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Posted 7/12/10
ok i really need some help for you girls & guys -_- i have been having this problem for awhile & idk what to do XD ok ill get to it im black & i really really wanna go to an anime con & cosplay but i dont know who to go as. & it sucks cause most colored ppl in animes r very very like idk how to say it i guess stupid to me XD like i wanna cosplay as someone SO AWESOME but no colored ppl r that. I guess want im asking is[b] WHO DO YOU THINK I SHOULD COSPLAY AS? lol ty to everyone that helps out
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Posted 7/12/10
Hmm you could go as Tousen from bleach??

or eh what's his name Hachibi from Naruto hehe

eh can't really think of any off the top of my head

um how about Dutch from Black Lagoon he's a cool character.

well hope that helps^^

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Posted 7/13/10
Sorry, but no personal threads allowed.

Roam around in this thread to get some ideas:

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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