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Posted 7/13/10
Thank you for joining this group!!!
So, now...Introduce yourselves!!
I'll go first!
please use this format:

Username: Sylverlily

Name: Miyumi

Why did u join this group?: to meet people who love bleach and naruto shippuden!! like me!!

some of my favourites:

colour: violet
animal: wolf
place: JAPAN!!!!
food: COOKIES!!!
character(s) in bleach: byakuya, hisana, and rukia.
character(s) in naruto shippuden: hinata and neji ^^

random stuff about me: im (slightly) claustrophobic and afraid of heights. I love Anime and Manga, my best advice to someone would be: BE YOURSELF!!!
there is no such thing as luck.
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21 / F / Tsuna♥
Posted 7/13/10
Usename: Toshiro888111


Why did i join this group: Cuz im the creator ^^

Some of my favs:

Colour: Green or pink
animal:.... not sure
Place: Me home country Japan
food: Sweets *drool drool*
character(s) in Bleach: TOSHIRO, soifon, ulquiorra or however you spell it
character(s) in Naruto: Sakura, Naruto, Sasori

Sorry no random stuff bout me ^^ too lazy to write it
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F / fourth Avenue caf...
Posted 8/20/10
Username: chisint
Name: chisin

Why did u join this group?: because bleach and naruto are two of my favorite anime...and i am hoping to meet people who likes the same anime i do..

some of my favourites:

colour: blue
animal: dogs
place: Japan, korea
food: cake-chocolate cakes--CHOCOLATE!!!!
character(s) in bleach: .Ichigo, Toushirou and Byakuya
character(s) in naruto shippuden: naruto, sasuke, kakashi-sensei

random stuff about me: i love to read..i can read 4 to 5 manga at a time..
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