Viz Subs again... but it's cool
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Posted 7/13/10 , edited 7/13/10
Alright, I'm new to crunchyroll, thanks for havin me and whatnot. Sooo... like so many others I followed Bleach here from DB and I know it's been said a million times but their subs ARE better.

Anyways back to the point... I've got one real complaint with Viz and their subs. Why are you changing all of our untranslated words!!!
I just want Shinigami back and Vizard too. I mean soul reapers and visoreds are great for your dubbed eps... buuuut at least give us DB converts some familiarity. C'mon! who else is this far in the series? We are the ones watching and paying to do so.
Nobody who is following Bleach week to week ever thought of our cast as soul reapers, and I know it's a stupid complaint but it does somehow manage to ruin the mood of the episode...

Who's here to back me up? Can we do a petition or something to get the word out?
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