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What's your exercise routine?
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31 / M / So Cali, OC
Posted 8/7/10
I usually jog 14 miles a week + Light lifting.
Posted 8/7/10 , edited 8/7/10
Weight training and running on treadmill. Easy and simple.
Posted 8/7/10
20 push-ups
20 sit-ups
20 squats
leg stretches evr so often ( i want 2 do a perfect round-house kick) lol XD

the routine is at least 3 times a week, i don''t want to be overly fit or not fit... it's good becuz it's not much or 2 little for my lazy lifestyle tht i live
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20 / M / California
Posted 8/7/10
I just stretch, run, and stretch again.. Yeah, I'm pretty lanky lol
Posted 8/7/10
Well since i'm really athletic, i have a different exercise routine everyday
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27 / M / Michigan
Posted 8/7/10
My routine is this

Monday: 10 min cardio for a warm up, legs, abs
Tuesday: Chest, tri, 15 min cardio
Wednesday: Back, bi, 15 min cardio
Thursday: Shoulders, abs, 30 min cardio
Friday: Off
Saturday: heavy bi/tri every other week and just one hour of cardio
Sunday: Off

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21 / M / underwater with b...
Posted 8/7/10

how much are your dumbells and you should be able to do one handed pull umps and sit ups from the look of your exercises

ahh yes, i was able to do one handed pull ups at some point but sadly not anymore, i can pull off only one now maybe?
but without stopping i am still able to do 18-20 two handed pull ups...and i use 25lbs dumbells right now...i can still lift 45-50lbs though
..but right now im trying to get leaner with p90x and abs with ab ripper x
Posted 8/7/10
i dont play sports because i suck lol i enjoy some though
well i eat lots lol so if i dont exercise i'll get really fat
i stretch first, not like the lazy ones though
then 30 sit ups
attempt at 1 push up
use this heavy metall hula hoop
tread mill
wii then stretch again
my morning routine is different though, because i dont have much time
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32 / M / Texas
Posted 8/7/10
Right now it's just a 30 min run every morning.

I eat all kinds of unhealthy stuff, but thats all it really takes for anyone to stay thin.
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Posted 8/7/10
...Walk my sister around the house, type, move the mouse, scroll scroll scroll, run down the hall a couple times from the computer when they call me or when theres food... that is my exercise routine, no wonder im beat by noon.
Posted 8/7/10
I hate structured exercise routines, but I love to play. I swim nearly every day two miles then run through the trails at least 4 miles. I run outside year round because gym running is far to boring for me. I like to mountain bike, hike, climb and I do MMA with my brothers. I don't have a planned workout but I do have a lot of fun.
Posted 8/8/10
erm... i dont exactly have a routine, but sometimes i go for a run. thats about it! i thought that i should start excercising, but ppl say im skinny and dont need to excercise??
Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/22/11
Morning and night I go for an intense steep hike for one and a half hours. Developing sexy calf muscles and butt.
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36 / New York
Posted 4/22/11
1 -- eat a bag of chips
2 -- nap on the couch
3 -- large amounts of alcohol
4 -- taco bell run
5 -- standing up and stretching
6 -- sitting back down
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18 / F / Sweden
Posted 4/22/11
I'm not allowed to train much for the hospital, but right now im going to gym and jogging once a week. Then I do some pushups and situps every second day.
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