type : 162 cm / 45 kg / B
Specialty: Dancing, Studying, Japanese
Debut : in Orange with the single "Our Star", 2005
Previous Works : - appeared in MBC Drama "대장금" (Jewel in the Palace / Great Jang Geum)
- appeared in SBS Drama "장길산" (Jang Gil San), 2003
- appeared in KBS show "울라불라 블루짱" ( Woolla Boolla Blue Jjang), 2004
- appeared in SBS Drama "파리의 연인" (Lovers in Paris / Des amoureux Paris / My Sweetheart in Paris / Romance in Paris), 2004
- appeared in the movie "연애술사" (Love Predicative), 2005
- featured in Orange debut single "Our Star" single, 2005
- appeared in MBC Drama "단팥빵" (Sweet Buns), 2005
Hobbies : Pool
Is a fan of : Ciara
Education : Pungmoon girls' highschool (currently attending)

Korean singles

* 2009: "Hot Issue" [click!]
* 2009: "Muzik"[download]
* 2009: "What A Girl Wants"[download]
* 2010: "HuH"[download]
* 2010: "I My Me Mine"

Japanese singles
2010: "Muzik"
2010: "I My Me Mine"[10]

Reality shows
2009 MTV 4Minute -Documentary
2010 MTV 4Minute's Friend Day- A reality show chronicled a group of fans getting a chance to become 4minute's friends.

Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of the Month (June) ("Hot Issue")
Korea's Cultural, Physical Education and Tourism Bureau: Rookie Music Award (August)
SBS: Power Rookie (August)
Golden Disk Awards: Samsung YEPP Rookie Award

16th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: Newcomer Award
2010 Asia Model Awards: Popular Artist Award

Hot Issue-4minute
Please Give me 4minute, in the Cube!
What a Girl Wants-4minute
Say Huh, Say Huh!
I My Me Mine-4minute

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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/10/10 , edited 10/28/10
Latest news(:

Idol groups 4Minute and BEAST are featured on SBS comedy show Oot Cha Sa/웃찾사 (Looking for a smile) and will sing a theme song.

Oot Cha Sa is KBS's Gag Concert equivalent for SBS.Oot Cha Sa "Live Gag Show"'s new concept also focused on the harmony of music.

4Minute and BEAST 's singing received a positive response and caught the attention of many.They will therefore impress viewers with their fresh looks and sweet singing.

4Minute and BEAST 's episode will be broadcast July 11 at 12:10 AM.

On the other hand,the comedy show's schedule will also change,from Sundays to Saturday nights to allow viewers to watch the program with their families.

As of: July 8,2010

Must-watch performance!

4minute is I My Me Mine on Music Core!
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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/10/10

Before the show, 4Minute's Friends Day has even started, it was already announced that they will be having a mini-concert with the friends they'll be meeting on each of the episodes of their show.

Now, on the 9th of this month, at Seoul Chodong's MTV Studio, our 4Minute girls revealed their awesome film site for the concert through showing various pics during their performances.

It was announced that the girls performed their hit songs such as Muzik, HUH and Hot Issue. The fans were also lucky to see Solo Performances from the girls. Surprisingly, another Popular KPOP group, Secret, appeared on the concert too as they reveal their close relationship with 4Minute, knowingly that HyunA and Sunhwa already had a special relationship from Invincible Youth, where HyunA was a member before. This group also made a special performance on the concert.

More than that, the fans also had a chance to shake hands with the girls and were able to see the dance battle they prepared plus the rolling papers they wrote for each other. It's also amazing how 4Minute show how much they treasured this day by sharing a lot of smiles and tears for their fans.

Meanwhile, the filmed 4minute’s mini concert will be revealed through MTV on the 17th, so please look forward to it!
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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/14/10

Cube Entertainment's newest soloist: G.Na Choi, has just released her latest solo album and amazingly, our 4Minute girls have shown their support by updating their Cyworld and posting sweet and encouraging messages.

SoHyun posted a message that surprisingly described her very close relationship with the debuting solo artist as well as her jealousy with the love story she got from the music video:

“Did you see the music video of my sister? It’s so sweet and adorable. I’m jealous of the love story she gets hoho, but I’ll keep my head held high.”

On the other hand, HyunA posted a message cheering both G.Na as well as her group members for their upcoming promotions. She also expressed how much they got close for a very short time, for as you can remember, HyunA got to work with her during her CHANGE promotions with G.Na as one of her back-up dancers. This is what she have posted:

“Her video is finally released! Honestly, she did real good! Maybe a little too good. It made me a little nervous.”

“We’ll be going to Japan very soon, and G.NA has been very supportive of us. We have already known each other for awhile now, and we’ve gone through so much together as good friends. Even though we have a ton of rehearsals to attend to, well always be cheering G.NA on.”
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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/14/10

In celebration of M! Countdown's continuing success and 200th Day Episode, the show will be treating its fans world wide by having various KPOP Idols performing Special Stages on their July 15th broadcast.

Fortunately, the show got to choose 4Minute's Kim HyunA to perform her popular Solo Debut Single: CHANGE that will also feature BEAST's Junhyung.

A lot of fans are anticipating her performance since it has already been a long time since she last performed it LIVE for a TV show.

Together with HyunA will be other popular Idols, such as 2AM, CN Blue, MBLAQ and Miss A who are expected to perform various covers of songs.
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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/14/10

Cube Entertainment has again, fed fans with another manifestation of their FAMILY LOVE as the Main Vocals of their Popular Groups: BEAST's Yeosob and 4Minute's Gayoon revealed their amazing singing chemistry by doing a collaboration for a cover of a song from another CUBE Artist: G.Na Choi.

The song they sang was originally a duet of G.NA and Rain entitled: What I Want to Do Once I Have a Lover. Fans were amazed on Gayoon and Yeosob's singing chemistry and for their cute and funny acts while recording the video.

Haven't watched it yet? Here's the video!

The collaboration!
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F / withyoseobonadate.
Posted 7/15/10
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