i can't watch Naruto in my region
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Posted 7/21/10
this really sucks the only reason im on crunchyroll is because i wanted to watch naruto and naruto shippuuden, but i can't watch naruto because its not available in my region and it really sucks. does anyone know if i can change my region or do anything at all to fix this? if not do u guys know any other place where i can watch high quality naruto?

also i would like to know if anyone else have this problem...
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M / Crapsack World
Posted 7/21/10 , edited 7/21/10
Well, I can't view most of the anime here in CR either, but heck, I don't watch Naruto here or anything else for that matter. Anyway, here's a healthy for you guys who doesn't have any lurking skills.

1.) Google it
2.) Torrent it.
3.) download it in IRC
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28 / Nagoya-shi, Aichi...
Posted 7/21/10
You can ask more about that in one of these threads

Site Support/Help

Country Restriction

The only solution I'm using is proxy. It allows me to get through those restrictions.
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