Looking For Breakup Anime
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Posted 7/20/10
haven't been here for a while, lol, oh well. Anyways, dunno if things go here, but I need a list of anime with breakups or relationshits that I can watch. I'm thinking of picking up making crappy amvs, havent done that in a while so I'd like some suggestions, thanks.
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Posted 7/20/10
break-ups? most i see are the opposite, taket something went on in your life. me personally, when im trying to get over someone/thing, i go for something comedic

i dont have much in the way of suggestions, but i saw a couple episodes of rumbling hearts, seems like it has to do wiht that kind of stuff, but remember, i saw up to episode 4 or so
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Posted 7/20/10
hatsukoi limited
Amagami ss
clannad afterstory
candy boy (yuri)
junjou romantica (yaoi)
phantom: Requiem of Phantom
honey and clover
Posted 7/20/10 , edited 7/20/10
Marmalade Boy
Paradise Kiss (I only seen the manga)
Super GALS! (not really breakups though)
Peach girl
Sailor Moon
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