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Posted 8/19/10
Name: Nightlightz



Skills/Weapons: i am able to call forth a fire dragon and pheonix, and control and create fire when ever i please.

Survivor Skills: regeneration, sencing of the earth around me.

Personality: you shall see when you get to know me.

A young prince which has been banished from his kingdom and that he would help anyone if possible. He warns people of his sisters plannes to destroy towns and wants to learn more about the world to take on his sister and stop anything infected to reach his world .
As a yong boy he has trained him self to a great deal of masteries of sword weilding and soon dicovered that his hands were glowing red. He thought nothing of it and started to learn karate at the age of 10 he found that his hands had starting to blow fire around them to regenerate. He started to master his flames and then becane working on working the fire around him and others to make a bit of money.
Now 16 and has mastered his fire and soon to take on his sister he wants the guidence of sperpenter to find his stratergy to finally shut his sister up for the last and final time.
Posted 8/19/10
Name: Kai
Age: 14
Appearance: (picture)

Survivor Skills: Has the power to move faster than humans and possesses the power to increase his field of vision to a 360 degree angle. Is good with mechanics and technology.
Skills/Weapons: Kai carrys a sword he calls "yamato." he also has two hidden blades in the back of his coat.
Personality: Kai is a very mature person for his age. though sometimes it may not seem like it, he has the mind set of an 18 year old person.
bio: made up throughout the roleplay
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23 / M / on my laptop, whe...
Posted 8/19/10
Name: Jake
Age: 17

Skills/Weapons: uses a switchblade and carries a glock with him due to the recent outbreak
Survivor Skills: an expert at knife fighting, able to unlock any lock or door in a matter of seconds, has contacts with many people in and outside the city and is always updated on the latest news going on anywhere
Personality: A person that judges things based on face value, doesn't see the point of doing anything that will risk ones life unless its for something reasonable (another life isn't a good reason to him)
aka i'll make it later if i remember to
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Posted 8/21/10
Name: Mikairu Hyoji

Age: 19


Skills/Weapons: Big variety of different martial arts mostly submission and Technics that used to dislocate joints, Excellent skill with a knife, Fvorite weapon a sniper rifle and a Dual pistols, although he never hurries to wastes ammo even when there is a large risk of death.

Survivor Skills: Mechanic expertise enables him to fix and use any thing from a simple car to a flying a helicopter and even use a military ship. Second skill is his ability to never lose moral and spirit in the hardest situations ability to make jokes and never give up saved the lives of his comrades and him on the battlefield many times. The third and final skill of a genies tactician has caused him lead hundreds of dangerous missions that are completely classified even in the deeps of the underground world,

Personality: Usually stays calm and makes jokes quite often knows how to stay cool under a pressured situation, master a sarcasm and convincing people, his cool ends up with the mentioning of his parents that died when he was a child.

Bio: Parents died when he was only two years old, police said that death was caused by unknown man, no suspects, evidence, or witnesses the only thing that was left from the scene of crime were the bodies of his parents and single black rose. While he was raised by him grandfather he learned and mastered great amount of martial arts and the basic use of Bushido even though he never used it in combat. His grandfather was a world famous man that was a genius has not only thought Mikairu the way of the fist and the sword but also trained him mentally and psychologically. Age 12 Mikairu began his search for the murderer of his parents, while finishing high school through a fast learning course. Age 16 finished college and abolished few mafia groups that were connected to the assassination of his parents but has never made to the killer, after that decided to join the military in order to find something in there. At age of 17 he has been chosen for countless secret operation against terrorism all over the world.The rest will be explained in the game it self.
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20 / M / England
Posted 8/23/10 , edited 8/23/10

skills/wepons : i have a blade on my arm and a pistol aswell i know kung fu and very good at it my cockyness is my truimph card ^^ my speed is always used as an advantage.
personality:i am very cocky and noisy and cares for my friends when around girls i can be shy and im not afraid of anything and im smart and outgoing. and a lil bit of a pervert>.>
Bio:when he was 3 my dad left and my mum died at the age of 7 and i had to fend for my self i love someone but to shy to admit it for over 4 years. i have always wanted to admit it but i still cant even now i am quite cheerful for what has happened of the years and very cocky.
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Posted 8/24/10
Appearance: Is well built, and very strong. he has chocolate brown eyes and hair, and he is good looking. He wears a black muscle shirt, baggy jeans, black lugs boots, a leather jacket, a skull ring on his right hand, leather fingerless gloves, and has a black hat with a skull and cross bones on it.He also possesses a necklace that is in the shape of a Celtic symbol.
Skills/Weapons:Carriers a mini gun, a RPG launcher, 3 desert eagles, a black katana, Molotov's, and knows mixed martial arts.
Survivor Skills:His strength gives him the ability to survive most things that would kill ordinary people. His high IQ also gives him an advantage in the field. He also has some medical knowledge.
Personality:Is kind and gentle soul, who helps out were ever he can. He is a little shy with women. He protects the weak and has the ability to make friends easily.
Bio:Has been wandering through the city since the beginning of the disaster looking for survivors and hopes he's not the only one left in this hell hole.
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24 / No.
Posted 8/29/10
Name:Aoi Soka
Skills/Weapons: Dual M9s, a machete, a crowbar , a Semi Automatic M16 and survival skills in the woods.
Survivor Skills:Ultra Hearing , Medical expert , expert in weaponry
Personality:Quiet,clever, strong willed, cold if he has to be and powerful
Bio: He was training in special ops when the outbreak happened. His commander sent all the soldiers out but Aoi wasnt able to go because of a injury in a mission. All of his comrades died and his commander sent Aoi to a safe location. They sent him to a base with suplies and weapons but he only went by himself. He stayed there alone training with his gun and training his instincts in the forrest. He then left the base with his guns and his small arsenal of supplies.
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26 / M / Look out your win...
Posted 9/12/10 , edited 12/31/10
Name: Cloud

Age: 23 (as at current time)


Skills: Miltary Skills, natural survival skills and a lot of experience with weapons and combat. Skilled with a sword and carries around a Fusion Sword made up of 6 different blades, which can be taken apart and used a singler blades. Also a fairly good driver of any vechile but excells with a motorbike.

Personality: Very too himself, dark and sombre character. Seems to be tormented by something. Rarely smiles, and underconfident due to past events in his strength. Though fairly strong.

Bio: Trained as a Ex Miltary Soldier for an organsation that was working with Tricell, he was experimented on after a freak accident involving his last mission. He grew a lot stronger due to these experiments but lost his memory in the meanwhile. He had a friend in the same unit but she went missing in action in Badger City. Cloud enters Badger City, to look for his memories which will later lead to his friend as well.
A year or two has past since the Badger City incident, and Cloud is now living with his family made up of Tifa (His childhood friend), Marlene (a young 7 year old girl), Denzel (A 9 year old boy with a serious illness) and Aki (A friend and ally since the Badger City incident). Life seemed to be going fine and Cloud even started a Delievery Service to help with money along with Tifa's Bar Seventh Heaven. After some rocky events at home, Cloud mysteriously left home and not much else is know. Since he doesn't pick up his phone anymore, or even contact home. Making his family worry for him.
After meeting up with Shiva again Cloud gets a distress call from home, something bigger then Badger City has come out of the shadows. It is up to Cloud and the others to find out who is behind everything, whilst fighting his own demons. Will he previal or will this be a deathly end to the once well known hero?
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26 / F / In the shitty wea...
Posted 10/3/10
Name: Lica
Age: 19

Skills/Weapons: Skilled with an sniper, that is straped to her back, can sense wind and control it, and also skilled in swordmenship.
Survivor Skills: Lica has sensitive hearing. Hearing things like a mouse squeak outside with her inside. Hearing footsteps or little mumbles from 50 metres gives Lica time to react.
Personality: Calm, and happy but never panicks since this happened.
Bio: Lica was outside at the backyard, training with her sword, when she heard a strange mumble from the street at the front. Banging on front door, and screams, Lica moved towards the side gate and peeked at what drunken idiot it was this time. Gasping and covering her mouth, Lica watched as a human being ate another one, and within seconds that person who got biten, got up and started moving slowly.

Her back door flew open as her mother came running down with tears, grabbed her hand and started to run through the back gate into the next house. Her mother told her to hide there and wait for her. But her mother never came back, leaving Lica by herself.
Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/3/10
Name: Hibari
Age: 17
Appearence: Guy in 5'9", good built, black hair, black eyes with the cold, dark stare. His presence is always creepy, and he never smiles.

Skills/Weapons: Tonfas on both hand, with execellent fighting skills especially with his tonfas. He mastered it fully, and rarely loses with his tonfas.
He is also a taekwondo and hapkido black belter that helps when he doesn't use his tonfas.
His ring with a cloud crest on it also lights a purple light whenever he needs to, and aids him in his battles.

Survivor Skills: He can survive even in his own, because he hates crowding and grouping with people. He tends to do his work alone, and nobody can bind him to a shackle. He will always find a way to escape, win, or kill his enemy.
Personality: Cold personality, rarely talks, wants to fight always, doesn't want to group with people, always gets to fights. One thing, he loves his hometown.

Bio: As a kid, his father always enrolled him to fighting classes, and doesn't even care for him. He lived in his own, and learned ways on his own. He will always have pride in his hometown and love it. That's why he never leaves it and stays in it.

As years grow by, he became the leader of a "disciplinary" group in school and always beats-up those he sees are a threat to him. He will fight and kill those that disobeys him, and he always gets what he want. He mastered the tonfas by using it all day, and it is also the signature weapon of his family.

When the waves came, all but him were dead. He killed those that are in his way, and continued to stay in the school until he felt bored and went out. That's when his adventures begins...

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25 / M / if you only knew
Posted 11/23/10 , edited 12/3/10
- leaving group -
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M / Lost
Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10

Appearance: Typically wears a light bulletproof vest with black clothing underneath. Stands about 6'1, black hair, and is toned.
Skills/Weapons: Excells in Stealth, Reconassiance, Hacking, Assassination and Interrogation. Prefered weaponry are knives, silenced pistols and a sniper rifle.
Bio: Chosen by Reaper for his proficient skills in computer use and covert warfare. Quiet and mysterious.

Appearance: Usually wears jeans, shirt, jacket and backpack. Beautiful to look at, blonde hair, height 5'5
Skills/Weapons: Trained in the medical field, and has experience in creating antidotes and healing supplies from scratch. Preferred weaponry includes Pistols and toxins.
Bio: Chosen by Reaper for her medical knowledge. Invaluable teammember in and out of the battlefield. Friendly but can be blunt if annoyed.

Appearance: Rough looking man with cold eyes. Muscular, tan. Wears tanktops, cargo pants and boots. Brown hair, short beard. Height 6'4
Skills/Weaponry: Expert in hand to hand combat. Can wield heavy weaponry and is talented at working almost any vehicle. Preferred weaponry includes Machine Guns. Shotguns, and Explosives.
Bio: Chosen by Reaper for his combat experience. Ex-Marine, held many honors and medals while in service. Serious and calm. Dont want to get on his bad side.
Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/29/10
☭☭☭ NAME: ??????

☭☭☭ AGE: 10

☭☭☭ APPEARANCE: Knowing eyes that watches... it beckons... it glares... it pleads... it scorns.... and can be enigmatic enough to win your soul. Long brown hair gracefully falls around her angelic face as she stands there, with or without her teddy bear.


☭☭☭ BIO: ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ (SAME)
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M / Lost
Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10
Appearance: Dark sunglasses, Bulletproof Vest, Brown hair, Blue eyes, Height 6'2, Black cargo pants, Boots, and a light beard.
Skills: Expert hand to hand fighter, Inhuman strength and endurance, some skill in hacking computer systems, basic first aid knowledge, experience in dealing with bio-terrors.

with laser sight

Bio: 2 years after the events of Badger City, Reaper is now in charge of the STG, the organization he formally worked for. After he assumed his position, he formed a new team specializing in Biohazard outbreaks incase any flared up in the future. Upon forming his team Reaper does battle against the governments attempts to cover up the viral outbreak that plagued Badger City, when troubling news reaches his ears: Tricell is still up to its nefarious deeds. Reaper prepares his team and moves out for perhaps his final battle for vengenance....
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23 / M / on my laptop, whe...
Posted 12/28/10 , edited 1/11/11
Acquiring access into organization data f- error......
files no longer exist.......
rerouting to Grim files
Under higher command, agent Grim now handles all existing archive data
Enter identification data
Agent code : ******** ****
Confirming agent's authorization rights.......
Confirmed accessibility
Entering data base
Searching profile data of agent Grim......
Acquired 23 profiles fitting search info.....
Searching for most recently active....

Accessing profile of agent code: 4242564-23

Agent Code Name: Grim
History: 23 years, 3 months of service
Current Squads: Death Squad, Reaper Squadron....
Former Squads: Omega Squad, Intel Command.....
Assets: Currently Best Hacker, Leading Weapons Experimentation Officer, Leading Human Experimentation Officer, Leading Chemical Warfare Officer, Highly Experienced Combat History, Highly Reliable Intel Gather, Recruiter, Field Medic......
Direct Commander: Only yields to the highest in command
Current Weaponry: Personally Modified Standard Elite Issued Gauss Cannon, Standard Issue Heat Slash Knives, Personal Venom and Chemical Warfare Set, Customized and Standard SIG Sauer P226s (Pistol)
Known Activities: Enter Date or Operation.......
Known Activities since Badger City Indent:

Current Status: Active.....
Current Visual Identification:

Weapon Details:
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