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Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter):

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter):


Bio & Personality:


Apperance (text description and/or pic'):

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Name: Abel Syntrade a.k.a. Syn

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter): Bounty Hunter

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter): Mid-to-low-level bounty hunter.

Weapon(s): Dual Custom Beretta M9s, and a throwing knife.

Bio & Personality: Syn has been in the bounty hunting business for seven years, not much is known about his life before that except for the fact he is a Martian citizen and had lived there for the first twenty-one years of his life. Rumour among the low level bounty hunters is that he was either in one of the many syndicates on Mars or a junior officer in the ISSP. Syn ignores all of the rumours.

Syn is more-or-less care-free, with a laid-back attitude. When shit gets serious though, so does Syn, and he's very capable of taking care of himself. An open person about most things, the only real exception being his hazy past.

Habits: A casual smoker. Has a couple cigs a day, more if it's been a stressful one. Meaning to say he usually smokes more when he's actively chasing a bounty. Cleans his weapons religiously and never lets them get into a deplorable state or one that would prevent them from performing efficiently.

Apperance (text description and/or pic'):

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25 / F / Valerya
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Name: Nena Viven (a.k.a. Viv)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter): Bounty-Hunter

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter): Lowest possible, she's a new member

Weapon(s): (one small dagger)
-no guns- She still has a lot to learn

Bio & Personality: She's a new member and needs to learn a lot. She want's to learn everything and is a really kind person. She's a great cook.

Habits: Over caring towards others

Apperance (text description and/or pic'):

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25 / F / lala land
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Name:Sorano Yamanaka(aka sora)



Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter):Syndicate

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter):unknown

Weapon(s):Gun, sword, and martial arts

Bio & Personality:sorano is a very mysterious girl with a dark past she doesnt really like to talk about it she can get a bit gloomy when she comes across something that reminds her of her past.she is quiet and only speaks when need or spoken too. she enjoys books and rainy
days how she joined the syndicate is unknown but she is close to vicious it is believed that her and vicious are having a love affair this has not been verified yet.the one thing that stands out in sorano past is her father when someone talks about fathers or parents sorano noticeably gets angry and walks away again she doesnt like to talk about it.(more of her past will be revealed as i rp with you guys^^)

Habits:A casual drinker and smoker only smokes when having a stress full day and drinks whenever she feels like it. when bored she plays with a strand of her hair or runs her finger up and down her sword.

Apperance (text description and/or pic'):
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Name: Vincent Kräig a.k.a. Vin

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter): Syndicate

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter): High-level member of The Red Dragons (equivalent position to Vicious).

Weapon(s): Katana, PPSh-41 (a machine gun), Dual TT pistols

Bio & Personality: Vin was a member of a rival syndicate until The Red Dragons destroyed it. After it was gone, a few of the surviving members sweared loyalty to The Red Dragons, Vin being one of these. He has a high-level position in the syndicate, but doesn't really care for the Elders, nor does he care for one of the syndicates most feared members: Vicious. Vin is close friends with Shin, a member with somewhat lower status.

Habits: A heavy drinker when he's not on a mission, Vin prefers to drink by himself. Also a chain-smoker, he is rarely seen without a cigarette in between his lips.

Apperance (text description and/or pic'):

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Name:Melody Rose aka Angel



Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter):bounty hunter.

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter):highest rank possble

Weapon(s):martial arts and gun

Bio & Personality:melody is sweet,innocent,kind,understanding and peaceful but very mysterious and cold at time..he past is very dark and gloomy no one knows much about her not even her team they just know she hates the smell of cigarettes and she doesnt like alcohol. when on a job she changes completely she becomes serious and very determined.she has trust issues and doesn't have many friends when she first meets someone she is cold towards them but you have to gain her trust in order for her to like you^^ (more will be reveled as i rp) she got the nickname angel because of her innocent looking face^^ dont let her cute face fool you.lol

Habits:she goes off by herself and practices her martial arts or she gazes at the stars.

Apperance (text description and/or pic'):
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25 / F / somewhere with no...
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Name:Yukina Ito



Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter):bounty hunter

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter):very famous.


Bio & Personality:her family was killed in a terrible house fire it killed her three older brothers and her parents the only survivors were yukina and her twin brother yukino and the family dog cinnamon they were put into a foster home and adopted into a wealthy family and accepted into the family. years later her adoptive parents passed of old age(yukina and yukino was grown by then)the house and wealth was passed down to them but as time went on yukina and yukino drifted apart and lost contact with him she hasn't seen or heard from him ever again.yukina is serious,straight forward,sarcastic,smart,and tactical.


Apperance (text description and/or pic'):

Name:Yukino Ito



Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter):syndicate

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter):unknown

Weapon(s):knifes and martial arts

Bio & Personality:quiet,mysterious,ruthless,brutal,and some time sadistic.yukino maybe all those things but he still holds a part of him that cares for his twin sister yukina he doesn't like to talk about his past.he's a very private person so he keeps to himself alot.


Apperance (text description and/or pic'):
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26 / F / Where ever the wi...
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Name:Ceraza Pierce



Affiliation (ISSP, Syndicate, Bounty-Hunter):Neither

Title (Rank in ISSP, Position in Syndicate, Level of fame as a Bounty-Hunter):Neither

Weapon(s):Guns/throwing knives/Martial arts

Bio & Personality:she is what you considered a femme fatale she has a very sexy mysteriousness about her that draws guys in she is very quite and observant of her surrounding she always has a wall up so its hard to get to her she is very straight forward and harsh at times towards others she would rather be alone than be with others and she has a past with vicious, spike and julia. she doesnt work for any organization she is a freelancer she isnt on any side.

Habits:Jogging when stressed, not remembering names

Apperance (text description and/or pic'):
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